Questions you always wanted to ask about life after death but were afraid to ask

After giving hundreds of readings and insights into life after death, I think it’s time to share.
There are universal truths that seem to be coming out of all these experiences.  So here we go.

1.  After life there is no big old judgment day.  Nope.  No guy in a big chair, no gates, no one to make you feel guilty or send you to the basement.  This old tired myth has been around since the dark ages, and is intended to keep us in line I suppose.  But you and I don’t live in the dark ages, so why accept those narrow minded parameters and explanations?  Fear of sin and all that is a way to keep you on a good and positive path, but there really isn’t a sin-o-meter measuring how bad or good you were.  Just try your best to be a compassionate, understanding being that doesn’t hurt others.  Pretty simple and good advice.

2.  Your conscious beliefs in this life provide the basis for what you will experience after it.  In other words you form your own reality based on your belief system.  Believe in Jesus?  Wonderful!  You can be assured most positively that you will be comforted in his magnificent loving glory.  Peace and unconditional love will surround you.  Believe in God?  He will grace you as surely as the sun rises.   Believe in Buddha?   You too will experience infinite love and peace.  Advanced teachers and lamas will surround you and bring you into the pure light.   Don’t believe in anything?  Ok.  That’s alright.  Your still going to get unimaginable love and peace and beauty.  Your conscious forms a reality that comforts you in transition but basically it comes down to the fact that we come from an infinite source of energy and love, and return to that same infinite source.

Of course there are different levels and dimensions for you to settle into,  according to what best suits you.    It’s not a once size fits all approach.  Hence different religions exist to accommodate all of the wonderful nuances of 6 billion people’s different experiences.  There is no one religion or belief system that is superior to another.  It just doesn’t work that way.  My God and your God aren’t running a contest to see who can collect the most souls.

3.  The Welcome Party. The loves of your life are definitely going to be there to make your transition more comfortable.  Family members who passed before, friends and all who care for you will come to your great coming out party.   Their job is to comfort you, and believe me they are very delighted to be reunited with you.  Love is the source that brings us together. They remind you that you are a part of the universe, the cosmos is you and lives in you.   Also good point here,  life isn’t as serious as we take it.

3.  You yourself may review your life and see how it played out, or what would of happened if you took another route or choice.  It’s your personal experience that you can see objectively.  But no one’s running the projector forcing you to reconcile or making little check marks on your record.  You may have a guide or spiritual being that helps you to understand certain things that occurred in your life.  There are highly evolved teachers who take it upon themselves to help those in transition, they work with you to help you understand.

4.  There is no concept of space or time over there.  People often ask me, “Well how come my father is there with you,  but can simultaneously be with me?”  Because once we move out of this body, we are not limited by space.  We can be in more than one place at a time, because we aren’t bound by physical limitations.  Energy is boundless, infinite and continues and flows.

More to come…. I’ll keep adding to this and hope you find it helpful.

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