The meaning of life from the world beyond

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As a medium and intuitive I am very humbled to be able to talk with and communicate clearly with those on the other side.  I learn so much and gather incredible insights thanks to my clients and their loved ones who are in spirit.

Things I have learned talking with those who are no longer here:

1. Death is not death but a transition into a higher state of vibration and being.  No longer encumbered by the physical body and the old rules governing our material world, those who pass on are joyous and in a state of blissful harmony.

2.  Its all about LOVE.  If you want to know the secret to life it is LOVE. The divine consciousness that enfolds all that there is at its core essence, love.  From the most tiniest almost unmeasurable subatomic level particle to the greatest expanse of infinite space all are interconnected and resonating with the eternal power and beautiful even audible frequency of love.

3. Never ever judge a person by their position in life.  Some of the most incredible spiritual beings I have spoken with passed away from things we might be shocked by.  One man in particular comes to mind.   He is deeply profound and operates at  level of such incredible consciousness I simply am left elevated for days.  Although he passed away from something some might feel disdain  for, (heroin overdose). It simply doesn’t matter to me at all.  He is an ultra-phenomenal being on the other side.  He speaks on the other side from a level so deep that his mother and I are often moved to tears and reach spiritual insights at a level we’ve never witnessed before.  This astounding young man is at such a level of clarity now I could only hope to be at his position. 


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Akiane Kramarik’s Paintings of Heaven and Jesus

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Please enjoy these amazing paintings of Jesus created by Akiane Kramarik as a young child. This is Akiane on the Katie Couric Show..

Comparison of the ISA Tile, Prince of Peace and Shroud of Turin

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Getting Bullied at Work? Your Secret Weapon, an Intuitive Guide on your Side!

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I serve clients as both an intuitive counselor and Medium. I have been highly sensitive, and intuitive since the age of 13. I am now 53.  Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the U.S. and abroad.   So I guess that makes for a pretty good track record 🙂  Today’s topic is about working to discover people’s true motivations in the workplace.  Particularly we are addressing bullying.

I’ve been bullied before in the workplace, I know what it feels like.  Fortunately I have turned that negative experience into a healing one for others by using my intuitive abilities.


Scanning for the true intent of individuals or groups in the workplace
In today’s ultra competitive world  it makes sense to try and understand the true motivations behind certain individuals.   I have helped quite a few clients who have been outright bullied by unreasonable, illogical bosses.  I’ve also helped to analyze “who’s friend or foe” in the realm of their co-workers.  Identifying who is on their side can be crucial to  survival in less than friendly workplaces.

Analysis of hostile workplaces
Hostile work environments lead to incredible stress for the innocent employee who is just trying to do their job.  Working in a toxic office that is full  of negative energy is very taxing.  It robs you of your dignity and can undermine your self-esteem and confidence.  Dreading going to work because you don’t know what kind of aggressive or crazy behavior is awaiting you, is no way to live a life.

Remote viewing and intuitive scanning
In these types of situations I use remote viewing and intuitive scanning. Each individual emits their own energy and frequency.  Primary attitudes and motivations are very easy for me to detect.  So if you are in a harmful work place with an unreasonable boss or co-workers who are making your life miserable.  Please don’t suffer anymore.  Let’s find out together who’s doing what and why, and get you the relief you deserve.

Bullied By Bad Bosses

Intuitive Services for those suffering from workplace bullies

1. Scanning any number of individuals in the workplace for their true motivation and perhaps ulterior motives.
2. Determining person’s or group’s true nature.  Why are they  behaving this way, and why me?
3.  Detailing of any unethical or slanderous activity that these individuals may be perpetrating.
4.  Advice on how to protect yourself from the negative energy, vibrations of lower jealous or aggressive individuals.
5.  Practical actions on how you can defend yourself with human resources, upper management or opportunities that exist elsewhere.
6.  Illegal or perhaps dangerous behavior can be detected so that you are aware and can take precautions for your safety.

Saving your sanity from jealous coworkers or bully bosses
Coworkers and cliques that align themselves politically against you, can wreak havoc on your self-esteem and psyche.  I have fortunately been able to save quite a few people from less than honest employers, or political strife in the workplace.  I’ve worked with those employed in Fortune 500 Corporations, and agencies within the federal government.  For those clients I helped discover the true motivations behind a variety of individuals which enabled them to protect themselves or make decisions that were crucial for their career.

