Tips on Healing Grief

With life there comes an end to the physical body.  But it isn’t the end of our love for our friend or family member.  Nor is it the end to their conscious mind.  The consciousness definitely continues on.

While intuitively we may know our loved one has simply transcended or graduated from this life, afterall we are only human.  Shock or disbelief is often the first emotion that comes to us.  We simply can’t believe that the person has died.  Grief can come at us in a wave of unpredictable feelings.  It can be a scary time as we sort through thoughts coming at us.  Someone who is so integral to our lives has been taken from us.  Grieving indeed is one of the hardest emotions we endure in this life.  But just keep remembering  that each person on earth – billions of us will all one day leave.  So you can take some solace in knowing you are not alone in this experience of grieving.

Gentleness and compassion for yourself is key in this delicate time.  Grief isn’t an illness or something we have to hide or “get over”.  Grief is an emotion that is again truly universal.   It is  quite natural for people and animals as well to grieve loss. Once we realize our friend on this earth is now not physically here for us,  we may feel a wide range of feelings.  Those feelings include sadness and anger.  The anger may come from a sense of frustration or helplessness, or unfairness.  We hurt because they are no longer physically here to share in our daily lives.  Sometimes the unbearable loneliness  may  feel like an unending darkness or despair.  Losing important people in our lives is in a way like losing yourself.

However after literally hundreds of readings for clients I can assure you that your friend is still very much with you.  Literally just calling them out by name and focusing on them with love they will indeed come to your side.  As a medium I have seen and heard the healing that occurs through contact with your loved one.

Tips for Healing Grief
1. Allow yourself the time and space to go through the grieving process.
2.  Slow down and take your time.  You do not have to do everything at once.
3.  It’s ok to feel angry, fearful, or anxiety.  It’s perfectly normal, and it’s a part of grieving.
4.  Try not to fall into the trap of blaming yourself or anyone else for the person passing.  Guilt and blame won’t bring them back and will only make your pain worse.  Know that you cannot control all the events that happen in life.  There is a higher force at work.
5.  Heal with nature.  Gardening, walks in the woods, or parks helps to balance our energy.
6.  Relax and breathe.  Mindfullness and concentrating on your breath can help you to center and balance your energies.  Try meditating and stilling the mind.
7.  Music is the great healer.  Listening to music designed for relaxation and upliftment literally retunes your mind and body away from sadness.  Youtube has thousands of videos with music that you can listen to for free.
8.  Reach out and find someone to talk with.  Identify who are the most important people in your  life right now?  Sometimes even our closest friends may be unsure of what to say, or are afraid they might do something that would upset you.  So they could inexplicably not contact you after a memorial.  If you would like to talk with them it’s fine to take the first step.  They no doubt will feel relieved that you have offered to reach out.  They will help you the best they can even if it’s just listening.   If friends are not so close, you can seek out local meetup groups or even connect with those who are grieving on social media such as Facebook to talk about and share/support one another.
9.  Do you  feel unfinished business is commanding a large part of your energy?  If so take note of that.  You can resolve those issues by acknowledging them and either seek out counseling to work out your feelings,  or engage in the spirit of that person through a mediumship reading.
10.  Practice kindness or compassion towards others.  By giving to another it will take the focus off of you for awhile and you won’t feel trapped in your grief.
11.  Celebrate each accomplishment you make daily, whether big or small.
12.  Prayers do help with grief.  Remember Archangels do exist, and their energy is very close to God’s divine energy.  Archangel Raphael helps with healing whether physical or emotional.
Archangel Raphael always says yes to every prayer, affirmation, visualization, letter, or other forms of calling for his help. Whether someone prays on your behalf or you talk to him yourself, trust that Raphael will help you with your grief and broken heart. Archangel Azrael is the angel that helps those who are grieving.  He can be called upon to help heal you with divine guidance.  His name literally means “he who helps God”.  He is a messenger, that also helps people who are dying to depart in a way that is free from fear and pain.
13. Thinking through the holidays, or anniversaries before they come and planning what will help you to feel comfortable and not so anxious or sad, will definitely  make it easier.


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