Healing grief from loss of adult child

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One of the most heart breaking things that could ever happen to us as parents is the death of our child. No matter whether they leave our lives as adults or children, it’s an utterly tragic loss. Inconsolable waves of grief are so painful sometimes we  as friends and helpers are at a loss of how to help heal such deep pain.   The grief is so strong, and deeply felt to the core, I pray that no one ever has to go through this.

I am working with Bereavement Counselors who have Master’s and PhD degrees now and years of experience, who are suggesting the best resources for grieving parents.  This will be updated daily as I continue to receive the information it is my honor to share it with you.

For those clients who need some extra support during this very delicate time, I hope the following resources can help in some small way.

Resources for Grieving Parents whose Child has Passed Away





When The Bough Breaks: Forever After the Death of a Son or Daughter:  A book available at Amazon

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Medium Readings in Sarasota – September

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Diane presents a new series on spiritual awareness!  Please enjoy this simply divinely inspired liturgy sung beautifully by Russian Orthodox priests.

Singers in суздальском temple (Певчие в суздальском храме)
from JS Adido on Vimeo.

The emotional aspect of the musical element certainly has a good
deal of significance in Orthodox worship, but in a manner different
from churches that employ purely instrumental music in their services.

If one takes the music by itself, devoid of words, one realizes
that instrumental music can create a certain mood or atmosphere,
but also evoke powerful feelings of spirituality, majesty and joyfulness.

Letters from Heaven.com - Psychic and Medium Helper

I provide these journal summaries of monthly readings  on the hopes they might be able to help give you the strength to seek out help if you are currently grieving the loss of your loved one.  Many of my brave clients have never even tried a medium before.  It takes a great deal of courage to open up and try to heal from intense grief.

I respect their privacy and confidentiality with all my heart.    I intentionally change the client’s name and city for their much deserved privacy.

I am not a famous talk show medium.  In fact I shy away from the public and television cameras.   I don’t do “psychic fairs” or “home parties”.  I am not about providing a show, or medium entertainment.   Don’t really want to read the future.    I am the complete and total opposite.  I just do my best with all of my heart to heal complex personal suffering.  My life work is to lift people up to rediscover the joy of their lives, and to heal troubled spirits and let them be able to communicate directly and fully.    I do this because I care.  It’s just that simple.   I would suppose after so many hundreds of cases I could probably do okay as some kind of celebrity,  but I prefer just to work peacefully providing a much needed relief for suffering families in need.

The connection I offer is truly spiritual healing and therapeutic. I take my work very seriously.  I’m just me, who for some reason or another is extremely sensitive to energy and have been since I was 13.  This is the only thing I do in this life that has great meaning for me.  So you can understand a little bit about what I do in a session, here are some brief summaries for this month’s work.

Sept 2015 – “Meg” – Tulsa, Oklahoma
“Meg”, is a long term client whom I’m especially proud as she has grown phenomenally over the years, and is just a beautiful spiritual person.  Very innocent and strong she has dealt very well with quite a few challenges since her mother passed away.

She had just suffered a 20 hour ordeal of relentless bullying and torment inflicted by an older sister during an ongoing car trip.  This occurred while they were having to drive through several states to visit with family after the death of an uncle. Unfortunately,   the sister has always been quite extremely hurtful to Meg and nearly everyone around her.  After scanning the sister’s behavior, and with the help of her mother, we both come up with the same psychological profile we have before.   Despite being an “ordained minister” of dubious credentials, her energy was truly negative.  She  enjoys bullying and ridicule in order to assume dominance and control.  She is emotionally dysfunctional.  The reason being there is actual physiological brain damage created and exacerbated by  a substantial history of heavy drug dependence.  Her psychological disturbance made it impossible for her to ever provide her sister with the peace, empathy and respect she was entitled to.  Her sister’s mind is not a healthy one, and it’s just incapable of processing and delivering natural healthy emotional responses no matter how much Meg needed it.  In other words Meg didn’t need to seek her sister’s validation, as she would never be able to receive it despite whatever efforts she put forth.

