I am amazed that the power of divine connection and energy of love and compassion is so strong to guide me to meet and speak with some of the most fascinating individuals on the planet.

In these past few months,  I have given medium and intuitive advice to individuals in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ukraine, South Africa, Latvia, Denmark, Germany, India and Taiwan as well as neighbors in Sarasota, Bradenton, Florida, United States.

This is of course is quite humbling.  Who would ever think that I would have the chance to be close friends with learned monks deep in study in Dharmsala, India in Tibetan Monasteries or all the way to the deepest forests of Thailand?

I feel the world’s Sangha (spiritual community) is growing and alive.  I really am so humbled and honored to even be considered or found in this giant world.

The great power of the Internet is our ability to seek and find information from those who can provide clarity on an infinite number of topics.  Just a few short years ago it would of simply been implausible to think that I might be able to know someone halfway around the world let alone be able to assist them through readings.

Thanks to modern technology such as  this very blog you are reading, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and other social communication tools,  I have had the honor and distinct privilege to lend a hand to ease suffering even just a bit.  This is not meant to be an ego thing, I just am fascinated and amazed by how the world is growing closer.  Boundaries cease to exist, our interconnectedness grows.  We are not just individuals out going it alone.  We do have the power and responsibility to care for each other compassionately and reach out when someone is questioning their path, hurt, or grieving.  We are not nations, we are not a color.  We are all human beings.  We are here together.  We need one another.

I would think we should take heart in how positive energy, meditation, love and compassion indeed affect our communities.  There are actual scientific studies that show communities that have groups who are drawn together to meditate or pray on the happiness and joy of the divine lower crime rates.  No matter what religion one is drawn to, or spirituality we are all sparks of life from the creator.

We have the power to uplift, completely change energy, and change a life by simply caring.  Compassionate action is incredibly healing and powerful.  What an incredible opportunity to be completely alive at this time.  We have the power for positive transformation on a global scale.  Tis a shame if we were to limit our worlds to just repeating spiritual rhetoric within the confines of a temporary building.   A  church temple,  synagogue, mosque, meditation circle, study group all are centers of greatness.  But we should and must step out and reach across to unify and care for one another.  We must not allow ourselves to be limited by narrow belief systems that we have outgrown.  Babies are born without labels, and none of us wear one.   You are pure and clear potential.   There are no borders.  Borders are merely temporary illusions in this world.

My life is but a small speck, what significance could I possibly have?  But in the end, all we have to do is care, love, and recognize the light in one another.  By bringing together and unifying millions of souls, we can lighten the consciousness of our world to a higher purpose.  We don’t need to be ruled by ego, petty materialism, political parties,  held prisoner by hatred, or guilt.  Grow and reach, be and provide.  Be the light that is inside you.   God bless everyone.

There is is a lot of spirit orb activity going on during my readings.  It can be quite fun to take a look at afterwards.  If you have a video camera you can always feel free to tape away during your reading.  As it provides vivid proof that your loved ones are visiting with you during your reading.

Here are just a couple of video tapes that show orbs during my readings.  The first one a young woman that called me to clear her house of spirit activity.  I was in a room where some one had passed, and they certainly like to make themselves known.

The client was basically sitting on a bed, while I sat in a chair giving her a reading, and clearing the space for her.  Her particular street has over 6-7 churches within a couple of miles here in Sarasota.  She is right next to St. Patrick’s church, so her house lends itself to some extra special spiritual activity.

She simply recorded this video of me with her iPhone.  That’s it.  No special anything.  Just the room was a little dark, and the door was closed.  You can see large orbs, smaller slow ones, and them even responding to their ames.

I hope you enjoy seeing factual evidence of our spiritual friends play and make themselves known!

Below you will see  another video tape of a mother listening to my reading that I did over the phone for her. I mailed the CD to her.  In it you can clearly see her son who had passed on making himself known, while she was listening to the CD.  The little girls’ excitement as they video tape with simple phones is really a hoot!

Do you feel uneasy in your own home?  Are you or your family having a hard time sleeping, cranky or feeling depressed?  Is your usual energy level lacking?   After years of working as a medium, the natural sensitivity and intuitive skills of working with spirits also helps me greatly in house clearing.   Calls come in from all over.  Just this past month I’ve noticed a significant uptick in activity.  I’ve helped people in Sarasota, Charlotte, North Carolina, North Port, I’ve even been asked to  scan a home in Washington, D.C.

In these cases, people are being woken up, or recognizing  and seeing orbs, figures, and all sorts of things in their homes.  Sometimes it’s comforting, sometimes it can be downright disturbing.  Even pets and children are affected.  No these people aren’t “different” or “weird” these are normal, intelligent families with a lot going on.  Calls have been coming in from housing developers, skilled lawyers, a scientist in India, and even a large rig semi-truck driver who was having major problems at his home after his wife passed away from a five year extended illness.

Our conversations usually start with a little bit of uneasiness they will say, “I can’t believe I’m calling you, but….”  It’s immediately comforting to know you’ve called someone who completely understands what you are going through.  Through the years I have seen and heard just about everything imaginable.  It’s perfectly ok, and you will be alright.

What happens is this,  after months or sometimes even years,  you may just have had enough.   Fed up with having their personal space being invaded, you may just reach the point where you can’t take it anymore.    It is challenging work, but I am glad to do it.  I am very meticulous when it comes to a house clearing.  First I sense what is going on in the home room to room.   Together we set out an intention for what we are doing.  We then work on the clearing.   I read also for the residents and let them know intuitively what’s going on during the process.  It isn’t just a house clearing, it’s a clearing for everyone in the home along with readings.   The relief on the family’s faces and numerous transformations that occur afterwards is very humbling and  I’m certainly glad to be a part of this healing  process.

It’s good to remember that not only does every part of our world have energy fields, but our homes and even businesses have their own energy field.  Your home or where you stay the majority of the time resonates and echoes the energy that you, your visitors, neighbors, and other beings bring to it.   Every event, every happening that has ever occurred on that land, in the home or in that space still stays with it.  Even past tenants, old owners with attachments to the property,  or failed businesses previous to yours could still be affecting the property.  Particularly troublesome are those properties built on former burial grounds, unbeknownst to the new owners.  Bickering employees, infighting, and political turmoil within a business is also a sign that things aren’t going well with the over all energy of the business.

It is important to remember, whenever a traumatic situation has occurred in a home, whether fighting, divorce, sickness, or even death – the home will resonate and holds onto that energy like a sponge. It echoes on and it may stay in there indefinitely unless you take proactive action to remove it.  Old stagnant anger, resentment, or fear can literally permeate the walls.  It is important to clear and keep a home clean of any negativity or it may really put a damper on your sleep, dreams, energy level,  relationships and other vital aspects of your life.  I have a friend in the past who constantly bickered with his alcoholic wife for years.  Finally after divorcing, even though he seems fine,  I still pick up on that angry, uneasy feeling even after 30 years.

Homes as well as people are nourished by how we hold them in our heart and events that have taken place in them. Rather than vibrant, alive, refreshing places,  they may literally be freezing cold and seem lifeless as the energy of the home recedes.  Instead of looking forward to coming home, you may not really want to.   Our home is a place where we should feel comforted, happy, and rejuvenated.  Where we stay, eat and sleep are symbolic representations of ourselves, and in fact are extensions of ourselves.

Earthbound spirits who are stuck in the astral plane can be a nuisance to downright disturbing for home owners or renters.  Usually these individuals aren’t happy and generally they want you to know it.  They may rap on walls, turn lights on and off, turn the tv on and off, make pictures fall down, manifest physical apparitions,  or in one of my recent cases produce even hundreds of lady bugs to get your attention.   I am happy to help these souls in a compassionate way, and relieve them and you of their suffering. My goal is for them to be peaceful, go into the loving light and allow divine harmony to come back into your home and life.  I am there for them and you so everyone can be refreshed and move forward.

