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Need to talk to an old friend who has passed away?

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In my readings for friends and loved ones, you’ll find the conversations real and beautiful.  If you miss your friend and long to reconnect, I would be delighted to assist you.

Please feel free to schedule a booking today.



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Sarasota Medium: The Experience of Death – A Look at Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

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Diane Eileen is a  Sarasota Medium who has been recognized for her insight into Life After Death.  This first hand knowledge comes from a near death experience,  numerous out of body experiences, volunteering for hospice, and working with hundreds of clients and their loved ones during the moments of transition and death.  She has been recognized by masters in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Robert Thurman of Columbia University.

Just a kindly note:

This is a continuing series of resources and references on the subject.  Take what you feel is useful, and if it is not applicable or even believable for you please never mind.  You have the perfect right to accept and believe whatever is right for you.  In fact on some points within Seth’s writing you will see me  interjecting what needs to be slightly tuned up a bit from what I and countless others have experienced.)


Roberts, Jane. (1972) Seth Speaks: the Eternal Validity of the Soul.  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Note:  This is a channeled message.  It is an s explanation is provided by Seth.  This highly evolved being  worked with Jane Roberts over a number of years writing many volumes of books explaining consciousness, reality, and how we form our own reality.



“What happens at the point of death? The question is much more easily asked than answered.  Basically there is not any particular point of death in those terms, even in the case of a sudden accident.  I will attempt to give you a practical answer to what you think of as this practical question, however.  What the question really means to most people is this:  What will happen when I am not alive in physical terms any longer?  What will I feel?  Will I still be myself?  Will the emotions that propelled me in life continue to do so?  Is there a heaven or a hell?  Will I be greeted by gods or demons, enemies, or beloved ones?”

“Most of all the question means:  When I am dead, will I still be who I am now, and will I remember those who are dear to me now?  I will answer the questions in those terms also, then; but before I do so, there are several seemingly impractical considerations concerning the nature of life and death with which we must deal.”

“What you want to know, is what happens when your consciousness is directed away from physical reality, and when momentarily it seems to have no image to wear.

“Quite practically speaking, there is no one answer, for each of you is an individual.  Generally speaking, of course there is an answer that will serve to cover the main issues of the experience, but the kinds of deaths have much to do with the experience that consciousness undergoes.  Also involved is the development of the consciousness itself, and its overall characteristic method of handling experience.”

“The ideas that you have involving the nature of reality will strongly color your experiences, for you will interpret them in the light of your beliefs, even as now you interpret daily life according to your ideas of what is possible or not possible.  Your consciousness may withdraw from your body slowly or quickly, according to many variables.”

In the many cases of senility, for example, the strongly organized portions of personality have already left the body, and are meeting the new circumstances.  The fear of death itself can cause such a psychological panic that out of a sense of self-preservation and defense you lower your consciousness so that you are in a state of coma, and you may take some time to recover.

A belief in hell fires can cause you to hallucinate Hades’ conditions. (Diane Annotation:  Sorry he brought this old tired worn out idea.  But he is saying it’s just a hallucination produced by an ingrained old story taught to us as a means of control.  Since our thoughts and feelings define our reality, if you feel guilty and therefore have accepted this thought pattern as a reality you must face it would be wise for you to evolve out of that now.)

I can assure you in hundreds of readings no one has claimed to have seen any annoying fellow with pointy ears, a  red suit,  pitch fork, and a desire for the old eternal barbecue.  Even if you do see or experience some rather wild hallucinations, just remember that they are fabricated by your own belief system.  Sooner or later you will be able to understand that it is not a true reality and with your own wisdom work your way out of it.)   A belief in heaven will result in a vision of heavenly conditions.  You always form your own reality according to your ideas and expectations.  This is the nature of consciousness and reality.  We form our conditions from our belief system.

Consciousness must use its abilities.  Seth warns us,  that a perfect after-life enjoying heaven can actually finally be a bit of a bore after awhile. Your striving consciousness will long to keep growing.  There are teachers available who will explain the conditions and circumstances.

You will find yourself in another form, an image that will appear physical to you to a large degree.  But as soon as you try to manipulate the physical world with it, the differences between it and your physical body will become pretty obvious.   (And yes it is great fun walking through walls.)

