Sarasota House Clearings – Ghost & Spirit Clearings

Does you home not feel comfortable?  Has your family been having bad dreams, seeing things, or feeling unusual paranormal events?  I have had many years of experience at clearing homes of negative energy and spirits who have not moved on.   I work with the energy in the home to literally change it to positive through music, smudging, prayer and intuitive readings.  But most importantly if the home does have spirit activity from those who may have lived in the home, or passed away there I can help.  Here’s where the service I offer goes way beyond smudging etc.  As a medium I talk directly with those spirits, console them, help to heal them and send them up to the light.  Living residents also each get a reading as well.  Home clearings I usually schedule for the whole day as it really is an intervention that needs to be done very carefully and with great thoroughness.

Here’s an example of me working with a client to clear her house of multiple spirits.  She recorded me with a simple iPhone video recorder.  You can see the orbs of spirits interacting with me in very real ways.  For those who don’t believe in ghosts or life after death this should offer compelling evidence that they do indeed of course exist.

This is a recording a client took during one of my readings to clear her home of several spirits in March of 2014.   You can clearly see the spirit orbs interacting with me. Giant spirit orbs at 1:33,  11:38, 11:56, 13:06, 12:55, 16:07, 27:09 — See if you can spot them!  And share where you find  your favorites 🙂

I recently completed a 3,000 square foot house clearing, in which the family had been plagued for years by at least two negative entities.  The residents had encountered in two different homes an odd smell that came and went, visions of shadows, nightmares, electrical failures, cold spots, and odd thoughts of anger or negativity that weren’t natural for them.   The last straw for the family was when the spirits started provoking the children, causing nightmares and a voice change of the little girl.  So far the reports after the house clearing have been all positive.

In another home I cleared near New College, the house was haunted by a number of spirits drawn in by a particularly negative roommate.  The home was full of young college kids sharing the rent, but was also full of negative spirits who were scaring the daylights out of them.  They did indeed see full on apparations, screams, etc.  They were visibly shaken when I arrived and needed real help.   That house clearing was done over a year ago, and I recently saw one of the residents who smiled very widely and let me know that all has been peaceful since then.

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