Here are some tips to keep your home free of stagnant old energy.

Literally throw out anything in the house that you no longer need.  How many times have you drove past a house and seen someone’s entire garage stuffed to the max with junk.  Why?  Not sure, but  if you are hanging on to everything and anything, it’s not good.  If your house can’t literally breathe in energy, otherwise known as “Chi” neither can you.  If your closets and attic are brimming over with things that make you sad, don’t have  good memories associated them, or just things you don’t need.    Dump it.  You don’t want to keep repeating and festering in the same old thought patterns as 20 years ago.  I have a friend that told me their husband actually keeps all of his old job rejection letters.  Oh my God!  Why?  He’s literally programming his own precarious career.  To this day I dread going into antique shops, as the old energy permeating through the furniture is very real for me.  I’m so sensitive I cannot even go into old mansions without feeling very anxious.

Be careful of holding on to old failed business property, liens, papers, records or pictures of people you’d rather not have in your life anymore.  Remember everything, even inanimate objects have energy to them. Nikola Tesla, the scientist who harnessed alternating current said it best.  “The world is literally vibrating with energy.  Everything has resonance, frequency and vibration.”  Like attracts like, so be careful what you are attracting energy wise.

If you are surrounded by things that make you happy you’ll feel better.  If they are things left over from a bitter divorce, or worse yet sickness, an old awful job etc.. get rid of it!  Pronto! Spring is coming, and a good Spring cleaning as well as re-energizing your home is a wonderful idea to get your life back on track. It’s healthy, practical, and can get you out of that old Winter funk and bring prosperity and can finally bring peace back into your life.

If you work in the medical profession, emergency situations, trauma rooms, or on the police force – you really can unwittingly be bringing home energy that is not good for you.  When you enter the front door of your house do you feel good?  Truthfully?  If not,  you might consider a good house clearing/energy clearing. Really, you can’t be surrounded by trauma, anger, and violence all day and not be affected in some way.  Your energy field may be bombarded by negativity, and it won’t be long before you really feel something is just not quite right.    Sometimes our relationship with our family can also suffer as a result of bringing home not only the bacon, but the yucky energy we had to contend with to get a paycheck.  Burnout can take place as well.   I have a relative who does a great job of grounding himself after a hard day at the County Sheriff’s Department by playing all sorts of instruments and music.  His days are full of not so great stuff.  He’s seen a lot of bad things that would most certainly be traumatizing to most of us.  But he balances himself out by playing music.  Once he’s home, he’s fine.  The happy vibration and frequency of music helps to clear his energy and his mind.

It is important to recognize when things are going awry that you don’t have to just put up with it.   If you are troubled with bad dreams, depression, or feel as if the energy in your home is dark, stagnant or sad you may just really need a house clearing.  I am thorough in my approach and keep going till everything is clear and your home is noticeably different and recharged.

Feel free to give me a call at 941-993-7105 or email diane@yourlettersfromheaven.com for help and comforting relief.  I tailor your house clearing to your spiritual beliefs, so that it is a perfect match for you and your desires.


Everyday I wake up early to start the new day with a refreshing meditation, and exercise. I use this special time to clear my mind and strengthen my energy field.  It’s a must for me to stay in peak condition so I’m always ready to work.

Last night just for fun, I tried something new for me. I went for a rejuvenating “energy light and sound bath” at a local metaphysical center.  I must say this is the first time I had ever participated in this intense of an experience   I really didn’t know what to expect but I can tell you during and afterwards I felt incredible!

Just to give you a little overview, in this session there were 10 participants, and 4 helpers who conducted the healing.  The place was called the Om Shoppe in Sarasota, Florida.   

Here’s what we did!

– We were offered crystal infused water which we all drank big glasses of before the session.   We were all cozy and snug relaxing in our own gravity free chairs.   We brought our own blankets to stay warm.   We then closed our eyes to meditate and here’s what happened next…..

– Our friends told us just to relax, and we were bathed in color and light emanating from Tibetan Salt Lamps, and crystals for over an hour.

– Tibetan crystal bowls emitting all different types of deep resonating frequencies were played one at a time.  The healing frequencies help realign one’s aura and chakras, and are really unique. They are made with 99% infused quartz crystal.  Also to add to the relaxation, chimes and gongs were weaved in creating a gentle tapestry of sound.

– Soothing sounds of sand being moved about within a drum, rhythmic drumming would fade in and out, even relaxing sounds of whale calls

– Aromatherapy was also provided during our auditory and light session, which was very pleasing with delightful scents.

– Beautiful sounds of rain sticks, chimes, and other gentle instruments were used to break up stagnant energy.
This is a sample of crystal bowl harmonics.  It isn’t the same as the experience at the shop, but it will give you an idea:

Concept of vibration/and seeing sound’s patterns.

So there you go.  How did I like it?

Wow!  The experience was great.  No one really wanted to get up at all afterwards!  I seriously wondered how I was going to get home in such a relaxed state of mind.  So instead I took a little side trip to go meditate under the stars at Siesta Key Beach.  Amazing!  If you ever get a chance for this kind of experience, give it a try!  It’s well worth it. :)

Have you recently purchased a new home or rented a new place here in Sarasota, Florida?  When you walk into your new home or apartment, does something not feel quite right ?  For some reason do you just feel uneasy there?  Do you not feel like you used to?  Is walking through the home something you are enduring instead of enjoying?    Are you feeling tired all the time, angry or anxious?  Old stagnant energy contained within structures can and does have a substantial effect on us and even our pets.

For example, ever visited an old mansion or historical home and felt kind of icky during the visit?  It may have felt like the place was closed off, lifeless, and intuitively you knew that you were seriously not really enjoying the visit.  I’ve had this happen to me at numerous places I have visited including the Vanderbilt Estate, the Ringling Mansion, the Hearst Mansion, and others.  I am also particularly sensitive to the energy of historical sites or old cities such as Boston, New York,  and Washington D.C.

Every home and building has it’s own “chi” or energy.  Feng Shui practitioners help to clean and balance this energy.  Their science has been practiced for thousands of years.  For example, any prudent business man in Japan, Hong Kong or elsewhere in the orient, never enters into a major home or building purchase without a thorough Feng Shui analysis from a well known Feng Shui Master before buying.

House clearings operate on  same principles of Feng Shui, but also release and cleanse the psychic residual energy of former tenants.   With previously owned or rented homes we are never really sure what we are getting ourselves into.  Certainly you wouldn’t want to endure living inside a home that is full of someone else’s  negative thought patterns,  residual arguments, sadness, illness, bankruptcy,  or any other disturbances.  Unbeknownst to you the former owners may have even had a loved one pass away in the home, causing great sadness and leaving lonely spirits who need to go.  If you are trying to get on with your new life, and your house isn’t letting you, it’s time to do some Spring cleaning!

Our homes are an extension of ourselves.  Inside our protective shelter, we are actually being affected and adding to the surrounding energy by our thoughts, words and actions.  Homes and buildings absorb emotion and energy just like everything else.  Have you ever noticed if a building goes out of business, usually the next tenant has the same sort of misfortune?

If you just relocated to Sarasota, and can’t figure out why life in paradise seems less than ideal;   I would kindly suggest a house clearing.   You wouldn’t want to continually breathe in other’s old stuff, nor have your happiness and liveliness be influenced by negative energy.  It’s sort of like wearing someone else’s clothing (ewww) that they have had on for 20 years!  Yipes.

House clearings are serious spiritual cleansings.  They remove old stagnant energy, earth bound spirits, and refresh and vitalize the occupants who live in the new domicile.  Really, you will notice instant results and even those who don’t know you had the home cleared will feel better.  The home will feel refreshed, relaxed and benefit those who enter it.  A house clearing can take up to 3-4 hours depending on your needs.