Meg’s mother always comes in with much gentle love for her and reassured her that she must not take anything the sister says as real or let it hurt her.  It would be the same as taking the emotional intelligence of a puppet or inanimate object  as the complete and total truth.   She explained the sister is incapable of perceiving or understanding that her actions are painful or emotionally destructive.  She gave her very prudent advice on how to not to give her any more credit than she deserved and not to hold onto anger or resentment despite whatever she said or did.   To separate herself from her was fine and actually more healthy.   The mother alluded that the daughter was so full of negativity and a scornful attitude that it would no doubt affect her physical health, and  unfortunately may lead to a shortened life span.   She encouraged her to practice forgiveness.   This was the only way for Meg to feel better, to become neutral and unaffected by her behavior.  This would help herself to heal and not be hurt.  This was the most important part of the reading, as her mother revealed it wouldn’t be worth the residual guilt for Meg to fight back.  Continued arguing and emotionally charged situations were  exactly what the sister thrived on, and it would be best to just stay neutral, out of the way and not be put into that type of powerless feeling again.

Sept 2015 – “Susan” –  Princeton, New Jersey
“Susan” came in via a recommendation from another client from New Jersey, while visiting Sarasota.  Her husband “Glen” had just passed three months prior.  Glen was a career police officer who was at first a little reticent to come in to talk.  He clearly stated telepathically he thought “This was all crazy stuff”.  His wife laughed saying he clearly wouldn’t not of believed in Mediums or this sort of thing at all, in fact this was her first time too. But even as I write this I can tell you he is still channeling, still saying “Thank you for doing this.”

A very kind and funny individual he also had a great heart, and truly loved his wife.   With some coaxing and gentle getting to know each other, he told me to ditch the notebook and pen as he wasn’t in the mood to “confess” (made perfect sense since he was a police officer.)  He spoke of great concern for his wife’s sorrow, and told her repeatedly he wouldn’t leave her side.  He heard every conversation she provided for him, and was very grateful that she could express herself.  He had passed away in her arms which was a beautiful and peaceful way to pass, in the arms of his love.  He was very grateful for that.

A strong issue that was immediately detected was his ex-wife was making this wife miserable and had no clear ethical, moral boundaries.  The wife confirmed this as she said the woman was trying to do some underhanded financial dealings against the family.  He said make no mistake about it that she didn’t have a leg to stand on, and that all would be well.

He expressed great concern for his young son, and daughter as both were taking it very hard.  He provided very good advice to find a role model, mentor for his son who could help him grieve in a way comfortable with men.  He also did mention that he was capable of influencing music which he did at his funeral and at his son’s graduation.  Each time the same song would come up with the lyrics meaning a great deal to the widow, “Bridge over Troubled Water.”

His mother offered his wife a symbolic, very beautiful pink handkerchief, embroidered with a beautiful cursive monogram initial of an M with a flower at the end of the M.   M was her mother-in-law’s first initial, and as it turns out Susan had a great talent for planting beautiful flowering gardens.

September 2015 – “Shannon” and her daughter – Sarasota, Florida
Shannon was clearly in a lot of pain when I opened the door to greet her.   Very methodical and curious,  she asked what happened when people passed away, and what my experience was with energy, angels, spirits, etc.  Finally I guess feeling at ease, she handed me a photograph of a lovely young woman.   At first when I scanned her photo I thought something was really quite wrong in this transition.   I saw her daughter as not being physically sound when she was found.  In fact I was worried that it was the result of foul play maybe some kind of trick had been played to get her to go somewhere she shouldn’t of been.

The daughter had not transcended peacefully and at the beginning of the reading was frankly in a very bad place emotionally.  She was tightly wound in what felt like an impenetrable ball.  She was overwrought with fear and negative feelings.  She was being heavily guarded and it felt to me like she was in a nursing area after passing.   Her mother said that made some sense to her.   I saw her as being completely closed off and unable to even move or reach out.   Although she had just passed a couple weeks prior she was very hard to reach.  She just didn’t want to talk. Finally with much coaxing and love from mom she began to slowly open up.

