What really happens with suicides after death? Is there a hell?

Old Tired Thought and Useless Dogma Alert:

Someone I know committed suicide.  Does that mean they will suffer and go to hell?”

To get to the point as immediately as I can, the answer is NO.  Old religious dogma, and belief systems have reinforced and inaccurate truth that has caused immeasurable suffering for anyone who has had a suicide in their family.  Please, it’s time to let go of such Medieval nonsense and recognize that type of thought control for what it is.  The entire concept of hell was useful perhaps for keeping  wide eyed parishioners in line with the church’s thinking, but it has no basis in reality.  Hell is an awfully primitive notion that comes from a very old judgment and vengeance mentality that is not a part of the divine consciousness of this universe.  We exist in the physical to learn, and return to spirit.

After countless sessions with suicide victims I can honestly tell you this.  Each and every person has specifically informed me that there is no judge, or point system.  There is no eternal damnation.  No fellow with the pointy fork, no fire.  None of that.  It’s a myth.

What does happen is this.  Consistently each person has stated that no one judges us, that we are own judges of our life experiences.   The persons who have committed suicide have time and time again related that they honestly suffer by feeling the hurt of those they left behind.  Your tears and sadness  genuinely hurts and is an amplified experience for them.  They immediately recognize what they did was not the best way to fix their dilemmas.  With all of their hearts they express great sadness for causing such pain.  They just hope that you can see it in your heart to forgive them and not ruin your own destinies in life by letting this negative event over shadow everything.

Once on the other side spiritually they are met with great compassion, love and healing.  The only judgment is that which comes from themselves.  Angelic beings, souls, spiritual leaders in line with their belief systems welcome them lovingly, warmly unconditionally into a peaceful area where their emotional needs are immediately taken care of.  They are given time to heal and reflect upon their lives.  Teachers show them and help them to learn and evolve.  They understand that life is precious, and they could of gained so much more if they would of stayed and worked it out.  They are given time to heal and eventually most reincarnate to similar circumstances so that this time they can be victorious.


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