My house clearings are very meticulous, positive spiritual renewals.   A good house clearing is accomplished with setting intent, clearing out old energy, revitalizing the home to your exact needs, and spiritual nature.  We then protect the positive results so you can keep the fresh new energy flowing.     Please give me a call or email if you’d like to try a home clearing.  I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

And yes, I do also take care  of earth bound spirits.  I’ve been called Sarasota’s Ghost Buster which is just great with  me.  I’ve had some fine results and am very happy to be of assistance.   My life calling is to help those who need it the most.

Peace to you and yours.
Diane@yourlettersfromheaven.com or call 941-993-7105.


Happy to let you know that I was able to help locate another missing person in South Africa a couple of weeks ago.  I received an emergency email from a performer at 3:00 am New York time, that her boyfriend had been missing for 3 days in South Africa. No phone calls, and no clues.  She was worried he had been kidnapped or even worse.  She was very nervous, and stressed worried about his safety.

We first went to Facebook chat.  There she sent me his photo and name.   From there I scanned his state of mind, and was able to thankfully let her know he was ok.  He was alive and well, but a bit confused.  His thinking wasn’t clear.  He was dizzy, and not feeling well at all.  Some kind of substance was impairing his judgement, and he was sick to his stomach.  He just wanted to go home.  His exact location was not easy to pinpoint since he really wasn’t feeling up to par and he was on the move.   As I scanned him, he was showing me he was in the back of a cab with a friend who was trying to take care of him, and seek medical help.  (Happily she confirmed this to be accurate, the next day).

Much to our relief, she reported her friend had come home safe and sound.  She thanked me over and over, and was quite relieved!  She said it was surprisingly accurate and he really had been in a cab seeking medical help.  It’s always nice to help alleviate stress and to help out the best I can in these cases.

Hi there!  Just to let you know Mediums can have a good time too!

Here I am kidding around with the Beach Boys backstage at the Sarasota Van Wezel  on January 6, 2015.

These legends of the music scene defined an entire generation of music, writing more hit songs than just about anyone.

Mike Love and Grammy Award Winning Bruce Johnston, and all the fellows played their hearts out for a full 2 1/2 hours of complete positive fun.

Extra bonus with super  drummer/singer/guitarist and actor John Stamos of Full House fame.  It was an incredible performance by everyone!


Diane Eileen - Beach Boys


John Stamos - Diane Eileen

Today I gave my first automatic writing to a a wonderful woman who just happens to be hearing-challenged.  We used Facebook’s chat message program for her medium reading.  She simply sent her friend’s photos, and we connected the very next day.   Her reading was with her fiance who had passed away tragically too early in life, and she longed to hear from him.  She had a vivid dream just days before of him expressing a desire to communicate with her, and she just happened to find that I did automatic writing on the Internet.

I was amazed at the clarity of the thoughts expressed by her loved one. For all three of us, the automatic writing was a complete success.  She was able to communicate in real-time with her fiance, laugh, and spontaneously connect on many levels for the first time.  He spoke with such eloquence, and graciousness.  Such a beautiful reading, full of devotion and romance on both sides.  I really was overcome with the magnificent way he expressed his visions of where he was, and his devotion to his wife-to-be.

So there you have it!  Another wonderful breakthrough for the world of spirit.  No matter what, where love is, there is a way!  She now has a beautiful transcript of their conversation together not only as clear and lasting proof of life after death, but most importantly an important expression of true love and devotion.  He even expressed exactly the type of ring he would give her.  All together the three of us felt great!  It was fun sand so healing.

Yesterday a concerned friend connected me from Malaysia that his wife-to-be had gone missing in India.  She had completely vanished and he was very frightened.  No phone calls, no anything for three days.  A quick scan of her emotions showed her to be depressed and suffering from self-esteem issues due to trauma from many years ago which was resurfacing.   But not to worry too badly as she was in a place that felt like home, and very familiar.

Lots of prayers went out to her from numerous high level Buddhist Rinpoches, and Lamas.  We prayed she would just call.  This morning on the 4th day.   Good news.  She did call, has been found and is now receiving the love and counsel she needs.

So even through  an emergency chat on Facebook all the way to Malaysia and India — I feel lucky, I  can still find someone 😉

In my readings I rejoin the client and their loved ones who have passed on. It is a confidential conversation between the client, and their close relatives or friends. The below summaries change the names and identifying details for the client’s privacy.

I present them only so that you may more deeply understand the kinds of cases that I am familiar working with and the types of emotional healing that take place. In this way you can reflect on how your reading might be of service to you. Sometimes individuals may have specific questions as to why individuals acted a certain way towards them in life, and need healing and answers. Others need to understand the exact circumstances of how or why someone passed away.

Spirits and clients alike often have unfinished business to attend to. Both client and spirit come away from the readings refreshed and relieved of heavy burdens. Freeing individuals from suffering, and emotional pain is why I do this work. God bless you and yours.



Testimonials and review of readings.

June 2015“Robert” – Los Angeles, San Jose, California, and Taipei, Taiwan
Client’s reading revealed a very evolved person.  He was highly accomplished in the physical world as well as highly in-tuned spiritually.  This reading was very unusual in that the ancestors communicated partially in Mandarin,  and then would switch to English sentence patterns.  (I speak some Mandarin after being in Taiwan for 10 years, so it was very nice to be able to use it 😉

Robert was born in Taiwan, educated in the U.S.   He travels around the world on business.  His reading revealed he was on a spiritual life mission of philanthropy by way of his financial and business acumen.  He was very reserved without giving any details of information, but after becoming more comfortable with me, the information flow from his higher self and ancestors came in at a high rate of speed.  Without so much as a hint of why he wanted the reading except to talk to an Uncle and Grandfather, I was delighted to finally get the messages that were intended for him.   It was no doubt that he was destined for financial greatness.  His Taiwanese ancestors gave him great news of how proud they were of him, and that even as a child he had very close protective energies around him.   The reason being was his destiny was too important to a lot of individuals, and he needed protection.  His Grandfather, and two Uncles gave very cautious advice as to a certain business acquaintance.  They also advised him to keep all intellectual property that was his under strict security an in his name not a corporation subject to a board of directors.  Because within tree years the money would be at such a level some individuals would be jealous and want more than their fair share.   With a visual symbol of a safe inside a safe inside another safe.  The grandfather told him that he was destined for this mission not only to protect the upcoming generations (very important culturally for Taiwanese) but his financial success was to have a monumental affect on help many hundreds of individuals  who had been politically persecuted such as the Tibetans.  They also provided cautious advice on currency manipulations of Mainland China against Taiwan, and the United States and other countries intended to tip the scales towards their favor in the stock market.

June 2015 – “Grace” – Sarasota, Florida
This reading had me in tears as well.  Grace came in understandably distressed over the untimely passing of her young son.  A wonderful soul and kind humanitarian, he had passed away while serving as a volunteer  in the United States Peace Corp.  Her son was very  gentle and so loving during the reading asking me to hold her hands when she was upset.   He let her know that his friend who had just passed just six months prior, was there to greet him and quickly escort him away from the trauma of passing.   Using a secret phrase that only he and his mother knew, she could take solace in knowing I was able to channel him.  He mentioned in the reading he was rather disappointed that the Tampa Bay Lightning had not won the recent Stanley Cup championship over the past week.  She and I both chuckled at this, as he was indeed a true blue Tampa Bay Lightning fan with deep appreciation for the team.