Get relief from work place bullies or unreasonable bosses now
Please feel free to give me a call or text me at 941-993-7105.  You may also feel free to email me at

Every session is held in the strictest confidence.  You, your company, and group’s anonymity/confidentiality  is completely assured.

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A Neurosurgeon’s Direct Account of Life After Death

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Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

A Harvard-trained neurosurgeon’s minute-by-minute account of his own near-death experience – and what he discovered in the heavenly realm beyond life.

Proof of Heaven - Life After Death

On November 10, 2008, Dr. Eben Alexander was driven into coma by a disease so lethal that only 1 in 10,000,000 survive. Seven days later, he awakened with memories of a fantastic odyssey deep into another realm that were more real than this earthly one – memories that included meeting a deceased birth sister he had never known existed.

Dr. Alexander deployed all his knowledge as a scientist to find out whether his mind could have played a trick on him. In its shutdown state, there was no way it could have functioned at all. That left only one conclusion: that we are conscious in spite of our brains – that, in fact, consciousness is at the root of all existence.

The evidence supporting Dr. Alexander’s experience transformed him into a believer in God’s unconditional love and brought reconciliation to his family – and will upend our ideas about human consciousness and spirituality.

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What is it like to have a medium or intuitive reading from Diane?

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Sarasota Medium Readings

Hi.  My name is Diane Eileen.  You’ll find me to be a personal, compassionate person.  This is my life calling to help relieve suffering especially for those suffering from grief.  I have over 40 years experience as an intuitive.  I care about you and your loved ones and work very diligently to help you heal.

How I can help:

Release from grief and connecting with loved ones on a personal level.

Intuitive Readings
Scanning of individuals and situations to find out true intent or outcomes.
Advice on life changes and pathways that lead to your ultimate harmony and happiness.


 More on Mediumship:

How do spirits communicate? 

Spirits communicate with me quite naturally through telepathy.   I can hear what they are thinking, and visualize very vividly the symbols they send for you.  If you or those who have transcended have a particular religious or spiritual belief system – those images of angelic guides, and divine presences do indeed come in.  The visions can be amazingly beautiful.  I will describe them in great detail for you.  Sessions are an open and free dialogue between you, your friends and family.

What are your readings like?

After initial grief or sadness has been gently washed away, (usually within the first 15 minutes) readings then turn into something surprisingly fun and relaxing!  Love and laughter often come in quite quickly, as your one enjoys communicating directly with you.  Often times generations of family members also can come in from the other side.  It really is a family reunion that transforms them and you.

What if my loved one passed away a long time ago?

Frankly, spirits who have departed more than 3 years ago can be a bit of a challenge.  After 3 years, usually they’ve found much more interesting things to do!  However if you have remained close with the relative or loved one through conversations or prayer it is very possible.  Once communication has been established it is not uncommon for many family members to join in.

How do I get the most out of my reading?

To get the most benefit, just as in everything – a positive attitude helps! We usually get what we expect, and it’s all about a positive flow of energy and communication. You are an integral part of that flow.   The most successful readings are for clients who are actively involved and enthusiastic. It’s an  exciting interchange.  Positive messages from our family and reassurance often solve years of grief and heart ache for the grieving and for those with unresolved business on the other side.

Can I bring a friend?

Sure!  But for the most benefit, I can only read only for one person at a time.

What if I really don’t believe in mediums?

Gosh I probably won’t be able to dissuade you if you don’t believe in life after death.  So we are probably better off just knowing each other as friends!  Please be gentle on me, I really go all out to help and it’s not easy gathering enough energy to do this.  Please consider if this is totally right for you first before scheduling an appointment.

My religion doesn’t care for mediums or this new age psychic stuff.

Personally I think readings are healing and a beautiful testament to God and the after-life that awaits each one of us.  My clients over the years have all come from a variety of religious backgrounds. Those include Catholics, Baptists, Greek Orthodox, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and just spiritually minded people.  The power of God is flowing through all of us an all times!  You don’t have to be one of those new age types either!  My clients range from left brain computer programmers, film makers, lawyers, nurses, business people, college presidents, you name it!  We are all embracing the light and evolving together.



