Seeing Spirit Orbs – During My Readings

There is is a lot of spirit orb activity going on during my readings.  It can be quite fun to take a look at afterwards.  If you have a video camera you can always feel free to tape away during your reading.  As it provides vivid proof that your loved ones are visiting with you during your reading.

Here are just a couple of video tapes that show orbs during my readings.  The first one a young woman that called me to clear her house of spirit activity.  I was in a room where some one had passed, and they certainly like to make themselves known.

The client was basically sitting on a bed, while I sat in a chair giving her a reading, and clearing the space for her.  Her particular street has over 6-7 churches within a couple of miles here in Sarasota.  She is right next to St. Patrick’s church, so her house lends itself to some extra special spiritual activity.

She simply recorded this video of me with her iPhone.  That’s it.  No special anything.  Just the room was a little dark, and the door was closed.  You can see large orbs, smaller slow ones, and them even responding to their ames.

I hope you enjoy seeing factual evidence of our spiritual friends play and make themselves known!

Below you will see  another video tape of a mother listening to my reading that I did over the phone for her. I mailed the CD to her.  In it you can clearly see her son who had passed on making himself known, while she was listening to the CD.  The little girls’ excitement as they video tape with simple phones is really a hoot!

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