March-May, 2015 – “Anon” – Washington, D.C.
Client’s residence is only a few short miles from the Pentagon, and the National Arlington Military Cemetery.  Home and person was plagued by visible apparitions.   Client was unable to sleep a full night’s sleep for months on end.   Seemed to be a beacon for  spirits who refused to transition.  Deeply located in historical areas, the person was  shaken by constant spirit sightings of colonials, civil war soldiers, and other veterans of battles occurring through the evening and day.  Over all the individual was suffering from many stressful life challenges  that had literally been going on for decades. This ongoing stress had left the person’s energy disconcerted, unfocused and angry.  The anger served somehow as a catalyst to attract  lower energy beings.  Visits to historical areas would result in more attachments.  Incorrect Reiki procedure performed by amateur students in that area, along with depression, and long term issues with alcohol resulted in a very tough case. Client was cleared of attachments, discordant spirits given direction and lifted into the light. Gave substantial hours of advice on how to protect the energy field,  change overall perspective, removal of lower based energies.  Important lesson: What we resonate is what we attract.

April 27, 2015 – “April” – Tampa, Florida – House Clearing
April’s home was unfortunately not a happy place.  Her husband had been struggling with anger issues for quite sometime.   The negative energy from his constant anger and inappropriate  hurtful comments finally erupted.  After returning from work, she came home to find one of her favorite dogs attacked  her other dog that she had raised as a puppy.  She came home to the scene and was traumatized, heart broken and was suffering grief and guilt.  Now one dog had to be taken to a shelter and the other was gone.  The reading indicated that the husband only played or noticed the dog that had been attacked, and the scent of him made the other dog (who was never given attention by him) lose control with jealously and caused him to attack.

Since the indication was the negative energy was occurring as a result of the husband, I cleared the entire home.  I start with an intention ceremony, smudging, prayers for angelic protection, candles,  music, and raised the vibration of the house for 4 hours.  Also read for client and gave her a healing to release the pain.  Her mother who had passed away two years previous made her presence known, and was grateful for the help with her daughter.

April 24, 2015 – “April” – Tampa, Florida
April came in with her niece, both heart broken and in shock after one of  their dogs attacked another one at home.  They wanted to make sure that the deceased dog was doing ok.  Upon scanning the situation the deceased dog was still in shock from the attack and had not realized he was now without a body.  He had been running through the house wondering why no one would pet or feed him.  So we reconnected him with an older dog “Broady” who was his best friend, who was also deceased.  The older dog immediately understood it was his job to make “mommy” happy and help the little dog who was in shock and scared.  He gave symbols of a wagging friendly tail, and kindly took to his friend with great sloppy licks and joy.   This visit was particularly unique in that the strong loving energy of St. Francis was definitely in the room.  Both women revealed they prayed to him often and highly revered all animals.  The energy was so vibrant and strong that the niece also confirmed detecting it physically.  She let us know she was feeling  the waves of love and spirituality coming through and that it was coming to her near the third eye.  In the reading St. Francis sent loving energy and a symbol of his heart to them.  Afterwards outside of the house the niece said that the decorative stones around the house were pretty, and she wanted to almost “pet” one.  So I walked over with the intent to give her one, when tucked in right next to the rock I saw much to my surprise a small red heart pendant.   I picked it up and gave it to April and her niece and said, “Evidently this  is for you.”   We all stood there astonished,  looking at each other and the heart.  Then April remembered specifically in the reading that St. Francis had said “I’m sending my heart out to you.”  Wow!  A physical manifestation of energy.  It was really incredible, and there was no rational explanation for that heart to be there.  We were all amazed and very pleased with this new development.


February 19, 2015 – “Haley” – San Francisco, California
Haley’s home has had it’s share of unhappy spirits for over 5 years.  She called wondering what on earth to do, and how to help her husband who was suffering anger problems as a result of a recent death of her son.  I advised her on how to clear the home’s energy.  Reading also revealed traumatic event happened upstairs before she moved in.  She and a friend both confirmed this as they saw dark shadowy figures and full apparitions in mirrors, also movement up ghosts moving up the stairs.   I gave her a list of things that always have worked for me, music, and advised her on how to lift the energy and send the earthbound spirits to to a better place.  Recently deceased step son came in and apologized for not being so nice as he should of.  Surprised she asked me if I was psychic too.  I said yes, no problem .  The step son was truly remorseful and let her know she had a big heart who always helped anyone who needed it.   Advised that husband was suffering from lack of oxygen to the brain, perhaps pre-Alzheimer’s and not to take his anger and frustration so seriously or personally.  He was just upset with his physical condition, and the loss of his son.  Higher spirit advised he no longer be allowed to drive for the safety of others.  She let me know he was 90 years old and had about 6 car accidents over the years.  She promised to call with the results of the house clearing, and if she needed additional assistance for me to visit her in California to clear the space.


February 14, 2015 – “Karen” – Sarasota, Florida
Karen came in for a reading and was hurting quite a bit.  Fortunately she began to smile and feeling much better fairly quickly into the reading.  Tears of pain moved to happy laughing, and I was glad to see the transformation.

First I was glad to quickly correct some misperceptions she had of herself given to her by a very inexperienced reader.  Thank goodness!  It was very sad to me that someone could misinterpret and hurt such a gentle young lady with such broad generalizations that were totally incorrect.

Karen’s sweet  grandmother had just passed away.  They were both extremely close and Karen considered her to be her real “mom”.  A single young mom with two lovely children.  It was very evident that Karen was in a lot of pain from this passing, and from years of enduring a lot of turmoil from outside sources. Reading revealed she had been bullied for over 5 years, by a variety of individuals.  Her self confidence and esteem were indeed very fragile.

Reading confirmed that she had endured a lot of  abuse from dysfunctional, drug addicted mother. A gentle soul who was clearly hurting from years of this, counseled her on how not to take the words of someone who is not functioning normally so seriously, and told her that she had the absolute right to love herself, appreciate herself, and draw a boundary so the woman could no longer bother or affect her.  Her guides advised her to take action and have a restraining order placed on this dangerous and toxic person.

Grandmother in spirit and Grandfather came in with a lot of beautiful love for her, and were delighted to talk with her.   Joking and laughing they helped her become quite comfortable and more at ease with her situation. They let her know they were “on her team”  and would do their best to bring about the right circumstances, people, situations, etc. that would help her in every way possible. Reading revealed she had an interest in the medical field. Karen confirmed this. Karen was destined to be an RN.  Karen was also getting ready to make a life decision after graduation on moving to Oregon or staying in Sarasota.  Grandparents were glad to report that she would be welcomed into a new family, and everything would really be just fine.  This gave Karen a much needed sense of relief.

Karen also had 2 friends who had passed away.  One just two days prior to the reading.  Identified cause of death of her boyfriend’s school mate,  as homicide, and cause of death.   Identified the perpetrator, and final outcome of toxicology report.  Also identified plans of escape for that person, and that they would most certainly be caught.  Also solved mystery of death of high school sweetheart, who came in very clear, and loving for her.   Despite all that Karen had been through, she was very relieved and was smiling, and happy after the reading.  She had cleared up a lot of issues from abuse, bullying, wrongful passing, and learned her grandmother and grandfather were doing more than just fine, and would be delighted to help her in her life.

February 7, 2015 – “Gwyn” Washington, D.C., USA
Gwyn called seeking help after literally being besieged by spirits each morning on her awakening for the past 3 weeks.  Usually just like clockwork, at 3:30 am, 6:30 am, etc. a visually present apparition would wake her up, and make themselves known to her.  It was upsetting because she didn’t know why all of a sudden they were bothering her.   She is a very logical, highly educated lawyer and stated that this was very different and highly unusual for her.

