How to get a Great Medium Reading: A Scientific Explanation

One of the best ways to approach a reading is with a genuine open heart and mind.  Intuitives are very sensitive people.  Our hearts are very receptive, we receive and give out love and compassion.  We are deeply affected more than most.  But there is also a scientific reason why you want to approach a reading in partnership with the medium as opposed to a hardened skeptic.

Interference with Medium Reading

Scientifically it’s actually very easy to understand.  As mediums or intuitives we are operating essentially as sensitive antennas, or receivers.   We are picking up signals at frequencies that are being broadcast from other’s minds and spiritual consciousness.  In order to have a good reading I need to tune in with resonating energy not disharmonious or interfering signals. Interfering signals block, overpower or distort what is being received.

The observer effect known in the laws of quantuum physics are very real and have been explored indepth by the scientific community. Scientists in the field of physics actually are removed to another location or blocked from the testing area because it is well known fact that their mental energy actually can skew the results of the tests.  What you expect affects your energy field and therefore can interfere with the results or the energy field.   If you have a skeptical blocked attitude you really have set up a mental perimeter or literal brick wall that I can’t really penetrate no matter how hard I try.   

I can assure you the only reason I do this work is because of a deep sense of compassion to relieve suffering and allow for a greater sense of the spiritual world around us.  I exist to help raise awareness and the personal vibration of those individuals that are hurting both in the physical and the spiritual.  I work with resonating energy not disharmonious or blocking energy.  You will note most mediums charge much more sometimes even hundreds of dollars more.  I provide my  gift at an affordable cost so that I can help the most people.  It’s really that simple.

So I hope this helps you understand how to approach a medium reading.  Do so in partnership with the medium.  Work with them as opposed to against them.  You don’t need to spill all the beans so to speak.  But my goal is to help you heal.  Help me to focus on those areas that you want to work on.   Have questions.  Let me know what areas you want to explore. You’ll have a much more enjoyable reading, and I will feel happy that I can contribute in a positive way to your healing.

Blessings to you,
Diane Eileen

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