Shannon mentioned that her daughter had a serious drug addiction for over a decade and had died from an overdose.  I said I was so sorry, but not to worry as I have often worked and helped in these cases before.  Often if the deceased was under the influence at the time of passing they can be confused as to the reality of what occurred.   So it can be very hard to get a clear bead on their conscious stream of thought.  There had been foul play alright, but unfortunately it was by her own hand.

Shannon’s daughter was confused as to where to go upon her passing as she felt so guilty and ashamed.  But mom’s love won as she let her know that she loved her no matter what.  With family’s help from the other side the daughter’s vibration and energy became brighter and more intense.  Mom and I both worked at channeling her love, peace, and reassured her there was absolutely no judgement.  The poor dear was convinced if anyone was going to hell it would be her.  But we definitely let her know there is no such thing.  It’s just a state of mind.   The daughter let her know she really longed to see her three children again, but also had a fourth with her in spirit as a little boy.  The little boy had passed before full term but his beautiful spirit kept by her side.

Mom and daughter connected very well in a two hour heart to heart direct conversation.  Thank God to be able to bring the two of them together.  I felt such a sense of relief and humbleness of being able to help in some small way to relieve literally what could of been years of continued suffering.

Follow up: on 9/18/2015 – I texted the client to see if she was doing alright and if she’d like her audio recording.  An interesting and very beautiful thing often happens after the first reading.  The spirit will become quite in tune, since they know me and know when I’m communicating to their friends or loved ones.  So often we get an extra impromptu visit.   Here is the texting transcript from my automatic writing for her mom.  Partly are my words as I’m talking to her mom, others that are hers are in quotes.

“Healing takes time but doing much much better now.  Feel brighter and clearer than (she has) felt in years and has hugs and smiles for you. Something about a pocket full of wishes and kisses for you and children.” She’s giving a heart felt thank you and lots of big bear hugs.  She’s kind of looking over my shoulder as I text this and is kind of amused.  She is saying quite warmly “THANK YOU” and love you & (daughter’s name) and others LOTS.  She is mentioning other children, but not coming up with the names.  But she’s saying she adores them and loves to watch over them.  She can see the energy associated with their spirits around them and she likes to interact with that energy to send love.  “It’s very healing for both she is saying it makes her feel like she did do something great, without those little souls she said she would feel lonely so enjoys your company as well as the others.  She’s saying “Its like a grateful family reunion.”

Mother replies “Awwwe”

Daughter feeling – She got really excited on that one and is sort of bouncing up and down happy that she can get through to you.

Mother replies: “GREAT” That’s Wonderful I am so happy

I reply Yay!  It seems she’s really comfortable picking up and delivering the words through text.  She says it’s kind of blowing her mind that we can do this.  She’s changed very much from when we first met.  Hooray!  She so surprised and happy and seems to really want to give you a kiss on the cheek.  She keeps saying give her a kiss for me, pretty please?  Ok so here you go!  She is the first one to be able to put song lyrics in an automatic writing but she sure is projecting the Blue’s Brothers song remake of “Give Me Some Loving” loud and clear.  She really likes that song or wants to project that to you <3.


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What are some of the best books that really help with grief?

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Today I met with a client whose broken heart was truly evident.  One year ago today she had lost her child in a traumatic way. The pain of such a loss still echoed in her. You could tell the grief was still very much there.

There are certain books out there that resonate well, that help people who are grappling with traumatic loss.  Throughout the years I’ve given many books away and rebought them just to give away again. But the books that always seem to help include:

I’m Still with You by Carol J. Obley.  This book does a fantastic service by allowing those who are grieving to see how their loved ones are indeed still very much involved in their lives.  I have recommended this one over and over again, and always the clients get a lot of healing from it.  (Diane’s tip:  Remember it’s not necessary to spend full price on books.  You can always buy used on Amazon and only spend just $3.00-$4.00.