A scan of the home revealed a lot of moving, and rebuilding in the area causing disruption for earth bound spirits who had settled in.  She was being visited by persons in colonial dress, and civil war soldiers.   Later it was determined that she lived near Arlington cemetery – creating a very active point of contact.  Most of those individuals would show partial facial images, and fade in and out.  However sometimes they seemed emotional if she ignored them.  Advised her they were earth bound individuals, and let her know how to let those spirits be free and go into the light.

In addition she was being visited by a series of very fascinating blue orbs with interior patterns, and complex movements  each night.  She was hesitant but also said she had witnessed a celestial cosmic type of light emanating from her ceiling each evening.  These blue orbs continue to interact with her, creating tingling sensations at times but  not scaring her.  They seem very different than ordinary spirit orbs, and much more complex.  Further investigation is continuing on this extraordinary case with subsequent readings, and strong telepathic connections for both of us.  Now after just a few virtual meetings she is now doing astounding automatic writing on her own.   Her progress has been fascinating and remarkable.

February 1, 2015 – “Robert” and family, House Clearing of Spirits & Readings, Sarasota, Florida
Robert called and his first words were “I can’t believe I’m calling you and saying this…but my house is full of strange things going on, and I simply have reached the breaking point.”  I subsequently went to clear  this very strong truck driver’s home of 6,000 square feet for close to 9 hours.  Full of unrest, his wife had been unwell for a number of years.  Reading revealed woman’s sister who was supposed to help with his wife actually provided overdose of medication 4x the limit of what an adult should have.  Home showed signs of  physical manifestations of lady bugs brought on my disturbed spirits. His bathroom was encased in close to 100 lady bugs, which are practically unheard of in Florida.  All windows were double sealed, there was no logical explanation for the lady bugs to come in.   Asked the meaning, his wife responded that his “love was bugging”.  She was very upset that her daughter was involved with  a woman who was very dangerous, and caused her to pass away early.  In fact she was not her first victim, she had taken the lives of at least two others the reading revealed.  Robert acknowledged the woman’s two former husbands also died of suspicious circumstances.  The wife in spirit urged immediate intervention and for him to take their daughter back from the city she was going to college in.  She was getting into drugs, and even more dangerous things.  The wife was very happy that he got the message.  Cleared two twins rooms of black, dark energy through intense prayer, smudging, large resonating crystal bowls tuned at high frequency c#, holy water, music, etc. Robert also received a very moving message that his prayers for his unborn daughter and son were heard every night.  He was astounded at that revelation  as he had never told anyone of this very deep and personal trauma.  Reading revealed the daughter although a twin was larger, more mature then the son.  He acknowledged that the son would of been smaller.  The daughter appeared  to be very beautiful, acknowledged and thanked him for his prayers, and was looking after her sister in life who was in real trouble.  Reading for son in residence revealed a very clear name out of the blue.  He was relieved to here from his college roommate and friend who had recently passed away.  It was no doubt him, as he made references to how he wouldn’t have to worry about his old clothes anymore.  Which the son laughed in amazement, because his friend used to pull pranks with his sweaty football uniform in his friend’s room just to torment him.  Also reading revealed yet another youth who died to soon, words were exactly as expected, “Thanks for standing up for me, bro.”  Evidently the son had stood up for his friend when others did not, and he was glad that he helped him.  The reading helped the son substantially with strong depression over the death of his mother, and much trauma.  He thanked me repeatedly, and I was so happy to be of some help.

February 10, 2015 – “Dharma” – Bombay, Mumbai, India
“Dharma” was grieving very badly over her life soul mate who had passed away very young in his sleep.  Her friend Predeep is very spiritual and complex.  During readings for Dharma he explained how consciousness works, reincarnation, etc.  Both Dharma and Predeep had spent several hundred lifetimes together, and Predeep had elected to leave earlier than Dharma so he could prepare for their next evolution.  One in which they would no longer be bound by  the physical limitations of this life, but a higher dimension with much more flexibility and control over their experience.  Predeep said the ideas of karma, and reincarnation were already proven, learned and it was ready to move on.  Fortunate to intervene the client let me know that if it wasn’t for the relief from the readings she wasn’t prepared to go on.

 February 8, 2015 – Jenny – Sarasota, Florida
Phone reading revealed a very loving mother who had just passed 2 months ago.  Very sweet remembrances, and genuine heart-felt reunion for both.  Mother who had passed away advised on upcoming marriage of son, and incredible brilliance of granddaughter.  Reading advised mom and granddaughter that she was indeed highly advanced and was capable of great things using either the right or left side of the brain.  If she felt bored in school she should seek out additional stimuli and learning opportunities.  Reading confirmed grandmother loved to world travel, and she let her granddaughter know that really there is no better classroom than the world.  She made references that they should enjoy their company together and go on little adventures to St. Petersburg, St. Augustine etc.  This surprised the client to her delight, as for the first time they did go to St. Petersburg in the New Year.  The grandmother was very loving and said yes she was the one that started their horn honking on their vehicle when they were going to celebrate her life.


January 14, 2015 – “Elizabeth” – Seattle, Washington

“Elizabeth” is a very religious person who during the reading seemed so radiant she was like a “sparkler” from the fourth of July.  She was definitely over flowing with energy. Her “bandwidth” was intense, and reading for her was a joy and a breeze.  She embraced many spiritual belief systems, but was particularly drawn in her own words to … “her Father, Jesus.”

Elizabeth after getting comfortable with me, let me know that she  contend with a very real “walk-in” spirit who had literally taken over her life and personality for several months.   A little unsettling, but fortunately the spiritual walk-in was quite joyful and serene.

FYI What’s a walk-in?  
A “walk-in” although highly unusual is not unheard of.   I know it seems really very strange.  But a walk-in is a case where the original soul of a human leaves a person’s body and another soul “walks in”. Souls “walk-in” usually during an accident or trauma, where the person either regains consciousness as a “walk- in” and forgets  depending on the severity of the experience, or if they didn’t lose consciousness the human will experience death and rebirth in one lifetime. One might need to relearn walking, drawing, writing, and upon doing so the new soul develops and integrates through the trauma. It is said that the original soul leaves when it has fulfilled what it came here to do, and the same body is used again for another soul to fulfill their purpose on earth.

Nevertheless still it was noticeable that Elizabeth wasn’t herself when this entity was within her physical. Her family naturally was alarmed and could tell the noticeable differences in her when the walk -in was present. After awhile they pleaded with her to look for divine guidance and protection.  Through strong persistent prayer to Jesus she was able to rid herself completely of the walk-in. She knows now how to protect herself from such happenings, and just wanted to share with me the experience and have someone really understand what it felt like for her. And to share the knowledge and wisdom she had obtained about the protection of Christ when it is needed.

1-2-2015 – “Eric”, South Africa

Eric’s girlfriend who is a performer in South Africa,  sent an emergency email at 3:00 am.  She was asking for help in finding her boyfriend.  He had been missing for 3 days, and was last seen leaving a club.  I scanned him for clues, and he was showing signs of being very ill, and possibly robbed.  He was a bit hard to pinpoint because of him being on the “move” in the back of a cab, with a friend trying to help him get medical care.  Luckily I was able to let her know he was perfectly alive, just not feeling too great.  She confirmed the next day he returned home, and thanked me very much for help relieving her stress.  Later I found out he was a little hard to tune in to, as unfortunately he had been under the influence of opiates and was seeking out medical attention when I was focusing in on him.

Update on case:  Eric left rehab and could not be found.  Reading helped her to rediscover where he was.  On her own, the girlfriend decided to take over his care since his family  was not altogether supportive or helping.  He is now being nursed back to health by her in Johannesburg along with professional medical assistance.  Within 4 weeks the side effects of the withdrawal should be complete, in meantime she is taking him to narcotics anon. meetings, helping him with Reiki, hypnosis and other medical treatments to get him back on his feet.  Let us hope the best for all concerned and positive, healthy results for Eric.


