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How to order a “Letter from Heaven” session.

I am thankful and grateful that I have intuitive abilities to share with others.  I’ve been naturally sensitive and an empath for over 40 years.  It truly is my life mission to help ease suffering.  

Appointments are available in person, phone, or Skype.
It is easy and convenient to order a medium or intuitive reading.

To schedule a reading from outside the Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida area, please click the PayPal button below.

To schedule an appointment locally feel free to call me at 941-993-7105 or email Diane@YourLettersfromHeaven.com

Media Inquiries:  For media inquiries or speaking engagements, please email me at diane@yourlettersfromheaven.com.

Please note I’m fully booked for the year 2017, and sadly cannot accept any more new clients.  I fully recommend Reverend Lois Cheney.  She can be contacted at 1-928-300-2030.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

Just a couple of things I need if you would like a phone reading:

Letters from Heaven.com - Sarasota Psychic and Sarasota Medium Readings

1. Your name.
2. Your loved one’s first name.
3. Their relationship to you.
4. A scanned photo of your loved one, and perhaps of you.
5.  If you are international your Skype name and country (for time zone considerations)

What is a “A Letter from Heaven” ?

–  It is a highly unique, personal experience.   It has the power to prove life after death, and bring peace to your heart.
–  It is a channeled communication from your one’s spirit.
–  It is either channeled by phone, in person or through automatic writing.
–  I meditate, increase my energy level, and then bring in your loved one or friend in spirit.

 What kind of experience do you have?

I am a natural born intuitive.  I am a third generation medium.  My mother and grandmothers on both sides were intuitive.   I have been an empath for over 40 years.  I work with those who wish to connect with their loved ones,  and also those who wish to have additional insight into other’s intent.  Through the years I have helped hundreds of clients in a variety of ways.  I specialize in helping survivors work through grief, and alleviate suffering wherever it may be.

What can you do?

I communicate telepathically with spirits, and also receive messages in the forms of symbols, and sounds.  I work with my eyes closed.  I also channel automatic writing again with eyes closed.  I can scan  people and situations to ascertain  information regarding health, true intent, etc.  I can channel and speak with guides and angelic beings.  I detect  energy embedded in objects, and also clear spaces of imbalanced energy or negativity.

Were you always kind of different?
As a very young child I would play in our small church cemetery just down the road.  I didn’t really think anything of it at the time, and just enjoyed my adventures and  and my “conversations” with the “residents”.  At the age of 13, I was able to remote scan strangers and ascertain whatever medical problems they might be experiencing.  As a teenager I was able to sense the subtle energy differences from printed words by passing my fingertips over writing with my eyes closed.  By age 17, I was already reading the Seth Material channeled by Jane Roberts.  In my 30’s, I worked with Robert Thurman, the first American ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

I have had numerous out of body  experiences (approx. 30) and following a NDE started to volunteer at hospice.  I used to  introduce myself to patients who were afraid of passing on playfully as their “tour guide to the other side”.


How long are readings?
90 minute sessions are $80.00
120 minute sessions are $100.00

Which should I choose?
For the most benefit, I really do recommend at least a 90 minute session.  Within that time frame we as a group (you, your family, & loved ones)  are fully acquainted and feeling comfortable to discuss a variety of issues on all sides.   As an observation from hundreds of readings the strongest information with the most meaningful messages and healing usually occurs at the end of the 90 minute session.

2 hour sessions are very good for those working through strong grief, trauma or complicated issues.  These are very delicate matters that need to be worked through with great care.  It just wouldn’t do to try and resolve such situations in just a one hour session.  Literally a lifetime of pain, or remorse can be eased in such a short period of time through the great power of spirit and divine energy.  For the departed it can mean release from anguish, guilt or other pain, so that they can continue to evolve as souls and not be stuck in a negative space.

Follow up sessions
Follow up sessions can also be particularly useful for those in need of support and additional assistance.  After achieving a rapport with you and your loved ones, it is easy to continue the healing process at an accelerated pace.

