Ideas from Bereavement Experts on Books that help heal grief

I continue to ask bereavement counselors from all over country, what are the best books to help relieve the pain when a person is grieving? Here are the latest new additions that are coming in each day by these wonderful people who have master degrees and Ph.D.’s in grief psychology

  • You are never all alone – Sandy Smyth
  •  Letters to my Son, turning loss to Legacy – Mitch Carmody
  • Awakening From Grief: Finding the Way Back to Joy – John E. Welshons – Center for
  • Katie The Ladybug – Jesse Roberts – (Helping children understand loss through death)
  • The Journey Through Grief and Loss: Helping Yourself and Your Child When Grief Is Shared – Robert Zucker
  • GRIEFABET: EVERYDAYGRIEF to WRAP AROUND YOUR HEART takes the alphabet, assigns a letter that is a feeling, then offers a coping strategy. I counsel children to adults and use it for all. I recently ripped it apart and spread the pages on a table and my clients would choose a letter and feeling that appealed to them and share. My graphic designer is extremely intuitive and gifted. After our session, it felt right to have them take the letter home with them. I marvel at the courage of our comrades living grief. They are incredibly courageous. – (Submitted by Karen Johnson)
  • Embracing The End Of Life – Help For Those Who Accompany The Dying – Eugene Dufour
  • Children and grief: when a parent dies” by James William Worden.
  • How to Mourn: Help for Those Who Grieve and the Ones Who Support Them
  • Profound Blessings: Catherine-Capra Leaf
  • Roses in December: Finding Strength Within GriefAdditional books on grief and grieving

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