 12-25-2014 – Update on Navy Client

Was able to give a positive update for a client who’s son had passed has a hero in the Navy. Near Christmas eve I had a very clear dream of him dressed in military whites saluting me – he seemed to be thanking me for helping to preserve his honor, and let his family know he was fine, and was true to his word.   I was really quite amazed, and contacted his mom on Facebook.  She texted back that she was thrilled as well, because he had woke up his grief stricken sister on Christmas morning singing “Hallelujah” to her.  Now that’s a real Christmas present that really warms the heart!

12-1-2014 – “Jasmine”, India & Malaysia

Jasmine had been missing for 3 days from her family and husband-to-be.  No phone calls, completely vanished. Fearing the worst, her fiance  requested a reading through simple message chat on Facebook.  After scanning her  emotions, the reading clearly revealed she was in a state of crisis.  She was suffering from personal trauma and suicidal.  Reading pinpointed town in India she was in.  I messaged Advanced Rinpoches, Lamas, and Buddhist practitioners to pray for her protection and see if we could get her to turn on her cell phone.   Next morning after these prayers, she turned on her cell phone called her husband-to-be in Malaysia.  She is reported in good condition and receiving care.

10/25/2014 – “Laura”, Chicago
Laura is a police officer.  Her husband was as well. A few months before his behavior had turned strangely argumentative, and  violent.  He sent  threatening texts that indicated he was intending to commit foul play.

The wife was frightened and was in home.  Officers on scene.  Numerous shots fired by responding officers, final shot was self-inflicted.  Husband took his life.  She escaped with help of fellow officers.   Reading confirmed that he was suffering from post traumatic syndrome.  Spirit confirmed that he was not mentally well, but indeed felt much love for his wife and expressed intense sorrow for his actions.  Stated he would “Marry her again over and over.”  She confirmed he stated this during their normal lives often.

Reading confirmed behavioral problems of adolescent within group. Confirmed drug related problems. Husband’s spirit  provided solutions to avert drug use including “scared straight” and also seeing how specific drugs such as crystal meth  affect a person physically.  Reading confirmed adolescent was very good with mechanics and fixing engines.  Uncle (spirit) recommended an apprenticeship with a fellow officer who knew of an automotive repair shop.  Second youth reading revealed intense talent for art to the point that he could be quite famous for his abilities.  Uncle (spirit) encouraged her to help child by taking to special art classes that would help him heal as well.

Reading considered successful as it relieved much suffering on her part, and helped to save the two children’s future.  Also relieved husband’s guilt.

10/20/2014 – “Mary”,  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Second reading for concerned mother.  She confirmed the military cover-up in suspicious death of son.  Son had reported persons who were acting unlawfully towards others in a physically traumatic manner.  They had traumatized many, including under aged individuals which is a serious felony. Two officers relieved of duty, one sent to prison.

Military officially declared suspiciously that his cause of death was a suicide.  Son’s spirit insisting he would never do such a thing to dishonor himself, family or country.  In fact son was a hero who saved many lives at Virginia Tech tragedy.   Mother was relieved and confirmed his words were more important and truthful in her heart.  Relieved suffering for both individuals. As a result, mother wants to heal other traumatized individuals in the military through her strong Metaphysical healing powers within an official university sponsored research setting.

10-11-2014 – “Natasha”, Toronto, Canada

Natasha’s husband had passed away in January from a severe illness. Both him and his wife were born in the Ukraine and he travelled often to Moscow, and other parts of the world. His spirit was very strong, warm and friendly, but Natasha was in deep pain from loneliness.  He was eager to help her to heal.  He expressed his very sincere  love for her.     He was a classical musician and quite a charismatic person.   Reading confirmed some events that had hurt them both during their life together.  Victor was so unhappy to see his wife suffering so, that he insisted on telling her how much he loved her in so many endearing ways.  There was no doubt that she was the love of his life, and he would be love in with her forever.

He was very passionate about her feeling better.  He urged her not to continue to let these issues bother her, as his love was everlasting and promised with all that he had he would make it up to her.  He told her he had already been composing some music, divinely inspired just for her, and that  he would let her hear this music in her dreams or while she was drifting off to sleep.  He also let her know that through his conscious intention he was able to create a reality for her when it was time, that was inviting, beautiful and just like home.


10-5-2014 – “Mike” – Worchester, Massachusetts
Mike is an extremely accomplished business man, MIT graduate, understood physics and was due to appear on the cover of a national magazine in recognition.  Brilliant and creative, Mike often solved very complicated problems for his clients remarkably fast.  Almost as if divinely inspired, his solutions were incredible and fully developed without him having to agonize or overwork the problem.  In fact he could do all of his work in about 2 days, and spend the rest of the week doing what he wished. But alas Mike despite having it all, a great business with over 200 employees at one time,  and a beautiful loving family – he still felt at odds, at a cross roads.  He  wanted a scan reading of the possibilities and particularly wanted to know the potential for working with a new partner.  Reading revealed what the possibilities were and how he could get his balance back.

 9-15-2014 – Anonymous – Nurse,  San Quentin Prison, California.
Nurse falsely accused of medicating inmate without Doctor’s orders.  Reading revealed a spiteful individual on staff who instigated the rumor without merit.  Reading revealed complete and total exoneration from medical inquiry.  Subsequent follow up, showed this to indeed be the case.

9-5-2014  and 10-9-2014 – “Michael”, Seattle, Washington

Michael was in a lot of pain, and very concerned for his wife who had unfortunately committed suicide one week before. The spirit came in quite quickly and very strong and was very relieved to be able to speak with him. She reassured him that she was doing better than he believed. Reading confirmed that his wife unfortunately suffered from a chemical imbalance for most of her life, creating a disturbance in her emotions. She really loved her husband, but unfortunately was quick to anger and did not mesh well with her family or others because of her condition. Remarkably, she stated during the reading she was actually feeling more in control, self confident, and lucid then in the physical. Client was very much relieved to hear direct messages about her peaceful transition, and that she was in a good place for her. Guides advised gentle post traumatic counseling to help him heal from the shock of the event, take time for himself to heal, and spirit asked her to forgive her. Which of course he did. This immediately lifted the energy of the reading from trauma to a state of more inner peace and acceptance.

Michael scheduled another reading about one month later and continued to heal in new ways.  He learned he could use his own intuitive powers to converse with his wife, and that he was quite strong enough to do that.  He confirmed he was very good at automatic writing — and also desired to go out of body for short periods of time.  I let him know how to achieve that so that he could feel the closeness of his wife in a move vivid way and real way.  This made him very happy as he knew now that he could experience the company of his lovely wife in spirit and feel the close again in a comforting way.


9-27-2014 “Christine & Jack”, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Florida
Christine and Jack were due to close on their new home in Lakewood Ranch that day.  They felt they had too many issues and some friction with the builder.   In fact the main contractor retired the very day they closed on the house.   So they sincerely wanted the house cleared of any  imbalanced energy before they moved in.  To our delight during the clearing a double rainbow came up across the lake behind their home.  Also while clearing the space I was able to detect two slight trouble spots in the construction with my eyes closed.  They were happy about that, and scheduled another session for when their belongings were to come from Orlando.


9-1-2014 – “Terry” – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Terry is quite a success story. She has grown tremendously through a series of sessions with her mother, who passed away two years ago. Previously Terry was afraid for the future, had never had lived alone. Her sessions with her mom have gently reassured her, and guided her through several key transitional points in her life. As a result of her mom’s advice, she successfully got her first apartment in a new city, successfully took on and finished driving school, got her license, bought her own car, was going to night school and now even bought her first condo. Terry’s mom assured her that it was now her time to shine, and that she owed it to herself to be more picky about potential suitors. She didn’t need to always rescue someone, and it was again time for her to be pampered. Mother predicted a nice rancher gentleman who was ready for an honest relationship just as she wished. The scent of leather came in very strongly, and she even suggested buying a cowboy hat to have at the ready in anticipation of her new boyfriend.

