Grieving? These are your rights while you are healing

Everyone has the right to be able to grieve in their own way, and be supported in their grief.  No one has the right to tell you how long to grieve, or what is the “right way” grieve.  It’s an intensely personal experience.  It is your healing time that is natural and needed.  Everyone has their own unique way of working through grief.

A book I highly recommend to help you as you are grieving is:

Progressing Through Grief: Guided Exercises to Understand Your Emotions and Grief: By Stephanie Jose.

In this well written book the author lists your fundamental rights as a grieving person. Some of these I have listed here:

“I have the right to grieve in my own way and at my own pace.

I have the right to grieve differently than anyone else because my experience is different than anyone else’s experience.

I have the right to not live up to my own or someone else’s expectations of how I should grieve.

I have the right to trust myself, my thoughts, and my feelings.

I have the right to openly talk about my grief, even if it makes others uncomfortable.

I have a right to set limitations, maintain my own boundaries and say “no”.

I have a right to pursue people, places, and situations that might help me.

I  have a right to stop relationships with those who are not supportive, or make me feel inadequate or inferior.

I have a right to pursue spiritual and emotional growth.

I have a right to engage in spiritual and cultural practices.

I have the right to have good days and bad days.

I have the right to remember the person and celebrate their life.

I have the right to make mistakes.

I have a right to grieve as long as I want to.”





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