2016 Reviews of Intuitive-Medium Readings

“Shannon” –  San Francisco, California
Shannon works in San Quentin Prison, in California just north of San Francisco.    Although she works amongst some of the most notorious criminals in the United States, her main concern was not with the prisoners.  Politics, gossip have undermined her hopes for making a difference in her job with those she helps.  She has been bullied numerous times by co-workers and supervisors.  Remote scanning of several individuals indicated gang activity had infiltrated her core group.   I was able to forewarn her of who to stay away from and counseled her to try and transfer out to another facility.  Also was able to encourage her and scan her future project on a book designed to help shed light on the facility.

“Megan” – Los Angeles, California
Megan works for the city of Los Angeles.  She has significant hearing impairment, and unfortunately was being bullied and treated unfairly by her co-workers.  I helped her by scanning their true intentions and counseled her on various situations so she could be treated more fairly.  She had also recently lost her father and was working through grief with that situation.  Although a Mental Health professional working towards her Master’s Degree, she too had difficulties working through grief.  Both of her parents came in for her during her readings providing her love and support.  I also worked with her higher self and determined she was destined to work doing research on providing support for children who  were being bullied due to their physical challenges.  She would also be working in the educational system providing seminars on the mental health issues of challenged youth.

“Violet” – Nova Scotia, Canada
Tragically Violet’s son had just passed from a motorcycle accident.  He was a handsome young man who had just completed his Electrical Engineering degree.  I was able to determine it was truly an accident in which his pant leg got caught up in the clutch pedal, he then lost control and went into oncoming traffic.   Naturally his entire family and girl friend of 9 years are very grief strickened.  Her son promised he was learning how to channel energy from the divine source to change to lift them up.  The mother confirmed this in which another person who had worked with her in Canada had felt his presence in Reiki healing treatments.     He was particularly concerned about his father who needed grief counseling and his sister who was closed off and unable to communicate her grief.  He was worried the energies of depression could weaken their immune system.  Violet confirmed that her husband kept getting sick and was wondering the root cause.  Since Violet was visiting just temporarily from Canada I volunteered to drive her to Siesta Key Beach after her reading so that she wouldn’t miss the beautiful sand.  Her son accompanied us in spirit to the beach – and there were two beautiful small “sun dogs” rainbows to the left and right of the sunset.  It was very healing and a great way to finish her reading.

“Becky” – Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida
Becky has been at a crossroads.  Exhausted and physically hurting from her job as a massage therapist, she wants a change but was unsure how.  When seeking an intuitive she asked her brother in spirit who would be the best one for her, and he actually chose me.  So that indeed was very exciting for the both of us.  I channel him regularly for her.  He provides a very good sounding board for her.  I also connect with her higher self.  Her readings have come up with information that she is destined to be a very good healer, and it is indeed her life’s purpose.  Incredible amounts of energy came in for her as I read for her on my patio in the cool autumn weather.

“Sarah” – Clearwater, Florida
Sarah came in broken hearted as a result of the passing of her long term boyfriend Charles.  He was very beloved by the community.  He was a very strong and compassionate man who worked at “Meals on Wheels” providing lunches for children and seniors.  He was also an ex-Marine who had served in Iraq and Afganhistan.  Charles had recently tragically passed away from a motorcycle accident.  Everyone was very saddened to lose this hero to the community and of the country.  He had been appearing as orbs in a variety of photos that Sarah had taken.  She knew he was trying his best to communicate to her.  Indeed after her session I did a video  session and invited him in.  He showed up very clearly in the video.  Charles advised her on her new living arrangements.  He also told her about the details of the accident and let her know someone had basically cut him off on the road.  This case was a real eye opener, because although they had been together for many years sadly when he passed his partner in life couldn’t be informed of the details she needed as they weren’t married.  This was indeed very sad as her not being “next of kin” caused many terrible things to happen to her beyond the heart break of her loss.

“Carol” – Long Island, New York & Naples, Florida
Carol’s reading was both for her and for her father who had just passed.  I pinpointed that she was a very busy woman that worked a lot with facts and figures.  We both laughed as she revealed after I had picked that fact up that she was a career banker.  The gist of her reading was that it was now time to transition into what she really wanted to do with her life and she confirmed that was what she was feeling as well.  Her reading let her know that a lot of people should thank their lucky stars that she was around to help, as she had fixed a lot of “boondoggles” in her career.  The reading also revealed that she had a great business mind and was able to see with great clarity how to  help companies and organizations. No one was able to pull the wool over her eyes, she knew where to look for clues, and when she was finished with her work things were quite cleaned up.  There were a lot of words in her reading that related to flying.  She confirmed that her father was a pilot who had flown around the world in his career.  He was using metaphors like runways, and wanted to help his daughter have a smooth take off into her new  journeys.  Her father gave her a bunch of suggestions.  One was to be true to herself, and DON’T COMPROMISE.  He said this as he stomped about.  Don’t let anyone or any belief system for her  new grand adventure to be anything less than perfect.   Her father told her that doubt is the worse thing ever.  It kills off more dreams and lives, faster than you can say “lickety split”.  He told her to take short escapades to take off and meet with people that might be her brother’s cup of tea. (Her brother and her currently shared a place in Naples.  He urged her to take time to herself say for example 3 weeks or so and that her brother could have his private time to and they’d be so much better for it.  Afterward she confided that her brother had been impinging on her life and this was exactly what she needed to hear.  Carol was also suffering from nerve pain, and her parents on the otherside were recommending accupuncture to help her.

More to come as I review the readings!

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