Here is some more information on this book:

I’m Still with You: True Stories of Healing Grief Through Spirit Communication Paperback – April 8, 2008
A collection of compelling, true stories of after-death communication from the experiences of psychic medium Carole J. Obley. These inspiring examples open our hearts and minds by convincingly demonstrating how contact with the spirit world can be a catalyst in healing grief. We are uplifted and comforted by realizing that the challenges we face in life can be positively transformed by the magnificent strength of undying love.

Acclaimed spiritual medium and popular author Carole J. Obley has been the bridge between heaven and earth in over 7,000 group and individual readings. It’s no surprise that she is fast becoming a sought-after medium, author, workshop leader and speaker given the startling clarity, specificity and accuracy with which she sees, hears and senses people’s loved ones in spirit. Names, descriptions of loved ones’ personalities and uncanny, validating details as well as grief support and teachings about the afterlife are typically delivered in her readings. An advanced intuitive, she also regularly delivers specific, practical guidance in readings about many life issues, including relationships, business and spirituality. She is recognized by readers and clients alike for bringing compassion and integrity to mediumship by her sincere intent to be of service to others through her talents and experience.

Ms. Obley has been featured in newspaper articles and speaks on radio and TV. In addition to maintaining a private practice in mediumship in Western Pennsylvania, she travels nationally to present seminars and workshops. She teaches workshops at Lilydale, N.Y., the largest US center for spiritualism. She may be contacted through her website: www.soulvisions.net.


Here are some reviews from Amazon that will help you understand how this book really does help:

“On March 26, 2009 my son was killed in a car accident. A few well wishers gave us books and pamphlets on grief and coping with death. However, it was through synchronicity that I came across Carole Obley’s book, and after reading it, for the first time since Joe’s death, I did not feel hopeless. I found comfort in the stories Carole shared about connecting with loved ones on the other side for her clients and was encouraged by the peace that contact brought. I was awestruck by the individuality of the contacted spirits and the clarity and uniqueness of the information these spirits conveyed. I wanted to contact my son, so I made an appointment for a phone session with Carole. It was an amazing experience – to be able to hear from Joe again was absolutely wonderful. Carole is clearly a gifted medium, but I think her true strength comes from the humility with which she shares her gift, helping those of us suffering through grief resolve unanswered questions and come to realize death is not an end.”

“A Beautifully Written Book, Aimed to Heal the Reader”
I have read many books on mediumship, and this one is unique in that its focus is on healing grief. Inspirational and reassuring, it is clear Carole wrote this book for the reader.
The book is beautifully written and flows well. It well organized- with a section explaining the process of mediumship and the continuity of the spirit, a section with excerpts from readings (organized into chapters based on the loss of a parent, loss of a spouse or partner, etc.) and most uniquely, a section on the process of grief and how to get through it.
This is an important book. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one, or even for anyone struggling with the concept of their own mortality.”
“A comforting book for the grieving”
I am still enjoying this very comforting book. It reinforces the concept that life is only changed and not ended by death. My faith helped me to come to this conclusion early in my grief journey but this book shares many stories of spirit communication and continued to calm my sorrow. We lost a 16 year old son to suicide four and a half years ago. So I am always looking for a new and comforting story. I found it in this one.”

“I’m Still With You”
“I was moved by this beautifully written book. Carole allows her sensitivity and grace to shine through as she shares insights into the continuity of life that truly does exist after our physical life has ended. This book will be very beneficial to those who are grieving the loss of loved ones and can help those to heal by feeling that the connectedness to every living thing goes on forever. Carole is a gifted healer and medium and many will benefit from her work.

First let me say that I have met and been part of a group reading with this medium.
She and I are not friends, but I do have experience with her. That experience was a very positive
one, as she gave me a message to carry to a friend. The message was from the friends mother.
The woman’s name was Ollie, and Carole got the name and the locale common to us correct. I
paid close attention to all of the readings and there was nothing vague about any of the messages
that day. Yes, I am a believer, I do know other psychic mediums and have had some experiences
myself. I am also aware that there are some out there who are nothing more than frauds, so I
am careful about recommending books of this kind. Not this time.

