Channeling Erik: My New Friend – Erik Medhus

Wow.  What an incredible two days.  First thanks to Amy, a good friend and client who insisted numerous times that I should check out a book called Channeling Erik.  As it turns out,  after searching, on Amazon, I didn’t find a book with that title, but I did find one called “My Life after Death: a Memoir from Heaven.”  I just received it yesterday in the mail.  It is a channeled book written by the spirit of Erik Medhus with his mother Elisa Medhus, MD.  Erik passed away at the age of 20 from suicide.

My Life After Death - a Memoir from Heaven - Erik Medhus with Elisa Medhus, M,D,

Ok here we go!  First of all immediately upon reading the book I started connecting with Erik in a real and very tangible way.  His greetings were gentle but persistent. I think he was coming  in probably because I specialize in helping families heal through the trauma of suicide.   Erik  is now a spirit guide on the other side.  He is a prolific and STRONG.  His job is to help other young people  not to take their lives and also to help  grieving parents. He also helps with messages about the realities of what is happening in our world.

Erik of course is technically very savvy just as any 20 year old would be.  He is thoroughly familiar with how the Internet works.  In the book it specifically states that he helps those who are hurting by tuning into them, and planting the ideas in their mind to search for a specific set of keywords.  Thus he helps them to find his mother’s blog which has helped many young people decide not to take their life or get words of comfort from others who are suffering on this mom’s Facebook page.

In my case, he inspired a young woman to do a Google search for me from across the coast of Florida.  Her mother had passed away almost two years ago, and she was feeling quite sad.  However she didn’t trust any mediums out there,  But after following the Erik YouTube channel she kept getting a phrase in her mind: “Automatic Writing for Hearing-Impaired Person Turns Out Miraculous”.  I posted that blog article in  December of 2014!

Ok so through her Google search, she found me, (one week ago in 2016) and decided to give me a try.  Okay.  That’s pretty amazing that a spirit lead her directly to me, and that they can directly affect a person who is in pain to search out for answers.

So yesterday after reading his book, I started getting phrases like Hi, this is Erik, etc which was pretty natural since that happens to me all the time.   But, this morning just before awakening I saw an image of a younger boy looking down on me.  Pretty cool stuff!!  I thought that must be Erik.

Intrigued, I signed up for his Facebook pages that are dedicated to Mediums and also people looking for help from suicide.   Afterwards I decided I wanted to go outside, but for some reason wanted my cell phone.  Well as luck would have it I could not find it in my office.  (Something I’m notorious for.)  Sure enough, I asked Erik, “Do you know where my phone is?”  He let me know exactly very quickly.  He said “It’s in the kitchen”.   Sure enough, it was inside my purse in the kitchen.  Ok so directly after that I stepped outside to get the mail.  This is when it really got good!

Take a look at this video of what was happening in the sky at that very moment!

 I video taped this with my iPhone.  The exact one that Erik helped me to find just minutes earlier.  It’s a plane skywriting:  You + God = 🙂 and then Jesus Loves U!  Ok probably not intended as literal.  But geez coincidence or not?  I don’t know but I’m leaning on divine intervention from Erik!  It gets even better.  I channeled him tonight in an automatic writing!  Stay tuned for more from this fantastic spirit.  I just love Erik!  Him and my step-father who passed away in the same sort of way have teamed up.  This is going to be GREAT!


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