8-28-2014 – “Mary”, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Mary’s young son gave the ultimate sacrifice, and had recently passed away during his Naval service. Reading accurately described her son who was responsible for saving quite a few lives of his fellow friends. Reading revealed that the mother indeed had been in communication with the Navy calling repeatedly about an incident, and that an ongoing investigation was taking place within his military unit. Spirit revealed that he felt compelled to help others as ongoing unrest occurs in the world, and he would join a large group that would look out after others and circumvent attacks before they occurred.

4-2-2014 – “Sarah” Palm Beach, Florida

Client called about son who is uncomfortable and suffering from Post Traumatic Disorder Syndrome, The son found his own brother who tragically passed away by accident one year ago. Reading confirmed that the brother in spirit was very concerned for his sibling, and that he wanted to protect and console him in the darkest hour of need. He relayed information that a certain counselor would be perfect and the sooner the better. The young man was thinking of very serious actions and was suffering from considerable depression. Mother confirmed this. Spirit advised mother on confidential matters relating to his care. He also relayed specific messages of love and confirmed many of the positive things he had been working on.

4/ 1/2014 – “Cindy” Ontario, Canada

Cindy has been a client for one year, and called to let me know that the prediction of the settlement for a divorce timing was on point. Scan of husband and girlfriend revealed neither were completely being honest with themselves – and that an impending marriage would be more for “show” and a branding of “legitimacy” than honest love. Reading revealed that the husband was an opportunist and saw the new conquest as a way to increase his personal wealth and gain inside information on a Fortune 500 company. Reading revealed that within 2 years maximum the woman involved would tire of the non-acceptance by family members, and his opportunistic ways. Reading indicated her next friend would be very out-going, out-doors type person who would be very sympathetic and comforting as he had found himself in the same type of situation.

3/16/2014 – “Marcia” Bradenton, Florida House Clearing

Marcia opened the door of her home, with such a solemn face, I was concerned that the house might be loaded with trouble. But fortunately only 1 spirit was detected in the home, a young man overdosed and died at the age of 27. Marcia and her children were very upset and uneasy for quite a few months. Cleared the house, and communicated to spirit the enormous options and opportunities that are out there and he need not remain there. Spirit was removed simply by rationalizing with him, and sending in guides to help him find his way. Home also had very dark residual energy from aggressive, abusive husband who hurt the lady of the house. Energy balance and cleaned. Counseled family on manifesting positive experiences in their life. Read for son and mother. Son was correctly identified as a highly intelligent individual with great left brain skills but also a big heart as well. Counseled on how to positively manifest what they wanted for themselves in their life.

3/12/2014 – “Debbie”, Indiana U.S.

Debbie had called for a reading before approximately one year ago when her significant other had committed suicide. She has been studying since then and has developed quite a talent for automatic writing and telepathy. It was her birthday, and apparently her husband in spirit wanted to make sure she had a birthday present and came through to her in her automatic writing and asked her to kindly call “Diane”. Her husband is a very friendly and loving spirit, and wanted her to receive some healing and direct communication. He told her how much he dearly loved her, and was concerned that if she kept grieving so that her physical health could be compromised. Also 1 month previous to this reading a dear friend had passed away called “Big Bill”. Bill had quite a sense of humor and had us all laughing in stiches throughout the reading. He assured her that he gave her husband a good talking to when he got up there – and read him the “riot act” for causing such a commotion with his decision. However they were the best of pals now, as the spirit Andy was showing him the ropes. Both were musicians and Bill laughed about how Andy was always “Flirting with Disaster” anyway (Southern Rock, Molly Hatchet song). Spirits noted they always were having a good time with electricity at her house. She acknowledged this by saying just the night before Andy had been clicking the furnace thermostat on and off, over and over and finally stopped when she asked. She also at Christmas time was able to capture a photograph of Andy during a walk in the snow. I will try to find that photo and attach it here.

3/6/2014 – “Nicole”, Manatee County Florida: Spirit Portal – Multiple Spirits Haunting House and Attachments

House plagued for years by orbs, moving objects, remote being thrown up in the air, knocking on bathroom door, and bed shaking numerous times. Basically the house sits in a portal area, which explains the severe haunting.

During an evening party 2 guests had a video cameras going, 2 cameras captured the same orb patterns as the out of body guests enjoyed celebrating the party.

Residents plagued by anxiety attacks, stomach problems, OBE sleep paralysis, and finally having enough they called me in.

Determined the principle spirit was a young man who was drinking and driving and caused two fatalities including his own in a vehicle accident. The man had a fundamentalist belief system in a definite heaven and hell, and did not want to move on because he was convinced he would be punished somehow. Spoke with spirit brought in team to let him know that all is forgiven even such things as that, and that there was nothing to be afraid of. He could go in peace. Brought in team of my own spirit guides to help converse with him and convince him of the infinite possibilities there were in the after life, and he need not fear and judgement per se. He was creating his own self-made hell and was merely acting out in order to get help out.

Another spirit active in the house was one from a past life that had been attached to a young woman in her 30’s since she was a little child. The spirit physically had pulled her by the ankles off the bed when she was 12. Reading revealed the spirit had passed on at an early age and was deeply in love with the girl as they knew each other from a past life. Instead of progressing he was attached to her. Therapy given to spirit letting him know of the possibilities of the infinite universe and he was not to bother her anymore. Guides took him away immediately and cleaned the house.

Resident also plagued by fast visions of spirit faces she didn’t know right before sleeping. Explained to her in a past life she was a religious leader of some type, and these visions were merely people who were coming to her for advice or prayer, and not to be afraid.

Same house boyfriend had passed away in one room, the room was noticeably cold at about 55 degrees with no air conditioning, and in Florida. The spirit was totally at peace and only provided love to his family, and thanked them for the Christmas Tree. It was March and a tree was still up near his bedroom. The family laughed in recognition, as he loved Christmas trees and that’s why they kept it up especially for him.

House was cleared through prayer, reasoning with the spirits, showing them their options and releasing them from the boredom of the astral plane.

As leaving one orb flew past me, and seemed to be thanking me.

Returned to home, after little girl reported a very tall spirit shadow – that would not leave. I connected with him and convinced him to move on with love and peace.

Another Spirit still remaining in the house as he had passed away in a bedroom there. Mother of home confirmed he was very aggressive and hostile. Spirit apologized profusely and said he was just waiting to be able to say he was sorry for creating such mayhem.

During the portal clearing numerous orbs were recorded on video tape as I gave the reading.

3/1/2014 – “Mary”, Melbourne, Australia

“Mary” had suffered an incredibly devastating 2 suicides in her family and circle of friends within two weeks. She was very concerned how they were doing and if they were suffering in any way. I scanned the situation, and in fact one fellow was still very much in shock and replaying the incident in his consciousness over and over. He could not leave that physical space. I reassured him that it would be alright, invited his past family members in and they reunited. He was over joyed that he didn’t have to suffer anymore, and his sister Mary was very relieved as well.

2/7/2014 – Isabelle, San Antonio, Texas

“Isabelle” is a young lady who was hurting very badly from her father’s recent suicide 3 months before. Reading confirmed he was being bullied and fought by 3 men in an ongoing argument that was leading to violence. Finally the constant torment was too much for him, and unfortunately he took his life. He told his daughter that he promised never to leave her side, and to protect her from unwanted advances or unsavory characters. A dear and kind loving man, his photo left me so sad, as I could see what great love he had and so much potential. He said he wanted to be there for her when she got married and had children of her own. He promised love is eternal and he would always look after her with gentle kindness.