If you firmly believe that your consciousness is a product of your physical body, then you may attempt to cling to it.  There is an order of personalities, an honorary guard,  (a group of energies, souls who wish to help you in your transition. ) They  are ever ready to lend assistance and aid, however.

Now this “group”  is made up of people in your terms both living and dead.  Those who are living in your system of reality perform these activities in an “out-of-body” experience while the physical body sleeps.  They are familiar with the projection of consciousness, with the sensations involved, and they help orient those who will not be returning to the physical body.

These people are particularly helpful because they are still involved with physical reality, and have a more immediate understanding of the feelings and emotions involved at your end.  Such persons may or may not have a memory of their nightly activities. Experiences with projection of consciousness and knowledge of the mobility of consciousness, are therefore very helpful preparations for death.  You can experience the after-death environment beforehand, so to speak, and learn the conditions that will be encountered.

This is not, incidentally, necessarily any kind of somber endeavor, nor are the after-death environments somber at all.  To the contrary, they are generally far more intense and joyful than the reality you now know.

You will simply be learning to operate in a new environment in which different laws apply, and the laws are far less limiting than the physical ones with which you now operate.  In other words, you must learn to understand and use new freedoms.

Even these experiences will vary, however, and even this state is a state of becoming, for many will continue into other physical lives.  Some will exist and develop their abilities in different systems of reality altogether, and so for a time will remain in this “intermediary” state.  (This state is similar in nature to that of the Tibetan Bardo State of in-between. )

Those of you who had faith in life after death will find it much easier to accustom yourself to the new conditions. Those of you who do not have such faith may gain it in a different way, by learning to extend your perceptions to these other layers of reality if you are persistent, expectant and determined.  (You can begin increasing your wisdom and expectations now during your life, so that you are more aware upon passing.)

Now, you may or may not be greeted by friends or relatives immediately following death.  This is a personal matter, as always.   (Diane:  It  has been my experience that no one ever goes it alone.)  But overall, you may be far more interested in people that you have known in past lives than those close to you in the present one, for example.

Your true feeling toward relatives who are also dead will be known to you and to them.  There is no hypocrisy. You do not pretend to love a parent who did little to earn your respect or love.  (Diane:  Of course we are still talking about the in-between bardo state here….this is the state where we have  freshly emerged out of the body.  So we are still getting our sea-legs so to speak.   The person has not yet evolved into the higher states of consciousness.  The ego-driven thoughts fade away as we grow into a deepening level and awareness of the true reality of consciousness and the interrelationships of all things.  We were all sent here together to learn lessons from one another.  Things or people that may have hurt you in someway before will simply not be an issue at all.  As you begin to learn any experience whether considered bad or good,  is just experience to help you learn.    Intense love, forgiveness, acceptance, and great mutual compassion quickly erases any primitive anger or displeasure you may have towards others.)

But alas, telepathy according to Seth, operates without distortion in this soon after-death period, so you must somehow contend your true feelings that may still exist between yourself and all relatives and friends who await you.  (Hopefully you will try your best to generate good feelings and compassion for those around you while you are alive and therefore you won’t be bogged down at the end wrestling with those old thought patterns – as telepathy between you and your passed on loved one’s is pretty transparent.)

You may find that someone you considered merely an enemy actually deserved your love and respect, for example, and you will then treat them accordingly.  Your own motives will be crystal clear.  You will react to this clearness, however in your own way.  You will not be automatically wise if you were not so before, but neither will there be a way to hide from your own feelings, emotions, or motives.   Whether or not you accept inferior motives in yourself or learn from them is still up to you.  The opportunities for growth and development are very rich, however, and the learning methods at your disposal very effective.

You examine the fabric of the existence you have left, and you learn to understand how your experiences were the result of your own thoughts and emotions and how these affected others.  Until this examination is through, you are not yet aware of the larger portions of your own identity.  When you realize the significance and meaning of the life you have just left, then you are ready for conscious knowledge of your other existences.

You become aware, then, of an expanded awareness.  Your awareness also encompasses what you have been in other lives, and you begin to make plans for your next physical existence.  Please take extra note on this :  Whether or not you decide to reincarnate is an option that you may decide to forgo, or accept.

You can instead enter another level of reality, and then return to a physical existence if you choose.