This book is filled with stories of those whose grief has been healed a little by communication
with loved ones who have passed. Being able to hear that a loved one who has crossed is still with them
in spirit will often give just that little assurance that is needed to heal in earnest. Of course, we never stop
missing our loved one, but often unresolved issues such as guilt or inability to move on hampers a
survivors ability to get on with their own life. Carole, and those like her are able to help. The stories in this
book are touching and told simply and clearly. We also learn what it was that set the author on this healing path.

I recommend this book for anyone who has lost a loved one. Even when the loss is not new, it is good to be
reassured that they remain with us in spirit. It is also helpful for those who have a fear of death, or doubts about an afterlife. This book provides gentle reminders of things our own spirits have forgotten.

This book helps to free you from the fear of death and dying. This is a must read for anyone grieving, or with a fear of dying. I read this after having a session with Carole. It is easy to read, with case studies, and helpful ways to help yourself. I went to a session with a friend that had lost her daughter, and I thought I was going strictly to help her. The session was amazing, she was helped and is healing for the first time since her child crossed. I, too, received healing messages from family in the spirit world, and my angels. I feel truly blessed.

 Another Highly Recommended Book for Grief

How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies Paperback – July 18, 1991
by Therese A. Rando  (Author)

Mourning the death of a loved one is a process  all of us will go through at one time or another.  But wherever the death is sudden or anticipated,  few of us are prepared for it or for the grief it  brings. There is no right or wrong way to grieve;  each person’s response to loss will be different.  Now, in this compassionate, comprehensive guide,  Therese A. Rando, Ph.D., bereavement specialist and  author of Loss And Anticipatory  Grief, leads you gently through the painful but  necessary process of grieving and helps you find  the best way for yourself.

Whether  the death was sudden of expected, from accident,  illness, suicide, homicide, or natural causes, Dr.  Rando will help you learn  to:
Understand and resolve your  grief.
Talk to children about  death.
Resolve unfinished business.
Take care of yourself.
Accept the help  and support of others.
Get through  holidays and other difficult times of the  year.
Plan funerals and personal  bereavement rituals.

How To Go On  Living With Someone You Love Dies also  includes a comprehensive resource listing and a  chapter on finding professional help and support  groups.

There is no way around the  pain of loss, but there is a way through it. Dr.  Rando offers the solace, comfort, and guidance to  help you accept your loss and move into your new  life without forgetting your treasured  past.

Here is another book I would recommend for those grappling with whether or not there is an after life.

Messages from the Afterlife: A Bereaved Father’s Journey in the World of Spirit Visitations, Psychic-Mediums, and Synchronicity– December 10, 2013

A father watches his teenage son step out the door on a hiking trip, not knowing that this is the last time he would see him…. A journal of grief, despair, and ultimately, hope, this book tells the story of every parent’s nightmare–the sudden death of a child–and a father’s search for meaning in a seemingly random world of psychics and skeptics. Expanding on territory covered in his 2008 memoir of his son’s death Soul Shift, Messages from the Afterlife is both an account of Ireland’s journey from indifference to belief and an overview of the resources available to the bereaved to help them receive messages from the afterlife.

Mark Ireland, son of celebrated “psychic to the stars” Dr. Richard Ireland, was a successful marketing executive in Arizona with little interest in his father’s colorful history. While his father held readings for Mae West and traveled the U.S. demonstrating his parapsychological powers, Mark Ireland took a more conventional route through life. But when his own teenage son Brandon suddenly dies while hiking in the mountains with friends, Ireland is forced to confront his resistance to all things spiritual and begins to explore the possibility that communication with the dead is real.

