James Van Praagh: Confirms Cause of Death Case

I am pleased to  report that a client I have been working with for about two years spoke with James Van Praagh  directly last night.   He confirmed on his own, the exact information,  that I have been relaying to her through readings.  Her questions revolve around the specific circumstances and cause of her son’s tragic passing.

This particular client has been struggling with the fact that her son passed away not from suicide as reported, but in fact homicide.   Police reports have been inaccurate, and a cover up has been occurring for various reasons which I cannot go into.  But,  I have channeled her son many times, and he has specifically shown and told us both  what happened that fateful day and the exact circumstances.  She has also confirmed my readings  through cross-examination with another Medium as well.

So although a very serious topic, at least I can let you know that Mediumship is indeed real, and I feel secure in knowing that my intuitive scanning has been proven to be accurate.  May God bless this mother and her heroic son.  I pray that the family get the peace that they deserve and that justice will prevail.

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