Diane:  Now remember our friends the Buddhists consider reincarnation usually to be a rather undesirable result.  In fact they train a great deal and practice compassion for all sentient beings in order to create good karma. They also practice a neutral non-attachment so as not to be attracted again, into an endless cycle of birth and death.    In their philosophy, life in our limited physical world is actually not the ideal.  The ideal is to take higher rebirth into higher levels of consciousness, or become Bodhisattva’s in order to help others avoid suffering.  They take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma (Teachings) and the Sangha (The community of enlightened beings and people.

In their view point, temporary pleasures, are just that.  Temporary.  Although we can say it can seem pessimistic on their part, one can’t deny that eventually all that we work for, and attach ourselves to is impermanent, and yes although we may be young and healthy now, alas eventually it is inevitable that we shall grow old.)  So if one has a chance to forgo all that and evolve onto a higher dimension and awareness, I would think that would be preferable.

(To be continued)

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Sarasota Medium – How I can help

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Hi.  I am Diane Eileen.  It is my life’s mission to help ease pain and suffering from those experiencing grief.  I have had intuitive abilities since the age of 13, and have been recognized by numerous maste rs on my abilities to compassionately help and heal the pain.  Those include Christian ministers, Buddhist masters and Rabbis.

I am a volunteer for Tidewell Hospice, and have helped hundreds of patients transcend in peace just by being there as a friend.  I do my best to make sure they feel comfortable, share a smile, and hold their hand.  We talk and reminisce, and I try to let them know that they are not alone.  I let them know they can count on me, and I won’t leave their side if they feel anxious.   We often enjoy their favorite music which helps them to relax and be at peace.   Since I have had numerous out of body experiences, if they wish, I can gently let them know what to expect.  This is often welcomed whole heartedly, as they may feel fear and uncertainty.  But I hopefully can help ease those thoughts.  If we can pass in peace and a serene environment it definitely effects how our consciousness adapts to it’s new experiences.

I  consider it my humble honor to share my gift with you, and do so with greatest sincerity.

I use all my abilities and energy to help each and every client and their loved ones.  I am amazed, and feel so fortunate to be able to help so many people from around the world.  Calls come in every month from points around the globe: including South Africa, Australia, England, Taiwan, Tibet, and India.

I also see clients in person from Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice, Florida.  So if you feel a personal visit can help you and the person who has died to heal and feel better, it is my distinct duty to help gently guide the both of you through this natural process. I always give everything I have and can pick up for you and your friends.

Through the use of telepathy, and symbolic imagery,  I simply serve as a translator if you will of the thoughts and energy of their friends who have transcended.

When a family member experiences the trauma, and sadness of a person they love suddenly dying, it can be devastating.   Likewise the person who has transcended into spirit may feel unsettled or sad and not yet at peace.  So you can say that I am a naturally compassionate person that simply can’t bare to see this occur.  I will work with you both or even a group of spirits as best as I can.  All you need is an open mind, and a genuine heart and the healing can be quite dramatic.
If you are from Sarasota, Bradenton, or Venice and prefer an in person visit or telephone reading please do give me a call.  Or you may schedule and order a reading directly through Pay Pal on this Website.

God bless, take care and I’ll always be here for you.

Diane Eileen

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Kirlian Photography – Photographs of the Energy of Living Things

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Energy Emanating from Freshly Sliced Grapes

See eating fresh fruit really provides great energy, as opposed to junk foods!

Energy from a Chrysanthemum Flower

Many of you may be familiar with Kirlian photography that reveals the energy emanation existing around all living things. This phenomenon can actually be felt by you right away. Take your left hand and your right hand point the finger tips towards each other, push and pull back. You will physically be able to sense the energy seemingly pushing your hands apart. Similar when you have two magnets being pushed together of the same polarity.

Powerful Crystal Energy

Kirlian photography of quartz crystal

Energy Emanating from Quartz Crystal

All of us have energy that comes out of our hands through our fingertips, but a healer’s hands are particularly charged by the energy they use. When channeling a healing for someone the light around the finger tips of a healer becomes even stronger. The colors of that energy will vary depending on the needs of the client. In addition the feeling experienced by the recipient may seem hot or cold, smooth or spiky. I found this particular picture quite like my own experience of those emanations.

Energy from Fingertips

Energy from the Human Body - Finger Tips Kirlian Photography

Energy photograph coming from fingertips

These remarkable Kirlian Photos are courtesy of Chris Robinson and Sarah Hackett of Bright Spark. They produce wonderful Kirlian photographs of plants, hands, crystals and all sorts of materials. They truly are spectacular! Be sure to take a look at his Website, and purchase prints for your home or holistic practice!

