New Client Testimonials for Medium & Intuitive Healing Readings

San Antonio, Texas
Client Testimonial – Remote Viewing, Scanning

“Wow!  Thank you!
Diane you are young gifted, powerful, inspired and loving. You are wonderful filled with light and love, freedom, joy, lightness close to our Blessed Mother.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Parrish-Tampa, Florida
Medium Client Testimonial, Pet Loss & House Clearing

“I was seeking out someone to help me with the loss of my mother who passed away young at age 62 from a sickness.  I was living in a new town and a new area and had no idea where to start so I tried google and low and behold Diane Eileen Letters From Heaven popped up!   I have been with Diane now for 4 years I can not tell you enough on how she has helped me through a terrible time in my life, she has kept me connected to my Mother and Father through these past years, honestly without her I do not know where I would be today, I remember when my mom passed everyone suggested that I go to bereavement classes??  I thought to myself why do I want to sit around with a bunch of strangers and cry over my mother?   Having to connect with the main source being my mother was best healing that I could of asked for this was my therapy!!  I am doing so much better and feel the connection with my mother and father everyday and that’s what matters to me the most is keeping your loved ones as close to you as possible.”

Can’t Thank DIANE enough!!!!


St. Louis, Missouri
Medium Client Testimonial

“I’ve commented on my wonderful experiences with Diane before but feel compelled to post again.  If I were to title this post, it would read “The Gift That Keeps On Giving”.  After a session with Diane she sends you a recording and normally I listen to these recordings several times but, usually wait about 3-4 weeks.  After my last session, I listened to the recording the following day and the healing effects are still as powerful without a lapse of time in between.  There are numerous messages within the message and it’s like receiving a different gift each time I listen.  A lot of “high profile” mediums absolutely forbid recordings and although they may have a legitimate reason that I am unaware of, I’ve only been enriched from listening to my recorded sessions. A lot of messages that Diane has relayed to me have manifested a couple of weeks to a month after the session and listening to the recordings confirms her accuracy and gives me a sense of hope and great comfort to fill myself up with.  Gratitude and Love for you Diane!!”
Medium Client Testimonial – Nicole – Florida

“Diane, I cannot thank you enough. I had to wait to gather my thoughts because the effects of your reading keep expanding. After 2 and half years of pain, the bliss of communicating with my parents lifted a thousand pounds of weight from my heart. Even though I’ve connected with them on my own, you were able to give me a clarity that I desperately needed. It was like being together again at home, in my living room, sharing joy, peace and love. And your ability to share messages of Divine guidance, answering questions that I didn’t think anyone ever could…mind blowing. Illuminating. A gift. I can’t wait to return for more.”

Love, Nicole S.
Medium Client Testimonial – Crystal – Los Angeles, California
Medium Reading – Healing Grief Suicide


You’re amazing!

I have written and re-written a few words for you. None of them seem to actually express how grateful I am for you and your gift.  Words can not describe.

I have been lost in grief and sadness. I have felt guilt and dealt with PTSD. Being able to hear from bobby, that he is okay. And he loves me, was the best therapy ever.  You were so accurate. Down to my every thought at the very moment.

There was a connection between bob and I that I always felt, time nor space, would break. He needs healing for himself also. I wanted and needed so badly to know he was at peace. To hear it from him, that everything would be okay. To have verification that he is with me still, rather than wondering whether or not I was imagining signs from him, is comforting. The Dr. That came through to help us. My grandma and great grandfather.

Oh and the feathers!!!! My memory on facebook yesterday was pf bobby. I will forward you the picture. He had a thing with birds!

You said things that only bob would say, or know. Most importantly, you helped him, help me. And for that both he and I are extremely grateful. I need him to be at peace. And I know he won’t, until he knows I’m okay. Diane, you have helped Bobby, help me, figure out which direction to go in order to heal.

I still check the clock and wait to see his signs at noon and midnight. We loved watching the sunset. I can’t help but feel him every time I see it.

Diane, you are an amazing soul with an even more amazing gift.

Thank you very very very much from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your gift with us.

I am ok with you using our real names. And I will be looking more into this Erik fella!

With lots of love -Crystal”
Medium Client Testimonial – Dr. Linda
Medium Reading – Remote Scanning

“I first met Diane through my niece who didn’t believe in Mediums, however, her good friend had a reading with Diane and it was so accurate, she suggested I give her a call.

Diane is an amazing person, first and foremost. Her kindness puts you at ease, and she has the ability to be very serious when conveying messages, but also can inject humor into a difficult situation. She was able to connect immediately with my son, and they seem to ‘hit’ it off right away.

Diane conveyed information that only a couple of family members knew, like names we called each other, and even more detailed events of his transition. Again, only family was aware. Diane is a gifted medium, one that will not only put you at ease, but is like salve for your heart and soul. I highly recommend her to friends and family.”
Medium Client Testimonial “Sharon” – Chicago, Illinois
Intuitive and Scanning Readings

“I first came upon Diane during a very rough time last summer. Over the last year, I have had a few readings done to connect with my grandma and little sister. These readings provided clarification for my life challenges. The first reading left me with such a calm feeling, knowing without a doubt that they were helping me through these difficult times.

Diane continues to provide me with a sense of relief when I feel stuck and am searching for answers. Her intuitive and scanning abilities are impeccable. She also opened a door for me that has left me feeling empowered because she guided me to books that I had never heard of. Her suggestions in turn, kept opening more doors for my own personal healing and growth. To say that I will forever be grateful, is beyond an understatement because I have found a friend with a compassionate heart.”

