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Sacred Channeling – Tibetan Monks

Sacred Channeling: Tibetan Monks Who Sacrificed for a Free Tibet

»Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 in Sacred Channeling - Tibetan Monks | 0 comments

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I have decided to create meaningful channeled writings that may help open the intelliect of those who wish to read them. The first subject will be channeling the wishes and ideas of various monks who have sacrificed everything in the past few months in Lhasa. I hope to give them a voice to what they want to say to the world. Maybe it’s foolish idealism, but its the only thing I can think to do. As no one is listening. I hope to provide some hope to these souls that they have not suffered in vain. I will do my best to go into deep meditation these next few weeks, and try to shed light upon those the world has forgotten. The 100 Tibetan monks of Lhasa.



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