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Getting Rid of Ghosts

Sarasota, Florida – Plenty of Ghosts Like to Retire Here too! Uncomfortable in your own house? Got ghosts or negative energy? Let’s get rid of them together.

Got ghosts? Don’t be embarrassed, you aren’t the only one! There are plenty in Sarasota and Bradenton. I have had homes filled to the brim with disembodied spirits who find themselves in this unfortunate state. Sometimes they are confused by guilt, or may not even be evolved enough or have a strong enough belief system to recognize they need to move on. They can be boisterous, create knocking sounds, move physical objects, or make themselves be seen as shadows, create nightmares, or make you unable to sleep at night. The worst of all I’ve heard of and was one particularly vindictive individual who could shake a bed and terrorize the person by grabbing their one’s ankles in the middle of the night. YIKES!!