Medium Client Testimonial “Lindsey” – Charlotte, North Carolina
Healing grief from suicide

“As an individual who has experienced many losses, I have searched for ways to come to terms. I’m in my mid-30’s, and I have lost most of my immediate family including my mother, step-father, all of my grandparents, and most recently, my “husband”. While nearly all of my losses where unexpected and sudden, Kris’s unexpected suicide lays the most heavily on me.

Normal grief counseling has its place. But there is a disconnect that can’t be reconciled easily with so many questions left open. This is where Diane was very kind and exceptionally helpful by opening herself up to myself, and my dearest Kris, and even those loved ones who had left years earlier. She did not simply offer the normal, ” I’m so sorry for your loss and it will get better in time.” But she connected with myself and my deceased loved ones to pass on messages that comfort me and help me to know they are indeed still a part of my life and continuing on their own path. She knew of a connection to certain specifics such as songs, colors, clothes, and other things that I truly believe were images and thoughts received from Kris, who is not suffering some horrible hell that a lot of people fear for their loved ones who left in such a manner. But is very much alive and well in spirit, with my family and his own, and we will indeed all meet again on a higher plane. This earth is a lesson  learned. Day in and day out, we are to help each other and receive God for the love he truly is. Diane is an exemplary display of this by the giving of her time and gift to help others. And to those who are suffering of grief under similar circumstances as my own, I can’t tell you when the pain, hurt, or even just shock of it all will wear off because I struggle with these daily. But I can tell you not to be afraid to seek help and trust in God and the nature of someone like Diane to try to bring light back into your day. Everyone grieves different. And those well meant friends and counseling services don’t always know what to say. Don’t be afraid to look for another type help. And I would highly recommend Diane.”

“Sarah” Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Florida
Healing, medium reading and balancing energy for family

“Diane, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to know you. What a blessing you are. You are an insightful, caring, loving person who emanates peace and wisdom. Every time I have a reading at the end I feel more clear and very relaxed. The information you channel from my guides and deceased love ones each time has been very specific. You have revealed names and circumstances that you had no way of knowing. I also have to thank you for helping my son Dylan. He always tells me ” Mom she makes me feel in peace”. And that is coming from a 22 year old! I will always be grateful to you for all the help you give him.

When my husband went into his work crisis I knew I could call you to clear all the negativity that surrounded him. It worked. I have not seen him this peaceful in months.

I am and will always be grateful for your kindness and help. You are an amazing person and I am honored to call you my friend.

Thank you, Sarah”

“Nancy”  – South Venice, Florida, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Terminal patient seeking reassurance

Reading for Aunt who is terminal.   Made a house call to  provide peace and support for her so she does not fear death.  Connected with deceased Mother to make sure others are awaiting “Nancy”. Second reading for respiratory therapist who has a good friend of a Doctor on the other side who helps direct her efforts in healing energy.  Reading concludes with purple dragonfly circling around us about 10 times.  The Doctor loves to show his presence with birds, and all sorts of flying nature.

Laredo, Texas
Scanning and reading for ongoing family trauma 

“You are doing beautiful work! Very beautiful! Very close to God. I honored to know you.  I am humbled and grateful God knows for His allowing me to cross paths with you.”

Sarasota, Florida
Lost baby prior to birth

“Thanks so much for my reading today!!! I feel happier and feel so much more peace in my heart knowing all my prayers for “Brittany” are heard 🙂  it really was an experience I won’t forget!  This has been an important step in my healing process and for that I’m so thankful!  My family and friends were very happy to hear the details of the reading as well.  I replay my recording a lot when I feel sad and it helps! ”

St. Louis, Missouri
Overdose Case

“The first time that I called Diane was only two months after my son had passed.  I was overcome with sadness and despair but within about 10 minutes of the phone call (which was only made to set up an appointment) my son was coming through and I felt lighter and happier than I had since his passing.  Diane just went with it and continued the communication without hesitation.  She facilitated the greatest turning point in my healing and, through her actions, has reassured me of the good that abounds in the universe. I continue to consult with her at regular intervals and have had her “scan” individuals that I interact with so I can proceed in alignment with my best interests.  “Scanning” is another one of her specialties and these insights have saved me a lot of trouble and anxiety.  I could go on and on but let me suffice to say that Diane has a character of Gold and my son loves her too!!”


“Tina”- Bradenton, Florida
Lifetime of Trauma  – Healing, Closure

“This is a testimony about Diane Eileen .. ( letters from Heaven) several weeks ago I had the honor of finding Diane, and going to her home for a visit and Reading.
Let me start by saying that she is the most gracious host, and somebody I am proud to call a new friend.

As I approached Diane with skepticism of course, let me start by saying Diane is extremely efficient… and after the first 10 minutes and names that she couldn’t have possibly known from my past, my mom, my Aunt Mary, my Uncle Tom, my grandma k and several revisits of names in situations that were thrown out that nobody could have known except for those family members. I had many questions in my mind, and many unresolved feelings and pain that I’ve carried all these years as I never got to say goodbye to my mom. Diane not only gave me a peace and serenity to move into my future, but many answered questions that have been on my mind all these years confirming exactly what I thought about my mom’s death, things that my aunt Mary confirmed… Peace and Joy to know that they are all together and that they are okay and that they are all watching over me each and every day I go through my life which explains the Cardinals, the butterflies,dragonflies, and much more in my life.

I thank Diane so much from the bottom of my heart for giving me a peace that I will carry with me forever now. Diane not only does the reading but she goes the extra mile never worrying about the time, SHE gives you HER ALL and everything she’s got to give you resolution, answers and a peace that everybody should know!
I have been to her twice now and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

Thank you Diane for everything!”

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