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Breathtaking Visions During Recent Readings

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Mother Mary and Baby Jesus
Words almost escape me while trying to describe the spiritual visions of what I’ve been seeing lately while in sessions. In short, they are BREATHTAKING!

The visual imagery and symbols of the last few months of readings have simply been astoundingly beautiful. I wish I could somehow visually record what I’m seeing. Perhaps it’s time to dust off my BFA in art and try to paint these glorious images.


All I can say is that Angels and Saints, Goddesses, and other fully realized divine beings have been making themselves very clear. I’m not speaking about “just sort of feeling’ them, but actually seeing in my mind’s eye and feeling their waves of energy. Clients can actually see my hairs all rise on end particularly on my arms. (Ha not that I’m a hairy gorilla or anything!)  The detail is extraordinary.  The colors brilliantly intense.  The feeling of love, incredible.

Which particular religious symbols and images come up usually depend on the belief system of the client. As a rule I never ask what anyone’s belief system is. But it can become abundantly clear as the reading progresses as to who is coming to their assistance.

Mother Mary and Jesus

When questions arise about children or babies who pass far too soon, immediately angels, guides, and yes let me say it… vivid images of Mother Mary, and Jesus may come in. At first I was a bit shy to bring this up. Why? I don’t know perhaps I thought it would be very presumptuous of me to even dare to think I could visualize such highly spiritual beings. But lately I just can’t help it. I just try my best to let the client know what I’m seeing in relation to their loved one.  They later may reveal they have a Catholic background or strong Christian belief system. I really can say with all humbleness and complete awe that I can really feel the presence of Mother Mary and the divine love in some of these situations.  This happens particularly with the souls of  babies who didn’t make it to  full term or born too prematurely.

Imagery comes in not only for Christian believers but of course the whole spectrum of faiths.  In another case full “high resolution” visual images of enlightened beings such as Indian Yogi’s and Hindu Goddesses came in.  I knew the client had a passing interest in such things.  But the visual imagery was so intense, there were images of a female with a golden aura with diamonds of light.    As a result she told me that she had been reading constantly about Hindu philosophy and thought.  Goodness gracious!


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Saints and Angels Who Heal the Grieving

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I am very much honored and so humbled when angelic beings come in during readings to help lift the pain of those grieving.  It is breathtaking and so reassuring, it literally changes both myself and the client with a tremendous wave of love and peace.

Some clients of late have had incredibly moving experiences with higher level Saints and Angelic beings coming in to answer their prayers.   They and I literally can feel the waves of energy and healing as their pain is lifted.  It’s incredibly moving and heals me as well, showing full well that these sacred beings are truly a living part of our lives.

St. Francis of Assisi has been noted to come in particularly for those who have lost a favorite beloved pet.   It’s an experience that is beyond beautiful and I thank God for such divine healing to help the lovely pet and their care takers.


St. Francis Prayer

As one of the most revered saints of all time St. Francis of Assisi is accepted by both protestants and Catholics alike. His writings and documents of his teachings have been preserved. Much, much has been written about him. Yet, his intense spirituality remains an enigma. He left no explanations of his spiritual life or exercises or methods to follow his way of prayer. He is known by is biographies and other reports depicting his life, from his fervent times of prayer to his caring for all aspects of nature, all of is actions rendered him a model of holistic spiritualism even today.

St Francis often retreated to remote places to pray and he called himself “a spouse of the Holy Spirit’. Prayers of St. Francis were his chief comfort. His source of strength was his faith. St. Francis’ prayers were not detached, antiseptic requests. Most were passionate cries from the soul. Song, music, and poetry were such an intricate part of Saint Francis that in times of sorrow and sick and in joy and good health he gave spontaneous voice in song to his feelings, his inspirations, and his prayers. Many of St. Francis’ songs, prayers and poems are accepted everyday repetitions of the faithful.

St. Francis Blessing 
May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord show his face to you and have compassion on you! May he turn his face to you and give you peace! Amen.

St. Francis Prayer of Peace
Peace prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
Lord make me an instrument of your peace 
Where there is hatred, Let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, Joy.
O Divine Master grant that I may
Not so much seek to be consoled
As to console; To be understood,
As to understand; To be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
And it is in dying that we are
Born to eternal life.

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