Coping with Grief during the Holidays

“What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller

Grieving the loss of a special friend or loved one during the upcoming holidays can be one of the toughest things we’ve ever went through.  No two ways about it.  Traditionally during the holidays we gather together with our friends and family and share happiness and fun.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah are a time for making very special memories.

Grief During Christmas


But alas if you have lost that special someone this year, the thought of the holidays without them can be truly one of the hardest things to think about.   Since childhood we look forward to holidays as a time for being with friends and family.  Now sadly it may seem alone and unbearable.

Grieving at Christmas

As your medium friend reaching out to you,  please remember that the spirits of our friends and family who have died do come back especially during the holidays to spend time with you.  In every reading I’ve ever given during this time and even for myself I know and can feel that your loved ones want to be with you every bit as much as you want to be with them.

Grief During Hanukkah

Tips for Grieving During the Holidays
1.  Be gentle and kind to yourself for your sake and your loved one.
2.  Your loved one wants you to feel comfortable and supported.  They will be there to help and surround you with love.  Honestly they do come back especially during holidays.
3.  Remember there is nothing wrong with grief.  Death is unfortunately a part of life. But death is truly not the end.  It is just returning to our home.   It is natural, and for those of us left behind,  grieving loss is a part of that process.
4.  Don’t feel forced to do anything you don’t want or feel comfortable with.  It’s ok to set boundaries.  Just be open about letting people know what would help you the most.
5. If your family is grieving together, be open and compassionate with one another.  Discuss how the group would like to handle the holidays this year.  Are there are any traditions you wish to put aside for now?  Are there are any new ones you wish to establish in your loved one’s honor?
5.  Seek the company of friends and family who love and support you during this delicate time.
6.  Crying is healing and very helpful.  Don’t keep feelings bottled up or feel you have to put on a brave face.   You have the right to cry and do so fully.  And of course not only females cry. Being a man means being able to express your emotions and yes crying is very necessary for you too!
7.  Remember and honor your loved one in your own unique and special way.  Express what you truly feel for them.  Believe me they will see and feel your efforts.
8.  Allow yourself to be happy!  Our loved ones are very much around us, and love to see you happy.
8.  Lighting a special candle in the home is a way to invite your loved one to share with you a special space.  It can be a touchstone that warms your heart and theirs.
9.  You may try giving of yourself during the holidays.  Sharing with others your  time, or special skills can provide you with a new found sense of direction and positive balance.
9. Try doing the holidays in a new way.  It’s perfectly ok to  try something new then the usual traditions.  Your loved one lives vicariously through you.   Trust your intuition that they would want you to feel happy and peaceful.
10.  Schedule some “me” time.  A retreat for yourself is deserved and needed when you are healing.
11. Confide to a supportive friend that you can open up to.  Just talk, the more you express your feelings the more you will heal.  Admitting or feeling vulnerability is ok.
12. Feeling cranky or angry can happen. Don’t be confused or feel it is wrong somehow.  It’s also part of the grieving process.  It shows how much you really loved your special someone.  You can diffuse some anger by taking some time to write in a journal. Imagine your true thoughts and feelings floating to the surface and out onto the page.  This way you can reflect on them before accidently taking out your frustrations on others.

During my mediumship sessions I provide a compassionate way for you to reconnect you and your loved one together.  It’s a joyous and healing family reunion, one that I’m quite sure will help you feel much better.
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Please remember you always have a friend here.  It is my honor to share this gift with those who need it the most.  I’m always available at  Or feel free to call me at 941-993-7105 to schedule an appointment for a reading.


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