Divine Creation at Work! Slow Down and Enjoy.

Lately I’ve been amazed by just noticing the wonderment of nature, plant life and animals alike!

For example.  I’ve been gardening a lot here in Sarasota lately.  Have you ever really taken a good close look at the incredible symmetry of a sunflower that has just bloomed?  It’s amazing the mathematical precision and form of the interior of the flower.

Beautiful Mathematical Symmetry of a Sunflower

It’s simply perfect in everyway and detail.  By taking the time to just slow down and look around intently and deepy contemplate the sheer beauty and precise designs of mother nature, it’s really amazing what we miss!  Surely we didn’t just evolve from (ummm, pond scum?)  There has to be some divine force at work.  As my friend says 5 million years of pond scum, still leaves you with pond scum.  So there has to be more to it than that?  Just look at butterflies, the amazing color and patterns they display as they gently flit about.

For example, because of my attention to God’s perfect nature, as I’m writing this I am actually trying to type with just one hand.  Why?  You might ask?  Because I don’t want to disturb this amazing little yellow fluff ball that’s sleeping in my left hand.  It’s the cutest little perfect soul I’ve ever seen.  It’s a little baby duckling thats only about 4 days old.  I found it directly right after my morning prayers.  I was watering my yard of flowers and I kept hearing this persistant loud chirping.  Well after a few minutes I just couldn’t contain my curiosity as to what was going on.  Well beside the house was this cute little lost duckling, falling over things, trying to find momma to know avail.  I looked around and didn’t see her mom either.  What to do?  I couldn’t just let her be all alone in the heat, and also be a potential snack for the many hawks and eagles we have around here.  So I scooped her up gently.  She only weighs about 1/2 ounce if that much.

Divine Creation - Baby Ducklings
My Little Baby Duckling - First Day at Home

I got her some soft little fuzzy clean towels and put her into a large plastic storage container without the lid.   I quickly Googled the phrase “What to feed baby ducklings”.  The advice was swift and just what I needed.  Corn meal and water is fine in the beginning.  Oh oh, no corn meal.  Ummm, how about some corn muffin mix until I can get the proper supplies?  Ok that worked fine, mixed with a little water.  Then I ran off to the Farm feed supply store and got some proper duck food for her.  A giant bag for just $3.00, and a heart shaped drinking-swimming dish at the local Walmart for $2.00.  Total expense, $5.00 and I have been having the time of my life.

At first she would cry like crazy if I left her alone.  I honestly thought, oh my what have I done?   But then I found two hand mirrors and put them in her little house.  She now thinks the little duckling in the mirror is her sister or brother, and calms right down.  Just quietly chirping to herself as she sleeps.

I look at her cute little face way up close (over the glasses, so I can see better.)  It’s absolutely perfect.  She has these soft little smiling eyes that follow me, and a little neck that just seems to big for her right now.  But her down is so soft it’s incredible.  She fits in the palm of my hand, and your heart would melt like butter if you saw her just gently falling asleep.  After she takes a dip in her heart shaped water bowl she gets a little chilly, so I  just pick her up, and blow warm air her way, rub her little fluffy head, and let her get all cozy just by the warmness of just my hand.  Her little eyes close, and her little head falls and tries to straighten up,  just like we do when we are catching some sleep on a plane or train.   What an incredible feeling to get to know this little perfect God’s creature.  And it was all just because I happened to be watering some sun flowers at 6:00 am, and heard a little chirping going on.  I guess the meaning of this little story, is stop all our delusional busy-mindedness and you’ll start to see some pretty amazing things going on.  They’ve been there all along.  You just have to wake up and take notice.

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