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Channeled Letters by Spirit Through Diane

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– Date of Transmission

Please note I present these letters as actual examples of my channeled writing.

( I do not normally publish any private channeled letter.  I have done so only for your reference.

The names have all been changed to protect the family’s privacy.)

 It is my duty and honor to uphold the traditional belief systems of any person or spirit.  Likewise, in other readings you may see the spirit mentioning Buddha, Moses, etc.  depending on their deep spiritual beliefs.  It is always very important to embrace and be open to all beliefs that are the reality for that soul.

This channeled, automatically written letter has messages from the recepient’s recently departed mother, who was of strong Christian faith who passed away that day. We were there to help her transcend from this body to the after life in July 2008 at the Hospital.

“I want to thank so you much for helping my son.  He saw the transition and it helped him immensely and it will eliminate all grief for him.  Typical response from the others is ok.  He will show them the correct way to behave.  Softly I walk away I will always be sith you.



Second Transmission 

(She is sending a visual symbol, an image of a heart shape.)

“Fondness in my heart for “Anthony” is so deep and I ache for the others’ sorrows.  I’m blessed to know you as a person, but your spirit is even stronger.

My final hours were very peaceful, it was if going off to a vacation, a definite presence was in the room of Lord Jesus Christ.  I feel a miracle has indeed happened and I owe it all to you.  Thank you for releasing me from my pain.  I feel so warm and comfortable.  Streams and beauty surround me just as I always imagined.  A place of eternal bliss and comfort I followed the teachings of Christ so that is what I see.

I’m sure the others will see it too.    Although their conscious minds cannot right now.  Soften your words to others, they are not ready for anything the the most basic of  emotions.  They are raw and hurt, exposed and vulnerable they do not how to proceed with dignity and grace.  Follow your instinct, it will guide you well.

Another person shall soon pass but not within this close fit group.  I don’t know everything!  I’m just me in a different form.  Liberated, free, released, light, and peaceful.  God knows the truth of all reality.  Its not up to man to define the ultimate reality.  The spiritual compassion of the universe awakes the soul to it’s next destiny.  I fear nothing because I am comforted by the words of my bible, my family and my dearest “Anthony”.

I create anything I want just by thinking of it, it really is what’s happening now.  I forgive “Sue’s” sadness as it is a part of the grieving process.  An unbearable dull ache exists in her heart, because she doesn’t realize the bliss of where I am.

Forgive her as always, we must do so many times.  Her unbearable pain will be released by only those who she trusts the most and that is Father “Paul and Maria”.

Sanctify my soul and keep thinking peace for me, not anger or sadness.  This is the best way to fulfill my mission and…

She says with emphasis, VERY IMPORTANT

Softly I walk away, but I’m with you always. No land is far enough, no place removed from my sight. I will allow no one to interfere nor harm the children or the family. I will fulfill their wishes if they are in accordance to the teachings, bringing peace and happiness to others without remorse and sorrow.

I regret not kissing “Sue” at the last moment.   But she would have been too frightened to let me go.  Can we please talk  at another time now, I must go…. Father “Paul” is calling me.  It’s exciting news.

Diane, one other thing, I love you too.

She hugs me and touches the left hand

 Very thankful.  See you tomorrow all the best for now and ever more.

(Note to reader:  “Audrey” passed away after “Sue” and other family members  left around 11:30 pm, leaving “Anthony” and I in the hospital room.  She waited until we dimmed the lights around 11:30 pm, she then slipped away quietly and gently to the sounds of music of Libera – a beautiful English Choir boy CD which I had purchased one week before the event for no “apparent reason” other than I liked the  soothing sound of such pure music.  This music helped everyone in the room, through the entire process by calming them down.)

Second Channeled Letter from “Audrey”

Dear Heavenly Father Let them be good to each other, bless one another, and help them through their sorrow.  A friend of the family is here, and they will guide you through the grieving process.  I am here now.

Third Channeled Letter from “Audrey”

Dated: 8/2/2008.

Beyond the place in your heart, the conscious mind exists for practical considerations. Softly I speak, a warm sense of love and affection I feel when you light the candles for me. It fills me with such feelings of appreciation. I consider myself quite fortunate to have an interpreter, even if you aren’t Italian!

