Super Haunted New College House – Still Ghost Free One Year Later!

I am very happy to report that I just received a great confirmation that my ghost clearing efforts work out well.  On a casual trip to the market I met “by  accident” a couple of New College students whose house I cleared of several very unhappy  spirits last year at this  time.  They smiled and let me know that the previously very haunted house was totally clear, and is very peaceful!  After I left the hauntings stopped and the home feels very balanced and soothing.  Yay!  This is always nice to hear! 🙂

Here is the post about the original clearing of ghosts:

Recently I had a request come in from a young man, new to Sarasota who had only been staying in a 1960’s era home for two weeks.  Unfortunately for him and his fellow New College students, the house was full of paranormal activity.   He stated that he really didn’t want to spend another night there until the house was cleared.   Even just driving up to the home I could feel something was seriously imbalanced.  All 5 college roommates were all quite serious as they gathered around the table to let me know their experiences in the home.

Each reported seeing and experiencing ghostly type events. One in particular saw at a clear visual apparition of a woman with long hair crying out “help me” on her knees at least two times.   The same woman had also been seen and felt by  two others.  One reported never feeling very comfortable in his own bedroom, despite trying to clear the space with sage smudging, and using a Tibetan salt lamp.  He was understandably very upset to hear screaming sounds  emanating from the bathroom, and  knocks inside the wall.   The final straw for him  occurred while having a friend stay over night.  At 3:00 am the friend reported hearing a clear disembodied voice talking clearly to him about how they liked the new residents that were living there, and were hoping for a different kind of energy.  That same friend then awoke at 6:00 am  screaming out loud, just as the spirit had previously. The residents told me that they had heard someone had a nervous breakdown in the house previously but that was all they knew of.

Other roommates reported hearing the sound of men’s voices in the living room, voices in pain, feeling uncomfortable, anxious, anxiety for no reason, and as if someone was staring at them.  The house cat was even affected and had ran and hid in the closet as a result of events.

So obviously I had quite a challenge with this site.     I take my job clearing and balancing homes  very seriously.   I am an advocate for both sides, and  I am very careful and gentle with residents and spirits alike. It’s definitely a healing, therapeutic process for the entire group.  and I can assure you I work nothing like the rather silly dramatized reality shows stamping about and demanding that the spirits leave.  Such nonsense is clearly designed for ratings, and the so called incidents are dubious at best.

My first job is to protect myself and the residents with prayers, white light, and having them write down their intentions for the clearing.  In other words they write down in their own words what they wanted to change as a result of the house clearing.  I then begin check to make sure none of the residents are currently encountering any emotional trauma or disturbances that may have triggered the imbalance.  I then document the home’s “hot spots” where events have occurred, and go to those areas to begin clearing.

In this particular case we had two areas of concern.  The bedroom/bathroom, and the living room.    I prayed, and cleared out the bedroom, bath area, meditated and tuned into the person who was trapped there in the astral plane.  She was quite happy that the residents of the house cared enough about her that they actually had taken a chance and called someone to help.  She expressed a lot of relief and projected many thank yous after raising the vibrations of the room.  I continued to raise and clear out old thought patterns, fear, and the unfortunate passing that had occurred there.  I then filled it the space with thoughts of pure love and divine white light energy.  The rooms felt noticeably different where at first it had felt like trying to walk through molasses just to get from one side to the other – the feeling was definitely clearer, calming, and very relaxing.  The energy had changed so much so that the resident took actually took a much needed rest and fell asleep, as I moved on to other parts of the home.

The second section was the living room.  This area was where a lot of voices and activity had been occurring. I intuitively scanned the room and determined there were three spirits there.  One which was sort of the leader and the other two just commiserating with him.  It was definitely a case of “where misery loves company.”  However I did  my  usual clearing techniques, and sat down right in the middle of one of the sofas where they all had gathered.  I meditated and picked up intuitively  why they were there. Two were rather easy to remove, as they were simply picking up on the negativity of the house and that vibration was matching theirs.  One had had a pretty rough childhood, and wasn’t very old when he passed away.  He was at first very aggressive and angry, but when he realized we were there to help he calmed down and relaxed right away. He like the other expressed some feelings of guilt, or remorse and wasn’t evolved enough to move on.  He just simply didn’t know how.  So through mutual conversation I helped him to heal, & realize that was much more waiting for him then just this physical space.  He too was very grateful, but before leaving wanted to speak specifically to the students who had gathered there to witness the house clearing.  He was very animated and quite energized as he explained that the “kids” should never let anyone dominate them or make them feel less than they are.  He talked for quite sometime, and I could hear one student gently crying as he spoke.  He expressed his sincere gratefulness and amazement that someone cared enough about him to help him transcend from his self-imposed isolation.

Altogether the clearing took about 3 hours.  The home was lifted and everyone did express how much better they felt in there.  The anxiousness was gone, and peace and been restored.  Gathering my hugs from everyone I left feeling very  grateful to have been of help.

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