Automatic Writing for hearing-impaired person turns out miraculous!

Today I gave my first automatic writing to a a wonderful woman who just happens to be hearing-challenged.  We used Facebook’s chat message program for her medium reading.  She simply sent her friend’s photos, and we connected the very next day.   Her reading was with her fiance who had passed away tragically too early in life, and she longed to hear from him.  She had a vivid dream just days before of him expressing a desire to communicate with her, and she just happened to find that I did automatic writing on the Internet.

I was amazed at the clarity of the thoughts expressed by her loved one. For all three of us, the automatic writing was a complete success.  She was able to communicate in real-time with her fiance, laugh, and spontaneously connect on many levels for the first time.  He spoke with such eloquence, and graciousness.  Such a beautiful reading, full of devotion and romance on both sides.  I really was overcome with the magnificent way he expressed his visions of where he was, and his devotion to his wife-to-be.

So there you have it!  Another wonderful breakthrough for the world of spirit.  No matter what, where love is, there is a way!  She now has a beautiful transcript of their conversation together not only as clear and lasting proof of life after death, but most importantly an important expression of true love and devotion.  He even expressed exactly the type of ring he would give her.  All together the three of us felt great!  It was fun sand so healing.

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