Wow need a boost of energy? Try a quartz crystal sound healing! Woo hoo!

Everyday I wake up early to start the new day with a refreshing meditation, and exercise. I use this special time to clear my mind and strengthen my energy field.  It’s a must for me to stay in peak condition so I’m always ready to work.

Last night just for fun, I tried something new for me. I went for a rejuvenating “energy light and sound bath” at a local metaphysical center.  I must say this is the first time I had ever participated in this intense of an experience   I really didn’t know what to expect but I can tell you during and afterwards I felt incredible!

Just to give you a little overview, in this session there were 10 participants, and 4 helpers who conducted the healing.  The place was called the Om Shoppe in Sarasota, Florida.   

Here’s what we did!

– We were offered crystal infused water which we all drank big glasses of before the session.   We were all cozy and snug relaxing in our own gravity free chairs.   We brought our own blankets to stay warm.   We then closed our eyes to meditate and here’s what happened next…..

– Our friends told us just to relax, and we were bathed in color and light emanating from Tibetan Salt Lamps, and crystals for over an hour.

– Tibetan crystal bowls emitting all different types of deep resonating frequencies were played one at a time.  The healing frequencies help realign one’s aura and chakras, and are really unique. They are made with 99% infused quartz crystal.  Also to add to the relaxation, chimes and gongs were weaved in creating a gentle tapestry of sound.

– Soothing sounds of sand being moved about within a drum, rhythmic drumming would fade in and out, even relaxing sounds of whale calls

– Aromatherapy was also provided during our auditory and light session, which was very pleasing with delightful scents.

– Beautiful sounds of rain sticks, chimes, and other gentle instruments were used to break up stagnant energy.
This is a sample of crystal bowl harmonics.  It isn’t the same as the experience at the shop, but it will give you an idea:

Concept of vibration/and seeing sound’s patterns.

So there you go.  How did I like it?

Wow!  The experience was great.  No one really wanted to get up at all afterwards!  I seriously wondered how I was going to get home in such a relaxed state of mind.  So instead I took a little side trip to go meditate under the stars at Siesta Key Beach.  Amazing!  If you ever get a chance for this kind of experience, give it a try!  It’s well worth it. 🙂

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