Missing Person Found Across the World

Yesterday a concerned friend connected me from Malaysia that his wife-to-be had gone missing in India.  She had completely vanished and he was very frightened.  No phone calls, no anything for three days.  A quick scan of her emotions showed her to be depressed and suffering from self-esteem issues due to trauma from many years ago which was resurfacing.   But not to worry too badly as she was in a place that felt like home, and very familiar.

Lots of prayers went out to her from numerous high level Buddhist Rinpoches, and Lamas.  We prayed she would just call.  This morning on the 4th day.   Good news.  She did call, has been found and is now receiving the love and counsel she needs.

So even through  an emergency chat on Facebook all the way to Malaysia and India — I feel lucky, I  can still find someone 😉

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