Sarasota Psychic Medium Readings – Siesta Key Beach Readings

Siesta Key Beach Readings

Are you visiting this winter season to Sarasota, Florida?   If you are coming here for vacation or a brief stay we welcome you!  Now for a limited time you can now enjoy Siesta Key and also receive an intuitive/medium reading beach side.

You can enjoy our beautiful quartz sand beach, relax and heal while at the same time receiving your intuitive reading.  The beauty of the beach is second to none, with our beach being voted one of the best in the world a number of times.  The positive energies of the quartz sand at Siesta Key are also very well known.   During the month of November and December if you are visiting us and would like an intuitive or medium reading by the beach you can always call me and I can arrange that for you.  I really would like you to take advantage of the healing properties of the area.  In this way you can release your grief and renew, refresh your spirit by breathing in the clean air and letting the sun rejuvenate you.

Grief is a journey and each person’s journey is as unique as each of us.  Grief and loss I know is very painful and it takes a lot to open up and trust someone when we are hurting.  Nature can help balance you and also bring in good energy for you.   If your heart is breaking because you’ve lost that deep connectioon with your loved one,  I can provide you with a truly meaningful medium reading can help you heal.  Receiving your reading alongside the beauty of nature can be life changing, and a beautiful gift to yourself and your loved one.

If you prefer I can also provide my service in a safe comfortable space that will allow you to talk with your loved one in a peaceful way.   I also provide energy healing using Solfeggio tuning for those who are overcome by the dense, heaviness of losing a loved one.

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