Healing your grief from a suicide. The starting point.

If you are suffering from a suicide of a loved one, I understand the pain you are going through.  Since  I’ve been through the same thing myself in my personal life, I know it hurts.  But together and through the power of divine guidance and the truth that is this life, we can help you and your loved one through this hurt.  My strongest calling is to help those who are left behind with the unimaginable loss of someone who they were close to.  I have helped in hundreds of cases, and it is my deepest honor to help relieve you and your loved one from suffering.   I am a psychic medium, but I emphasize a unique one.  This gift is something I never take for granted and I definitely wouldn’t do if it wasn’t instrumental in helping others.   In other words, I am here for a reason.  I help people understand and heal from sudden death and suicide.  I can do this as I am a natural medium and have been since my early teens.  My highest calling is to help relieve the suffering of others. Through the innate abilities of telepathic communication since the age of 13, I know deep in my heart I can help you and your family.

My readings give you a direct connection with your family member in ways that no one else does.   In all my years, I have never seen a medium who directly helps bring divine guidance, light and peace back to families racked by suicide.   Sometimes we just need to know why, or was there anything we could of done?   Your friend or loved one who has passed on from suicide may be suffering with guilt and just needs to communicate clearly to you. I believe no matter how much pain we’re in, there is something inside of us stronger than that pain.  That special something allows survivors of the worst tragedies to want to thrive again, and live with dignity in the midst of adversity.  It’s a kind of stubbornness.  You can call it God, the soul or human spirit.  It is found when we have been broken, or abandoned, and we remain the one who holds onto what’s lift.  It is that inner something that has allowed me to connect with you today.  I hope you give me a chance to help you and your loved one a chance to heal and laugh again.

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