Sarasota Psychic Medium & Automatic Writer

Diane Eileen’s Intuitive Abilities

Diane – Sarasota Medium

Diane has been a natural intuitive since childhood, and began formal training with Jose Silvia’s teachings at the age of 13. For over 30 years she has been recognized as having strong psychic ability. She draws in the thoughts of guides and loved ones as channeled messages, and has experienced and documented hundreds of out of body experiences.

She has lived and worked in the far east for over a decade. Her compassion for all and understanding of many cultures, draws her to this important life mission. She wishes to help lift away sadness and ease the suffering of the families and friends who are left behind after a loved one passes away. She comes from a long line of many generations of psychics, including her mother, her paternal and maternal grandmothers.

Clairvoyant Experience

She has been recognized by Buddhist Masters in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and world scholars such as Robert Thurman, the first American to be ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, for her work to relieve suffering and provide insight into life after death.  Her mission is focused on compassion and relief of suffering. She is a volunteer for Hospice care and has assisted many in the time of transition and helped relieve the sorrow of bereaving families.


Guiding Those in Transition

Through great compassion and highly refined clairvoyance, she is able to gently guide those who are passing from this body to higher levels of pure consciousness. She manifests energy to help the person to pass on peacefully and at ease.  Anxiety is replaced with love and peaceful joy as the individual reunites with friends and family who have preceded them.

Her intimate  knowledge of the after-life experience is extremely helpful during this time and provides great relief for those who are bereaving.  As an  experienced guide she channels an open dialogue between those who are departing and  their circle of loved ones.  In this way each person may contribute and add to their loved one’s peaceful passing in a serene and calm environment.  To do so is the highest act of love a person can provide.  We let the individual know they are loved, and we give our permission to them to move forward, knowing we will meet again.

What could indeed be a very emotionally painful experience, is therefore transformed.  Hearts heavy with grief and sadness are lifted by knowing that energy never ceases to exist.  The person’s body may be gone, but their consciousness lives on as pure energy and continues to care and watch over their family.  The transition therefore is a happy one, not sad.

Medium Readings by Telephone

She reduces suffering and the overwhelming sense of loss by communicating the heart felt messages, fond memories and gentle guidance of those who have passed on.

During phone readings, it is not uncommon to have a group of family members who have passed on, answer questions, give in depth insight into their experiences on the other side, and provide messages of reassurance. Multiple conversations between the recipient and others can and do happen simultaneously.  If you wish the telephone reading can be recorded for your use and reference later.  Often the spirit will talk very fast, and it is much more productive to talk at their speed and use the CD later to remember all that was said.  In this way you don’t need to write notes.

Clearing & Healing Sorrow

After the passing of a loved one, hearts may be heavy with sorrow, or blocked by the frustration of an unfulfilled wish to say or do something special for that person. This is what we call unfinished business. Diane opens channels of communication that clears these matters, and brings lasting peace to both the spirit and family.

Channeling Leaders in Spirit

Practical and philosophical guidance from leaders who have moved from this world to the next are indeed possible. These sessions are very special. Since a good deal of energy is needed at higher vibrations, Diane approaches the communication with great care. Open communication is achieved through great visionaries and highly evolved teachers from all disciplines of life and work. These types of guided sessions are especially profound and designed particularly for those who have like minds and similar earthly missions or aspirations.

How does Automatic Writing Work?

(Spirit Channeled Writing) Work?

If the client desires, the messages can be automatically written out at 90 words per minute or faster at the exact speed of thought and transmission. Diane uses a small keyboard and types with her eyes closed allowing the spirit to clearly communicate their unique message, unchanged or skewed from interpretation. The end result is truly a “Letter from Heaven”.


Letters and live sessions with a medium that touch the heart.  Communication with spirits either written, or channeled directly for you.


Contact Information: Mobile: 941.993.7105