Sarasota, Florida – Plenty of Ghosts Like to Retire Here too! Uncomfortable in your own house? Got ghosts or negative energy? Let’s get rid of them together.

If you are not feeling comfortable in your own home in Sarasota or Bradenton,  perhaps anxious, or seeing/hearing things that aren’t making sense, you might benefit from a house clearing.  A house clearing is basically rebalancing the energy and vibration of your home back to its natural positive harmonious state.  If you don’t feel comfortable while at home, have a hard time sleeping or just don’t feel right in it,  your home may need the interior energy adjusted and cleansed or even unwelcome ghosts removed.  It will help reinvigorate you, give a more positive outlook on life, and bring peace and comfort back to you and your home.  I have performed over 35 house clearings in the Sarasota, Bradenton area and have brought back a lot of families from the brink and healed a lot of stress.  I feel very confident I can help if you are suffering from an uncomfortable space that is making you anxious.

Just email me at or give me a call at 941-993-7105 if you need assistance.  I’ll be glad to help.

What are some of the signs of negative energy or imbalance?  Sometimes we can just feel tired all the time or not motivated to do much of anything.  This may be the result of continual sadness, sickness or angry energy that hasn’t been cleared in the home.  It’s important to recognize your personal space may be echoing back old thought patterns and be a part of the root problem.   if you can’t explain a persistent feeling of uneasiness or imbalance, remember we are only as strong as the energy around us.  Don’t lose your stride to this phenomenon and give in to living like that.  You can have old stagnant energy eliminated and replaced with shining spiritual light, love, and the beautiful feelings of your beloved home and your sanctuary from the outside world of hustle and bustle.

How do we know if the house needs clearing?  Again, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Don’t let old stagnant thoughts, fears or guilt, whatever it may be to continue to circulate around  yourself and your family.  This includes not letting old, junk pile up that has bad memories or sadness associated with it.   I have cleared at least 36 homes in the Sarasota, Bradenton area.  I am happy and quite honored to let you know that in each case the home was refreshed, the residents very grateful, and their homes became a loving place once again.  It is indeed quite challenging work, but  the results are very gratifying.

Your space is a reflection of the emotions and energy of the people who live there or previously  lived there.  Perhaps some one has been depressed in the home, ill,  or even  perhaps passed away in the house.   Even fighting and bickering during divorces or breakups can cause a lasting echo of  that same discontent and uneasiness for a long time in the home.  Particularly unwholesome groups who may have lived before in a rental or apartment may have left their imprint on the space.   Lingering fragments of energy or continual negative thought patterns have no place in your life or your home.  Even animals or pets can sense it and be fighting with each other or acting in peculiar ways in the home.

Got ghosts?  Don’t be embarrassed, you aren’t the only one!  There are plenty in Sarasota and Bradenton.  I have had homes filled to the brim with  disembodied spirits who find themselves in this unfortunate state.  Sometimes they are confused by guilt, or may not even be  evolved enough or have a strong enough belief system to recognize they need to move on.  They can be  boisterous,  create knocking sounds, move physical objects, or make themselves be seen as shadows, create nightmares, or make you unable to sleep at night.  The worst of all I’ve heard of and was one particularly vindictive individual who could shake a bed  and terrorize the person by grabbing their  one’s ankles in the middle of the night.  YIKES!!

Fortunately,  I haven’t met a spirit yet who can’t be coaxed, gently counseled and then released out.  It’s frankly very boring to be stuck in the in between stage of life and the other side.  With nothing to do and all day and night to do it in, they can get quite creative and produce a variety of paranormal, unsettling events to get your attention.  Whether just pranksters, or unevolved you really don’t need to put up with them in your personal space.  Especially if they aren’t from your family anyway!

My latest house clearing was on very large home in the Sarasota area.  In this particular case the mother of the home had a long bout with an addictive illness, culminating with a very unfortunate passing.  The house is also located very near a large national cemetery which no doubt contributes to their unwanted visitations.

This home I had cleared last year with really positive results.  Not only was the whole house cleared of ghosts, and lingering negativity but each person received a reading that helped them substantially overcome what had happened in the house.  I left the house feeling great that a lot of healing had occurred.  All was good for at least a year with no more ghosts, weird sounds, or constricted anxious feelings being reported.  However a series of new unsettling events had stirred up just a bit of trouble again.  Once in a while a booster shot can be needed!   Two individuals who had been severely impacted by the death of the mother were now living back in the house, another resident was pretty much forcibly removed  out of the place one month prior, and another who had been hurt by their family had just come to live there.  In addition another family member who was full of bitterness and anger who was no longer living there, but their room was a nightmare for anyone trying to sleep in there.

Upon arrival I sensed the home’s energy was noticeably off again.    It didn’t feel like a home, although the residents were very much a close and loving family.  The family reported televisions going on and off, hearing conversations of people that weren’t there, some unseen but heard visitor sifting through a large change bag that was in the kitchen, going through silverware drawers,  knocking in series of 3 or 8, and general uneasiness in the two particular rooms, and closet spaces.  A host of wasps had come back to the bedroom suite area where one of the residents had passed away, but not to the point of where it was before where it was literally filled with the hundreds of lady bugs.

What do I do in such a case?  First I did  a blessing ceremony to protect the residents and myself.  This involves calling upon Archangels and Divine energy to protect us and the home  Then I create a sacred space with white candles.   This is usually at the heart of the home where most of the family get together.   We discussed our intentions and wrote them down for the home clearing and what we clearly wanted out of it.  Then  I scanned each room intuitively to feel what emotions may be in there, and what if any residual energy or spirits might be there.  Using music, frequency, smudging and intuitive scanning each room was carefully examined and cleared.  I took notes on my findings and let the residents know what was going on.  I also read for two young brothers who were having some difficulties due to their mother’s unfortunate passing.

At the end of four hours of intense work.  The house felt warm and balanced again.  The residents were happy, smiling again and feeling at last their home was theirs and not just an empty shell full of old stagnant energy.  At last peace had come back, and it was very gratifying to get a ton of hugs at the end of my work and even a disembodied “thank you” from one of the former residents.  Feelings of discomfort were replaced with a loving sense of warmness.


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