Do you give readings locally?

Yes. I do.  You are welcome to schedule an appointment.
My home is comfortable and safe place for you to heal and talk in complete confidence.
I am in the Sarasota/Bradenton Florida area.

What about international readings?

Yes I have helped clients literally from around the world through Skype.  Clients have asked for help from a variety of countries including England, Denmark, India, Taiwan, and Australia.

What about Facebook?
Yes I have an active presence on Facebook.  I have also utilized Facebook messenger to connect with clients who are more comfortable chatting through text and receiving automatic writing with that method.  Facebook messenger is also a great way  to  work with clients who may be hearing challenged.



How I can help:

Release from grief and connecting with loved ones on a personal level.
40 years of Experience:  Medium Channeling for Family Members, Friends and Loved Ones
It is my mission to help you and your friend to find relief, be happy and healed.

Direct Communication:

— Refresh your heart. confirm and be reassured by your loved one’s spirit
— Direct connection and reunion  with spirit and yourself
— Communicate your love, wishes, and unfinished business
— Open two way conversation between you and your loved one.

Relief and Healing:

— Immediate relief from pain and bereavement, grief and anguish.
— Answers to unclear, unintentional death. Potential causes.
— Find peace and solace knowing there is definitely an afterlife.

Readings Include:

— Digital Audio Recording or written transcript.
— Internationally recognized Medium with 40 years experience.
— Hospice Volunteer who has helped bring peace to those transcending for over 70 patients.

FAQ and Tips

How do spirits communicate? 

Spirits communicate with me quite naturally through telepathy.   I can hear what they are thinking, and visualize very vividly the symbols they send for you.  If you or those who have transcended have a particular religious or spiritual belief system – those images of angelic guides, and divine presences do indeed come in.  The visions can be amazingly beautiful.  I will describe them in great detail for you.  Sessions are an open and free dialogue between you, your friends and family.

What are your readings like?

After initial grief or sadness has been gently washed away, (usually within the first 15 minutes) readings then turn into something surprisingly fun and relaxing!  Love and laughter often come in quite quickly, as your one enjoys communicating directly with you.  Often times generations of family members also can come in from the other side.  It really is a family reunion that transforms them and you.

What if my loved one passed away a long time ago?

Frankly, spirits who have departed more than 3 years ago can be a bit of a challenge.  After 3 years, usually they’ve found much more interesting things to do!  However if you have remained close with the relative or loved one through conversations or prayer it is very possible.  Once communication has been established it is not uncommon for many family members to join in.

How do I get the most out of my reading?

To get the most benefit, just as in everything – a positive attitude helps! We usually get what we expect, and it’s all about a positive flow of energy and communication. You are an integral part of that flow.   The most successful readings are for clients who are actively involved and enthusiastic. It’s an  exciting interchange.  Positive messages from our family and reassurance often solve years of grief and heart ache for the grieving and for those with unresolved business on the other side.

Can I bring a friend?
Sure!  But for the most benefit, I can only read only for one person at a time.

What if I really don’t believe in mediums?
Gosh I probably won’t be able to dissuade you if you don’t believe in life after death.  So we are probably better off just knowing each other as friends!  Please be gentle on me, I really go all out to help and it’s not easy gathering enough energy to do this.  Please consider if this is totally right for you first before scheduling an appointment.

My religion doesn’t care for mediums or this new age psychic stuff.

Personally I think readings are healing and a beautiful testament to God and the after-life that awaits each one of us.  My clients over the years have all come from a variety of religious backgrounds. Those include Catholics, Baptists, Greek Orthodox, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and just spiritually minded people.  The power of God is flowing through all of us an all times!  You don’t have to be one of those new age types either!  My clients range from left brain computer programmers, filmmakers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, business people, college presidents, you name it!  We are all embracing the light and evolving together.



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