How to Beat Thanksgiving Grief

Has the thought of Thanksgiving got you down?  If you are missing that special someone who means so much to you, my heart goes out to you especially in this holiday season.  Please remember to be gentle with yourself. No need to rush into anything you aren’t comfortable with okay?  To be honest, sometimes the thought of a traditional Thanksgiving sometimes can be just too much.  I know and it’s ok to acknowledge that.

For example if this image conjures up what the thought of Thanksgiving is bringing to you – please don’t pressure yourself this way!

thanksgiving blues

It’s perfectly ok to change your plans this year.  Do something that feels more comfortable for you.   It’s a tender time.  You have all my compassion and many blessings of love for you during the holidays.

Tips for Healing & Feeling Better During Thanksgiving

Thank youOne special way to feel better is to help others feel better!

1.  Even though you might be hurting very much with grief right now.  Just refocusing your hurt into being grateful for others who are in your life can help so very much.  I know it may seem insurmountable,  but try to remember the spirit of Thanksgiving is for giving thanks.  Even the smallest of thank you’s can make a big, big difference in someone’s life.   One suggestion that can really help is to send out some thank you cards.  Take some time to refocus your energies to say thank you to those who have helped you throughout the year.  They will so appreciate your graciousness, and it will open up the doors to mutual love and support.

2. Talk to your loved one.  Honestly as you connect with them through your voice and thoughts they can hear and feel you.  Let them know how you feel.  Remember the great times and rejoice in the beauty of  those innocent loving moments.  Their spirit will enjoy, appreciate and understand your each and every word. I promise!  Release your emotions and you’ll feel so much lighter.

3. Celebrate their memory.  Sitting a place for them at the table is a beautiful loving thing to do.  Raise your glass and celebrate a toast in their memory.  Perhaps making their favorite dish as well.   It’s quite fine to do that.   Spirits make it a special point to connect during the holidays.  They miss you as much as you miss them!   Your warmth and love is like nectar to them.  Really!

4. Spread the love.  Random acts of kindness make the world a greater place.  Giving opens the heart to love.  Perhaps making little gift baskets for those who are less fortunate, or volunteering some time to help others will definitely pay off with love dividends.  As a volunteer for hospice I can tell you so many people would be so infinitely grateful to have your friendship when they are feeling lonely too.

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