In his search for conclusive evidence of life after death, he plunges into his father’s world and meets an array of respected psychic-mediums who deliver unexpected messages not only from his son in the afterlife but also from many other souls seeking to communicate with the living. Fighting to retain a sense of critical thinking, Ireland also contacts scientists conducting research into the survival of consciousness after death. The book features detailed accounts of tests and experiments that various people have conducted to obtain proof of consciousness survival, including Ireland’s own, involving a secret message left behind by his sister, Robin, who died of pancreatic cancer. The contents of this message were unknown to any living person and remained sealed in an envelope–untouched–until responses had been received from a group of qualified mediums who sought to “crack” the code. Messages from the Afterlife shows how spirit communication can be both undeniably accurate and frustratingly ambiguous, and above all demonstrates the value of having an open, receptive mind while maintaining faith in the indestructiblity of the human spirit.

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Why is Heroin so Addictive?

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Why is Heroin so Addictive?

Heroin has been described as a drug that grasps it’s users in warm euphoria while at the same time causing lasting physiological changes to the brain. Heroin is extremely addictive no matter how a person takes it.  Most users try to get the drug to reach the brain as quickly as possible, so they inject or smoke it.  This greatly increases the risk of addiction.

Heroin  produces incredible degrees of tolerance and soon users develop full fledged physical addiction.  Tolerance occurs when more and more of the drug is required just to achieve the same effects.  With physical dependence, the body adapts to the presence of the drug and painful, sickening withdrawal symptoms occur if use is reduced abruptly.

Heroin binds to and activates specific receptors in the brain called mu-opioid receptors (MORs). Our bodies contain naturally occurring chemicals called neurotransmitters that bind to these receptors throughout the brain and body to regulate pain, hormone release, and feelings of well-being.  When MORs are activated in the reward center of the brain, they stimulate the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, causing a sensation of pleasure.

The consequences of activating opioid receptors with externally administered opioids such as heroin (versus naturally occurring chemicals within our bodies) depend on a variety of factors: how much is used, where in the brain or body it binds, how strongly it binds and for how long, how quickly it gets there, and what happens afterward.

Withdrawal can occur just within a few hours after the last time the drug has been injected or smoked.  Symptoms of withdrawal include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, cold flashes with goose bumps (“cold turkey”), and leg movements.

Major withdrawal symptoms peak between 24–48 hours after the last dose of heroin and subside after about a week. However, some people have shown persistent withdrawal signs for many months. Finally, repeated heroin use often results in addiction—a chronic relapsing disease that goes beyond physical dependence and is characterized by uncontrollable drug-seeking no matter the consequences. Once a person becomes addicted to heroin, seeking and using the drug unfortunately becomes their primary purpose in life.

Heroin Research Report: National Institute of Drug Abuse.

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Drug Overdoses – Facts and Figures in the U.S. & Who Can I Talk To?

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As a Medium I work with numerous clients and families who have suffered from a drug overdose in their family or circle of friends.

Drug overdoses are skyrocketing, particularly from opiates such as heroin.  For the latest information on drug overdoses in this country please feel free to download the following information:

Facts on Death by Drug Overdoses and Drug Poisoning

If you need help from a tragic overdose that has occurred in your family or circle of friends, please do feel free to write me: diane@yourlettersfromheaven.com or call 941-993-7105.  I am always here to be of help.

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Help for Heroin Overdose Families – A Genuine Medium Who Can Help

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Dear Friends:

If you are suffering from a recent heroin overdose in your family or circle of friends, I hope with all my heart that you allow me to ease your pain.   As a medium throughout the years I have helped numerous people around the world who have suffered the devastating loss of a heroin overdose to someone they love. All over the United States, Europe, and throughout the world it’s an all too familiar story.  Someone unfortunately falls victim to first the allure of heroin, then the worst of all scenarios, overdosing on heroin that is too strong.  If this is the case, please accept my sincere and deepest condolences about your this family’s loss.  There is healing compassion and help available, and I hope you can come to embrace it. I want to help, and am deeply driven by the heart felt desire to relieve you and your loved one from suffering.

