Readings for Mothers Who Have Lost Their Baby Before Birth

As many of us celebrated Mother’s Day with great joy with our children, alas for others that day can be an intense time of incredible grief. Some expecting moms and dads with very kind loving hearts are simply broken, as their dreams did not go as planned for their pregnancy. Despite doing all the right things, taking the best of care, and loving their little ones as mom carried them, alas they did not have that most beautiful day they were hoping for. Some moms and dads sometimes must go through the devastating heartache of miscarriage, or their dear child being delivered stillborn.

I have most humbly assisted two young mothers in the past few days who were each blessed with a baby, but alas most unfortunately their babies were not born into this world. It is a very heart wrenching time for these dear dear families and for me as well.

During these readings I worked with the mothers to help them to heal from their grief and pain. I connected with older family members who had passed on before in order to make sure that the baby’s soul was being looked after. I also scanned the child’s energy to determine the physiological cause of the child’s passing. But most importantly I looked at the higher purpose and reason for the child and mother’s experience.

Before we come into this world we do have our own soul pacts with others, and a defined purpose, and mission for this life. In these two cases one child’s higher soul wish was to understand the process of not being able to take physical birth. The ultimate purpose for this little soul was to be able to experience the process and turn that immense heartache into a positive. She is destined to help other babies who may need healing in the womb or healing as premature babies. The second child’s conscious energy or soul was just a fragment and not fully formed. Therefore it was waiting to be born into the physical so that it could be even greater than it would of been otherwise. During the reading it came through that it was indeed an indigo child, or star seed which are highly developed beings. The reading showed it was to be a combination of 5 souls and that it would reincarnate again as the mom’s next child. The reading revealed that she would become with child again in late July, or August of this year. This time around the child would be extraordinary showing great depth in terms of intuitive ability, philosophical outlook, learn extremely fast and be an inspiration to many around her. At this time these special souls come into this world to raise the energy and vibration of everyone. They literally are amazing miracles who are noted for being extraordinary very early on.

With both readings visions of Mother Mary and Jesus did come in to show that all children are loved and protected by these supremely spiritual beings. Before the second reading even took place while emailing the second mother – a message popped into my mind that astounded me. The words were “Jacob’s Ladder”. Anxious to know more I looked up the term. Jacob’s Ladder is mentioned in many religious belief systems.

Jacob's Ladder to Heaven
Jacob’s Ladder (Hebrew: Sulam Yaakov סולם יעקב) is the colloquial name for a connection between the earth and heaven. The ladder of the created Universe is the ladder which appeared in a dream to Jacob, who saw it stretching from Heaven to earth, with Angels going up and down upon it.

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