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Suicide is a very difficult topic to discuss.  My own step father took his life, many many years ago after an extended illness.  I remember my life reeling out of control, having to move from my job overseas to come back home, feeling ashamed that he died that way, and not wanting to talk about it to anyone.  Even forgetting the good parts of our lives together and just thinking of the way it all ended.   It made it very difficult to grieve openly and naturally.  My own mother avoided the topic, and in fact was so ashamed and angry there was no funeral.  This was the most painful personal experience I had undergone.  It was so sad and hard for me to comprehend.  So I can deeply empathize when clients come to me needing closure, relief from pain and to understand why, how, and if there was anything they could of done to help.

Suicide is particularly painful as it leaves the family and friends as victims.  It can indeed be very, very hard on everyone and understandably so.  Family members may feel angry at the person who took their life.  They may also may be racked with questions, constantly asking themselves constantly:

1. What if?

2. Could I have stopped them?

3.  Was it my fault?  Did I do something wrong?

4.  If only I had come home sooner, etc.

Alas these are heavy questions and often we make ourselves the victims  of undeserved, self-inflicted guilt, which blocks us from healing and coming to terms with the unfortunate death in a more healthy way.  In all my years of helping individuals through the loss of their loved one, I can tell you there really is no wrong or right way to grieve.  There is also no set period of time where everyone will feel completely better.  It just plain hurts.  Grief and unresolved sadness can make it’s way into our own bodies and manifest as illness if not let go.  So it is especially important to take the right steps to start your way on the path to healing.

First of course it is wise to talk with an expert in grief and suicide.  There are many experts out there who can help relieve the psychological damange and pain.  Tidewell Hospice here in Sarasota has a program absolutely free of charge for suicide grief support, for anyone regardless if they have ever been a client or been involved in Tidewell in any way.  Expert counselors with Masters Degrees and years of experience are available to help talk with you and help you seek solace.  They also have weekly groups of supportive parents who are coping with the premature death of children.  After seeking the careful attentive help of professional grief counselors you may find if you are a person who believes in an afterlife, that a true conversation with your loved one can finally bring closure and peace to your heart.


I have found through my practice though that there is hope for healing.  Particularly in those cases where the person has just recently killed themselves, their spirit is restless and not at peace.  There is unfinished business, and they are particularly sensitive to the pain of those left behind.  Instead of being able to evolve on to the next level they may find themselves stuck in a self-inflicted purgatory.  Here unfortunately they are left in a sort of limbo state, afraid to move on as if there is some sort of punishment, and also afraid to leave mourning family members in such a painful state.  Basically from what I have experienced, many may stay in the home stuck on a very basic astral level.  They are aware of their surroundings and the people around them, but are unable to progress to a place of peace — their true spiritual home and destiny.  They may continually punish themselves as if reliving the scene over and over again.  Unable to cope or fathom what has happened, they become distressed and may cause unusual things to happen in the home.


I have helped the immediate family members of suicide victims by channeling the spirit and thoughts of their loved one on the other side.  This is my most honored duty in this lifetime, one in which I take very seriously.  I feel very humbled and extremely privileged to help those who hurt from the unbelievable pain of suicide in their family.

I help relieve pain by letting the spirit know that their family members forgive them.  This is an important the first step to healing.  With compassion and an open heart, the family can begin to have an open dialogue with the spirit.  This allows for those on both sides to heal naturally.  I’ve seen the results of such channeled sessions, and I can truthfully say it is amazing the change in people who are hurting on both sides.  I’ve seen individuals that were sobbing in such unrelenting pain go from that painful state to one of amazement as they are able to openly discuss with their loved one why the suicide experience occurred, and how they should proceed.  The metamorphosis is incredibly fulfilling to see as sorrow turns to solace, peace, even happiness for their loved in an incredibly quick amount of time.  Of course there is no quick easy cure, but at least I can start you on the path to recovery.  And as the saying goes a journey must start one step at a time.

So please if your family member or friend has committed suicide, and you do need help with those thoughts please do contact a professional grief counselor to help with your pain.  Then when you are ready, we can begin an open conversation with your loved one that is a direct family reunion and meeting in which you can openly discuss any matters at all, take care of unfinished business, ask questions, and have them answered.  It will help you and the spirit in immeasurable ways by relieving guilt, anxiety, and answer those questions that may be lingering.  Love heals all, and God really is love.  It really is a blessing to be able to forgive and show our love for our family member who may still be distress on the other side.  You can let them know you still very much care for them, love them, and openly discuss your feelings in a compassionate, understanding manner.  Please do call if you or someone you know needs help.  I am available 24/7 in these special crisis cases.  My phone number is 941-993-7105, and my email is


Thank you for allowing me to serve you.  God bless and know I am always here for you.



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