Right now, I feel concerned for “Anthony” because now he feels so many obligations. My recommendation is to free yourself, cleanse the soul, replenish your lives, and put food on the table. Once the first things are taken care of, the autumn will bring much money and the business will be booming.

It is destiny type triangulation with the three individuals that will make it happen. Surrender to Jesus Christ, and your lives will be purified from sin, and malice. Fear not death, as it is the grand awakening back to the universe of which you came from.

(She sends images of calm blankets and arm stroking. This is what we did for her when she was passing away.)

I still remember it made me feel so loved, and appreciated.  Thank you for your warmth and consideration.  I feel so blessed.  Satisfied and without remorse.

I love you “Anthony”, my dearest son and brother of “Sue”.  I am surrounded by beings of light, and energy, all who love and send their wishes to you.   It is difficult as I ascend to converse at this level.  I will try my best to shout.  Savior will redeem our souls.  Without that life means nothing.  Pleasures of sin and evil only create a vast emptiness in our soul, and consciousness.  The emptiness and loneliness cannot ever be filled.

Just as I left, another will follow but do not grieve as they have their special mission and will work with me and others.  Gracious, kind words, fellow company of friendship and kindness is the best recipe for happiness.

My son has seen the nature of true reality, and for this I am most pleased and grateful.  For without hope in the afterlife, we become obsessed with material greed and glittering things which have no real meaning.  Father “Paul” needs you in a way to help reconcile his heart.  He grieves heavily for “Sue”.   Serenity and blissfulness fills my soul.  Sacrifice nothing, but those who give ultimately will receive.

I am here all the time, it is you who have many things to do.  I feel right at home here.  A timetable has been put into place, but it isn’t real.  It is artificial.  I can stay as long as I please.  And I feel pleased to make a tremendous affect on other’s lives.  Without this form of communication I would be without words, or thoughts to express to those who I indeed love, and relied heavily on in my later years.

My dependency (in past while alive) makes me feel ashamed, and I was sorry to trouble you.  Without my infernal complaining, I guess.   Just don’t forget me, is all I ask.  I want to be remembered as the Ya Ya, and mother who cared.

I am not just an old dusty box.  I am alive in spirit, and filled with eternal bliss and happiness.  Considerate, loving, kindness and warmth  of heart will always support you sweetheart.

Forgive others who have worked against you, or betrayed you.  For really it means nothing, they are just mini lessons.  When we feel trapped by our negative relationships with others, it breeds more, and so on.  Whatever happens can be controlled by conscious intention and thought.

Ask Father “Paul” what this all means, he will be astonished.  His heart will be touched and he will feel no pain for my passing.  I enjoy these conversations as if a great wave of messages can be sent and received telepathically.

Without giving a purpose for life, I feel as if I have lived for naught.

I want to remind my family that all they have is each other and their loved ones.  Nothing else matters or ever will.  Fortunes come and go, stars rise and shine forever brilliantly.   Truth and the soul are the stars that twinkle so brilliantly.
The universe is made of so many plains, pillars and fundamental ideas.  As each religion gathers their strongest primordial thoughts, it creates a group consciousness.  The group consciousness allows for things to appear and happen more obviously and quickly.  As each thought is placed into a collective pool, those thoughts become the best of mankind and what it has to offer.

Humanity is on a shoestring of collective thought.  That is all.  A follower of Buddhism has arrived.  I like him, but I don’t know him.  I will be silent.  His thoughts are pleasant and he sends me comfort.  I feel happy I can converse with his kind as well.  They seem quite likable.

Fourth Channeled Letter from “Audrey” on what would of been her birthday.   Date of channeled message: Friday, July 25, 2008

“I think you have a lot of power.  It’s a substance of energy, pure light energy evolved over thousands of years.  Pure and clear, clean and refreshing it soothes the sorrows of the mourning, and clears the hearts of the guilty.

Forgive me for not being there with you on my birthday.  I feel it is most unfortunate to disturb you while you work. (I was working at the computer on another task.)   But I want this message to get out and circle the group.

I love you all with such deep and warm memories, appreciation of our treasured relationships.  Mere words cannot express the sorrow I feel when you cry for me; I too feel the pain of remorse and regret.  Please feel free to smile, and laugh, look out forward into the future, and with the assistance of God and family  from the other side, and in the physical you will overcome great obstacles and momentary confusion.

