Automatic Writing Channeling of Buddhist Monk – Seattle Washington

Recently I was asked to channel a Western teaching monk who had been ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  The beloved Lama had passed away from liver cancer.  Here are the results of that channeling:

“Through acts of unselfish volunteerism our greatest moments shine.”

“Passion for life is still untethered.  It means nothing if one cannot examine their actions and life and forge ahead with great love for humanity for the sick, the suffering.  The untrained mind is a lost opportunity.  This precious life is one that is granted through great determination.  It can only be reasonable to say that one must do their utmost to respect all lives, [even if]  the ego deems insignificant or significant.

I choose to come back in this life to try to spread Buddhism, Eastern thought into the western world due to the significant disturbances and discomfort.  Felt and practiced by those individuals, particularly during the Iraq war.  That bothered me greatly to my soul, because I couldn’t quite understand the trauma of it all.  It personally deeply affected me the thought of war and the incongruities of it all.  Which made no sense to me to fight against fellow man and expect a positive result.  This duality, this duality of purpose of duty and honor of our people fighting against other people made me feel very confused.

He is kindly giving me advice to me as an intuitive/medium
It would be my advice to you  to not let the ego be disturbed by people who have some kind of feeling of non-belief, or disbelief.  You would serve them better and yourself better by just accepting their vibration for who they are.  Don’t push them too far into an area where they are not comfortable.  Because when they are not comfortable they will fight. They will fight.  It’ll leave you feeling drained,  or unappreciated.  Which is probably not their intent at all, it’s just sort of a challenge for them to believe in anything that isn’t concrete or logical.  It provides a kind of an opening into the intuitive mind and release the left brain logical rigidity of the ego of always being right and correct.

Realize that one is like a hollow piece off bamboo and one who bends with the wind as they say doesn’t break, and is therefore capable of bringing in great amounts of wisdom and knowledge by realizing that their particular perspective of the moment is a small microcosm of awareness.  Realizing that the ego is a block to understanding and this block to understanding does [not only] a great disservice to the person themselves, but to the whole of humanity really.  We are pervaded by egotistical, mirrored images projections of who we’d like to be, or must be in order to show our importance.  [Therefore] we lose out on the grandest opportunity of all and that is reuniting consciousness with one another.  So in reflecting the ego, it’s a pretense really.  It’s not doing anyone any good by pretending to know everything and not being accepting of new knowledge or wisdom.  Just because it comes from a rather unusual source does not mean that it doesn’t have great validity.

[People] would be well advised to continue to work on spiritual evolvement not only through reading but practice and involvement from other teachers that provide different perspectives.

Because just one person, of course just myself, I am just one small microcosm myself without great knowledge of much of anything to tell you the truth. To put it bluntly not all answers are available from one person.  So I would advise those with great intention to seek fulfillment in philosophical advice and access to the greater teachings.  Wthrough the library system of Tibetan literature that sort of thing those items have already been translated so that they can understand the written word.

So far as mystical experiences in my home after leaving, I really don’t have much of a feeling of the worldly life I feel there is so much more to say then to provide some sort of unequivocal truth that I am who I say I am. But so far as mystical experiences, a lot of orb type light, great amounts of violet light a full physical, seems like apparition of colorful bands of light, swirling light, and in the swirls of light, energy I provided a glimpse into galaxies or something that feels like a galaxy of consciousness in the primordial beginnings.  So there’s swirling colors etc.  I kept wanting to get across dualities, dualities of existence vs this reality.  This really is an illusion – there is so much more out there then what we tend to perceive.  If one asks for a paper cup  of water and instead is given a billion lotus blooms of wisdom and knowledge why would one be satisfied with  just a cup of water?


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