I know if you are reading this the pain is very difficult right now, and believe me I understand.  The grief from an overdose can be incredibly painful.  Who does one talk to about their son or daughter overdosing on Heroin?  Friends aren’t sure what to say, fearing it’s too painful to talk about.  Some may even leave us alone when we need them the most.    Emotions run wild from pure anger, hurt, humiliation, deep depression or just incredible sadness.   It’s even worse when you can’t talk about it.  But if you are here, welcome, as you were drawn to this site for a reason.

Believe me I am here for you, and am known for helping families grieve and heal from heroin or opiate overdoses.  I come from three generations of mediums.  To me this is important compassionate work.  I work very hard for your and your loved one to bring about true healing.  It means a great deal to me as a person and it is truly an honor to be able to help relieve both individuals from suffering and grief.  It is an incredible uplifting feeling to be able to communicate directly and openly in a genuine way with your friend or family member.  They have much to say, and it is my privilege to help both of you reconnect.

Healing direct medium channeling can be scheduled just about anytime, for anywhere in the world.  We can work with a phone reading,  Skype, even Facebook messenger.  I am certainly you will find a sincere, trusting friend with me.  I am eager to be of help.  Please give me a call at Diane 941-993-7105 or email diane@yourlettersfromheaven.com

For more information on Heroin please feel free to download this article:  Heroin Research Report


All my best to you and yours,


Heroin Overdose Medium

Diane Eileen – Medium for Families Suffering from Overdoses

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Heroin Overdoses – Is there a Medium who can help with overdoses?

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Heroin is a highly addictive opiate drug, and its use and devastation echoes throughout countless families and loved ones in many terrible ways.  Through the years I have helped in at least 300+ overdose cases, and suicides, and even homicides.

As a medium and genuinely compassionate person…

I’ve been told by many both in the physical and the spiritual side, that I am the “go to person” for compassionate understanding and true healing for overdose victims and traumatic passing.  You will find your session to be like no other experience.

Unlike a clinical setting instead of just talking about “feelings”, you are able to communicate once again directly with your loved one in a natural and relaxed way.  I am very sensitive, highly intuitive, and  I  take the time to truly understand both parties needs, work through any unfinished business, and to facilitate real and measurable healing.

This is your chance to have real closure and know that your loved one is ok. These experiences make an incredible difference for both client and the spirit.   Instead of living in pain for years, you and your loved one can be lifted up and made whole again from one to three sessions.  That is why I do this work.

I have been called from as far as South Africa to locate one heroin user who had been missing for three days.  I was able to pinpoint his location for his girlfriend, and let her know that he was still very much alive.   I have helped many moms, and partners connect with and feel the love of their life to clear the air, and help both parties heal as best as I can.

Certainly through career pressure and nerves,  celebrities are no exception to this highly addictive drug.  I remember quite clearly feeling very devastated when John Belushi overdosed on heroin.  At the time I remember being called to channel for him, and of course he was quite angry and distraught.  He revealed the person with him had intentionally overdosed him.

The facts are this.  Heroin is unfortunately readily available and sometimes even cheaper than obtaining and abusing prescription pain relievers like hydrocodone and OxyContin or Oxycodone, oxycontin.  Heroin use and OD’s (overdosing) is on the rise especially among the young people from 17-25 years old.

When you are suffering from the loss of your best friend, and loved one  from heroin overdose it’s very painful.  First you feel an incredible emptiness as your friend is gone.  But it seems doubly unfair, as it’s hard to find someone you can truly talk to about the case without unfortunate stigma.  But I really can assure you that I am completely understanding and open my heart to you as you are healing.  I give gentle readings through the power of love and compassion to help connect with your loved one who may have overdosed.

I am open minded, and very grateful to have helped numerous clients in several countries who are working through such trying times.  If you find yourself  in this devastating position of being a survivor after someone you know and loved has overdosed on Heroin, opiates, or other drug combinations, you always have a friend here.  Please feel free to email me at diane@yourlettersfromheaven.com  or call 941-993-7105.  I am also available on Skype or Facebook if you are international.  Different time zones are no problem for me.  I just like to be of service and genuinely help.  Thank you, Diane Eileen.


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