I am amazed that this process works, to be able to whisper in one ear, and see the words flow out through your fingers.  That is a very special thing.  But alas, my time with you is short because others need me.  I just wanted to let you know I wish you all a beautiful birthday too!

With open arms filled with love and grace,


 Fifth channeled Letter from Audrey:  Friday, July 25, 2008 (Later in the day of what would of been her birthday.)

Poapoa says hello, and I’ve already administered a good talking to the one you know as Aunt “Vicky”.  Her situation is deplorable and she faces the demons that haunt all those who live hurtful and unclean, evil lives.  Be that as it may, I am determined to even help her, as she too is a soul from God no matter how she has forsaken the truth of the Lord.

I am a soul helper too, with a little bit of magic up my sleeve.  Considerable wisdom is available for those who want to hear, and comfort is extended to the hearts filled with sorry.  May your lives be free of guilt and remorse, happy and satisfying, sweetly treasured memories tucked away in your hearts is all I ask.

The rest of my physical things are just junk!  I don’t care, do what you want with it.  It’s just a garbage man’s dream now!  Ha, I like that one!

Follow the footsteps of Lord Jesus Christ, say the Lord’s Prayer, keep your lives simple, clean and free of guilt, purity and goodness will always accompany those who think of good and positive, sympathy for others in need, and comfort for those who are broken.

The candle that you burn for me, I see it as a signal of your warmness of heart and love.  It calls me like a beacon, a place of worship in a way, where we commune, talk, chat and laugh.

I really miss some chocolate chip cookies!  Oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about getting fat now.

Follow me and I will show you the way, follow the empty soul and you get nowhere.  A path filled with thorns, and pain or pure absolute heaven the choice is always yours.  But ultimately your spirit knows what’s best for you and creates situations that allow the best of you to be brought out and shown for all as teaching.

I am trying to say situations are presented in a pre-planned method by the higher levels of consciousness, and soul in order to teach, form, mold and guide you into more perfect beings.

With each evolved life, we achieve closer perfection and reunification with the ultimate creator, few of us are chosen to leave and (be) made into these types of leaders.  I feel honored to have this opportunity.  Frankly I would have never thought a little old lady from New Jersey would have been anything more than a housewife, but finally I can truly make a difference.  It fills me with gratitude.

Utmost joy and peace to you,


Sixth channeled Letter from Audrey:  Friday, July 25, 2008
(Later in the day of what would of been her birthday.

“The party tonight will be so fun and beautiful.  I’m looking forward to it with great anticipation and so are the others!

A flower awakens and blossoms to see the sun, a flower  must live through the rain.  But finally it is both that nourish(es) and enrich(es) the plant to reach maturity.

A circle of light of friends from near and far encircle you and give you the power and ability to see and hear the unspoken and invisible to the human eyes.  A treasure fountain of wisdom awaits.

Papoo sends his regards, and little kisses on the tootsies of the baby “Julie”.  A calling of hearts always brings the friends and families together on the physical and the other dimensions as well.  Love knows no boundaries, limitless and forever it extends and is a part of the ultimate creator God, the Father, and the Holy Ghost.  Since forever more, free yourselves.  Cannot live any other way.

Seventh channeled Letter from Audrey:  May 7, 2011
This letter contains messages from two spirits.  One is Audrey and also another spirit who took his own life in May of 2011.  His brother is my friend and came to me for help, after the incident.  Audrey is trying to help the young man understand what is happening.


Very thoughtful of you to type these letters for me, I’m amazed at the speed of the transmission of thought to paper.  It’s exciting indeed.

Your report will be a gift from God to those who seek it.  A fortune of relief, to save others from pain and tremendous sorrow.

I am your guide,  and also “Rosetta”, and (my grandmother) can help you to figure out how to do this.  It’s really easy for you just like talking on the phone, finding the words is not a struggle and it is all very  natural.  A channeling of energy thought and compassion taught to you by your training as  a Buddhist scholar of sorts.  I feel so happy to finally get another letter out to my son.

To “Anthony” my dearest son, love of my life, my precious treasure my  heart is filled with sorrow when you are alone.  I can’t bare it.  I wish you had a child of your own, but thank God you didn’t because they are a lot of trouble!  Boy you were a handful of mischievousness and unlimited creativity in how to scheme to get into trouble.

