Sarasota Spiritual House Clearings – Clearing Spirits, and Negative Energy

Do you feel uneasy in your own home?  Are you or your family having a hard time sleeping, cranky or feeling depressed?  Is your usual energy level lacking?   After years of working as a medium, the natural sensitivity and intuitive skills of working with spirits also helps me greatly in house clearing.   Calls come in from all over.  Just this past month I’ve noticed a significant uptick in activity.  I’ve helped people in Sarasota, Charlotte, North Carolina, North Port, I’ve even been asked to  scan a home in Washington, D.C.

In these cases, people are being woken up, or recognizing  and seeing orbs, figures, and all sorts of things in their homes.  Sometimes it’s comforting, sometimes it can be downright disturbing.  Even pets and children are affected.  No these people aren’t “different” or “weird” these are normal, intelligent families with a lot going on.  Calls have been coming in from housing developers, skilled lawyers, a scientist in India, and even a large rig semi-truck driver who was having major problems at his home after his wife passed away from a five year extended illness.

Our conversations usually start with a little bit of uneasiness they will say, “I can’t believe I’m calling you, but….”  It’s immediately comforting to know you’ve called someone who completely understands what you are going through.  Through the years I have seen and heard just about everything imaginable.  It’s perfectly ok, and you will be alright.

What happens is this,  after months or sometimes even years,  you may just have had enough.   Fed up with having their personal space being invaded, you may just reach the point where you can’t take it anymore.    It is challenging work, but I am glad to do it.  I am very meticulous when it comes to a house clearing.  First I sense what is going on in the home room to room.   Together we set out an intention for what we are doing.  We then work on the clearing.   I read also for the residents and let them know intuitively what’s going on during the process.  It isn’t just a house clearing, it’s a clearing for everyone in the home along with readings.   The relief on the family’s faces and numerous transformations that occur afterwards is very humbling and  I’m certainly glad to be a part of this healing  process.

It’s good to remember that not only does every part of our world have energy fields, but our homes and even businesses have their own energy field.  Your home or where you stay the majority of the time resonates and echoes the energy that you, your visitors, neighbors, and other beings bring to it.   Every event, every happening that has ever occurred on that land, in the home or in that space still stays with it.  Even past tenants, old owners with attachments to the property,  or failed businesses previous to yours could still be affecting the property.  Particularly troublesome are those properties built on former burial grounds, unbeknownst to the new owners.  Bickering employees, infighting, and political turmoil within a business is also a sign that things aren’t going well with the over all energy of the business.

It is important to remember, whenever a traumatic situation has occurred in a home, whether fighting, divorce, sickness, or even death – the home will resonate and holds onto that energy like a sponge. It echoes on and it may stay in there indefinitely unless you take proactive action to remove it.  Old stagnant anger, resentment, or fear can literally permeate the walls.  It is important to clear and keep a home clean of any negativity or it may really put a damper on your sleep, dreams, energy level,  relationships and other vital aspects of your life.  I have a friend in the past who constantly bickered with his alcoholic wife for years.  Finally after divorcing, even though he seems fine,  I still pick up on that angry, uneasy feeling even after 30 years.

Homes as well as people are nourished by how we hold them in our heart and events that have taken place in them. Rather than vibrant, alive, refreshing places,  they may literally be freezing cold and seem lifeless as the energy of the home recedes.  Instead of looking forward to coming home, you may not really want to.   Our home is a place where we should feel comforted, happy, and rejuvenated.  Where we stay, eat and sleep are symbolic representations of ourselves, and in fact are extensions of ourselves.

Earthbound spirits who are stuck in the astral plane can be a nuisance to downright disturbing for home owners or renters.  Usually these individuals aren’t happy and generally they want you to know it.  They may rap on walls, turn lights on and off, turn the tv on and off, make pictures fall down, manifest physical apparitions,  or in one of my recent cases produce even hundreds of lady bugs to get your attention.   I am happy to help these souls in a compassionate way, and relieve them and you of their suffering. My goal is for them to be peaceful, go into the loving light and allow divine harmony to come back into your home and life.  I am there for them and you so everyone can be refreshed and move forward.

Here are some tips to keep your home free of stagnant old energy.

Literally throw out anything in the house that you no longer need.  How many times have you drove past a house and seen someone’s entire garage stuffed to the max with junk.  Why?  Not sure, but  if you are hanging on to everything and anything, it’s not good.  If your house can’t literally breathe in energy, otherwise known as “Chi” neither can you.  If your closets and attic are brimming over with things that make you sad, don’t have  good memories associated them, or just things you don’t need.    Dump it.  You don’t want to keep repeating and festering in the same old thought patterns as 20 years ago.  I have a friend that told me their husband actually keeps all of his old job rejection letters.  Oh my God!  Why?  He’s literally programming his own precarious career.  To this day I dread going into antique shops, as the old energy permeating through the furniture is very real for me.  I’m so sensitive I cannot even go into old mansions without feeling very anxious.

Be careful of holding on to old failed business property, liens, papers, records or pictures of people you’d rather not have in your life anymore.  Remember everything, even inanimate objects have energy to them. Nikola Tesla, the scientist who harnessed alternating current said it best.  “The world is literally vibrating with energy.  Everything has resonance, frequency and vibration.”  Like attracts like, so be careful what you are attracting energy wise.

If you are surrounded by things that make you happy you’ll feel better.  If they are things left over from a bitter divorce, or worse yet sickness, an old awful job etc.. get rid of it!  Pronto! Spring is coming, and a good Spring cleaning as well as re-energizing your home is a wonderful idea to get your life back on track. It’s healthy, practical, and can get you out of that old Winter funk and bring prosperity and can finally bring peace back into your life.

If you work in the medical profession, emergency situations, trauma rooms, or on the police force – you really can unwittingly be bringing home energy that is not good for you.  When you enter the front door of your house do you feel good?  Truthfully?  If not,  you might consider a good house clearing/energy clearing. Really, you can’t be surrounded by trauma, anger, and violence all day and not be affected in some way.  Your energy field may be bombarded by negativity, and it won’t be long before you really feel something is just not quite right.    Sometimes our relationship with our family can also suffer as a result of bringing home not only the bacon, but the yucky energy we had to contend with to get a paycheck.  Burnout can take place as well.   I have a relative who does a great job of grounding himself after a hard day at the County Sheriff’s Department by playing all sorts of instruments and music.  His days are full of not so great stuff.  He’s seen a lot of bad things that would most certainly be traumatizing to most of us.  But he balances himself out by playing music.  Once he’s home, he’s fine.  The happy vibration and frequency of music helps to clear his energy and his mind.

It is important to recognize when things are going awry that you don’t have to just put up with it.   If you are troubled with bad dreams, depression, or feel as if the energy in your home is dark, stagnant or sad you may just really need a house clearing.  I am thorough in my approach and keep going till everything is clear and your home is noticeably different and recharged.

Feel free to give me a call at 941-993-7105 or email for help and comforting relief.  I tailor your house clearing to your spiritual beliefs, so that it is a perfect match for you and your desires.


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