Remember that tree thing, the tree house?  I believe that things happen for a reason and all things will happen more smoothly when we follow our life path, that we choose, before.  Otherwise it is like going against a magnet and every step is such a struggle.

When you follow your life destiny the world bows and opens the way for you to move at a faster pace than normal.   A very accelerated pace, I cannot find the words to say how happy I am that you have chosen a way of life that would be of great benefit and show much compassion and kindness when people need it the most.

Life and death are natural cycles of the world.  You can help the transition process to be less frightening for those who are moving on, and also help those who would like the advice to know what their loved one is feeling.

It is beyond compare really, there is nothing you could do that would be at a higher calling then this.  Finally you have listened to the voice of reason and not the one that you think is what you must do.  You can do what you want to do without fear, as the departed show their gratitude to  you by providing   avenues to keep your table with bread and your soul golden.

(Vision of Jesus within my mind.  Audrey appears to be praying for me.)

Jesus Christ Our Lord,   make this woman a carrier of your message to those who need her the most, do not let her be stuck in an old pattern set by those who do not understand.  Once the curtain is drawn, there will be no going back to old ways of pessimism and gloom.

Golden energy of Jesus Christ, Archangels and Guides can be called in to assist you in your mission, but first you must get stronger physically and on a steady fast plain.  Do what you must but fulfill the requirements in order to assist those in need.

A friend of yours is here who has passed on a Chinese fellow such a young spirit, so fragile and alone.  He seeks the company of his brother, and longs for this words to comfort him in this time of grief and sorrow for his family.

From Taiwanese Spirit brother of “Mike” who recently took his life.

“I have no home, he says.  I feel I have no home yet, because no one forgave me yet, only my brother could do so.  Without their forgiveness I cannot rest in peace in the love and warmth of family ties.  I hope they can forgive me otherwise I really will feel hopeless without their support.

If you can tell Mike, to please remember me with a candle a few nice words I would feel much better, not just like a shell walking around aimlessly.

I don’t want to experience the sorrow of my family, I want them to feel  elated that I have transcended pain for a new life of much better consequence and proportion.  I am afraid that you will mistake with this I am here, standing beside you now

My English is not good but if you can understand emotion and frequency of thought transmission that is more necessary and more to the point, actually language just gets in the way of our perception of reality, because words cannot describe the beauty of the afterlife.  It is a heaven beyond words of beauty flowers, peace, love and Jesus.

From “Audrey”  (The conversation is flowing between two spirits, and is an interchange.)

Congratulations on you’re discovering  your gift of kindness for others.  It will carry you much further than a piece of electronic stuff. (Reference to my web work).

You are fortunate enough to have the support of many who will help you in this new profession it can occur quite rapidly when you are ready it can begin almost instantly, and working as  a helper at Hospice  you will see the benefits most immediately.  I like them, they are good people with hearts of gold, and minds that comfort those who are in such pain and denial of life processes.

Your future depends on tremendous benefits to humankind, and meeting the needs of those who need it the most.  Without this you will find a life of isolation and loneliness.

Without meaning what is a life anyway? 

(She asks me) Can the brother of  this young man be reached?   Tomorrow is good, I feel so much pain now though can you help me.   Your fortunate to have such a gift, no one around here is quite like this.   Once word gets out that you are able to do this, the mission will be incredible, but you must surround yourself with the light of Jesus Christ, otherwise some spirits are not as wholesome and positive as others.  You must take care to protect yourself with prayer and guidance.

(Recent spirit who took his own life, brother of “Mike” comes in being helped by other spirit Rosetta)

I am alone without my brother’s love, I feel shame, and helpless, please let me talk to him, and I will feel better.  My father and mother damn me for hurting them and the family, and waste my life for such, I feel terrible.

Its very busy here right now, many things are happening of epic proportions you’ll feel the coldness of my hand on your neck right  yes, that is the feeling of me, I like to make you aware I am really here.

Something new will happen at the place you work, that will make it much more tolerable and you will not have to leave,  they know your passion and will help you to reach it. Congratulations finally the long bleak period of time between happiness and light, sad and loneliness is now gone.   I can see the peace coming now raining like fresh water and flowers to cleanse your spirit with much blessings and love.  God bless.

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