2/3/2014 – Laura – Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Laura” is a lovely person who suffers from a painful physical condition. Her mother passed away about 1 year and a half ago, and Liz was very, very close to her mother. She lived with her, and they did everything together as a team. She had never lived alone before nor did she have a driver’s license. Her mother has coached and reassured her through many sessions. She let’s her know she is so very, very proud of her and all of her great accomplishments. Laura’s evolution and growth has been incredible over the past year and a half. She was able to get her own apartment, get her driver’s license, and purchase a car and also get a bonus all in one year. She was also no longer troubled by her passive aggressive siblings who tended to bully her. Readings confirmed they had drug abuse issues, and the father as well. Laura’s mom reassured her that she didn’t need to care about their opinions as they were disturbed individuals who were not very balanced. They also realized she was “freer” then them, as she was not tied to marriage, and could be her own person. Through readings Liz has been recognized as an “angel on earth” who has come to experience such trials and tribulations so that she could help others overcome their disabilities and build their confidence. Laura is truly a miracle story who has learned not to be used by passive aggressive individuals or made to feel less than perfect.

2/5/2014 – Megan – Bradenton, Florida

“Megan” needed validation that the telepathic messages she received on a regular basis were real and not some type of emotional disturbance. As soon as she entered my front door, we both instantly “recognized” each other as good friends. Although we had never really met, it was as if I had known her forever.

She said at times her telepathic ability became so overwhelming she had to play music just to drown it out. Spirit advised that she was indeed extremely intuitive and not to be embarrassed by her gift. Her soul was very lovely and gentle, and she just needed to know that she was ok and perfectly fine. Her family had taken her to doctors who tried to explain the condition as some sort of psychological disorder. But she indeed was quite relieved to find out it was perfectly normal for her. I even tested her and she scored 100% on accuracy. An amazing lovely young lady, she left smiling confident in her abilities and no longer feeling odd because she could pickup on other’s thoughts before spoken.

1/25/2014 – Sarah – London, England, United Kingdom

“Sarah” emailed quite distraught over her younger brother’s suicide just two weeks prior. The reading revealed he was certainly quite terrified at the time he took his life, and unfortunately could not find balance or peace on the other side. He was in a state of “non-being” in other words he couldn’t consciously will himself out of a very dark self-inflicted place. However I let him know gently that there is no punishment or repercussions only love and acceptance on the other side. We create our own realities based on our beliefs. At that moment his Grandmother came to his side and embraced him with gentle love and told him he would be fine. He was astonished that I could hear what I was thinking and was very polite throughout the whole reading. When he wished to talk, he would say “excuse me”, and other such pleasantries. His sister was in the UK time zone, so after awhile it became quite late where she lives. So we switched over to Skype, where her brother wrote her lovely thoughts and wishes which really let her breathe such a sigh of relief. He thanked her over and over for his “send off party” as she planned the whole thing herself with his favorite music and friends, and thanked her very much for her tenderness and kindness.

Sarah very concerned that she wouldn’t have the peace of mind to be able to pass some very difficult examinations that were crucial to her academic success. Her brother reassured her over and over that he would do his best to help her if she hit a rough spot. The reading revealed he had a favorite, loyal pet. She confirmed this that he had a beautiful cat who comforted himself every night by climbing a mantle, and sleeping right beside her brother’s photo and urn.

2/5/2014- “Selina” – Argentina – Sarasota, Florida

This was a very difficult case with the only evidence being digital photos and scanning the mind of another person thousands of miles away. “Selina” had called before so troubled by her boyfriend’s apparently amorous activities in Argentina while she was in the U.S. Although very loving and caring, he had quite a way with the ladies. She demanded proof of what he was doing and showed pictures of potential friends. Usually I am not called upon to do these things, and was really quite reluctant – as I usually really don’t want to get involved in that kind of negative detective work. And I didn’t want to hurt him or her. But she was very insistent, Selina stated she had to have absolute proof otherwise she would look foolish flying to Argentina and asking him about such a delicate subject. One photo she provided did make a direct connection with energy that the young lady and he were together although she was married. The boyfriend felt his behavior was not out of the ordinary, and didn’t feel particularly guilty as it was a behavior learned from his father, and his father’s father. The reading revealed the time of his return home which matched what he had told her personally on the phone. Also his sister had recently asked to be friends with Selina on a social site, in which I told her to go ahead and accept. I advised to gently become friends and see if the sister could let her know the truth by her own words in a couple of months. This could giver her the final proof that Selina had so desperately wanted to know.

1/20/2014 – “John” – Bradenton, Florida

“John” went into a local emergency room complaining of severe abdominal pain. He was able to talk with the nurses and change into a hospital gown. But alas 15 minutes later when a nurse when to check on him, John was on the floor. He had passed away almost immediately. John’s good friends asked for a spiritual intervention so that he would be peaceful and clearly understand what had happened. They didn’t want him to be left in a state of shock and confusion. John reassured them by saying he at first really was shocked, but that he has many friends who had passed before him, and they are comforting him. He said they still tell the same bad jokes as they used to! He definitely was feeling better and thanked us for caring about him and checking on him. He also let us know he felt bad for the poor nurse who found him in that state. He didn’t want to scare or burden anyone.

1/17/2014- “Bridgette” – Manhattan, New York

“Bridgette” is the operations manager of a famous Buddhist retreat, which hosts His Holiness the Dalai Lama when he is in the area. One of her guests have taken pictures two years in a row at the retreat which are clearly spiritual in nature. Reading revealed it was a late teacher, a Rinpoche who was simply enjoying the quiet and solitude of the retreat, and wanted them to know proof positive that consciousness continues on.

11/3/2013- “Emily” – Chicago Illinois Suburb

“Emily” was very distraught over the loss of her mother. Emily was extremely sad thinking that the one day she did not go to the house, her mom passed. Reading confirmed that her mother wished to pass on a day that she was not there, and her spirit had planned for this with specific intent. However the daughter was being too hard on herself believing if she would of been there her mother would be ok. Her mother reassured her that this was not the case, and that it was time for her to go. Mother counseled client on how to handle quite troublesome siblings who unfortunately suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction. Siblings were creating a lot of distress for Emily as the family farm and estate had already been divided fairly, but yet they were irrationally and continually asking for more in addition to trying to force Emily to sell her mother’s home. Spirit advised on these delicate matters and assured her that she would stay by her side and watch over her.

1/10/2014 – “Mary” – Maine

“Mary’s” mother had just recently passed. Reading confirmed the condition that caused her passing. Her mother was delighted to tell her all that she was experiencing on the other side and that she was perfectly enjoying herself. Reading revealed why a particularly bothersome relative had hurt Mary so much during her life. Despite wealth, position and power the relative relentlessly bullied and tormented Mary, her immediate family and disrupted many other lives through a highly powerful government position. She revealed that now that she is in spirit, she knows her behavior was wrong, and was the unfortunate result of abuse as a child on many levels. Spirit let her know she was being counseled by other guides to learn how simple words can destroy or change a person’s destiny or self-confidence forever. The spirit apologized profusely for her terrible behavior which brought some healing for a wound that had been hurting both women for nearly 55 years. The root cause of the shocking negative behaviors and constant state of competitiveness came out in the reading, and the client confirmed that the rationale did make sense. A granddaughter was showing similar anti-social, hurtful behavior. Spirit confirmed that she indeed shared the gene that carried the same disorder, should be evaluated, and parents encouraged to give full attention at once.

1/8/2013Gail – Sarasota, Florida :

“Gail” and her two daughters came in for a reading. Reading revealed some animosity between her and her husband. But Gail understood her ex-husband’s behavior, accepted his apology and let him know that all was forgiven. Spirit encouraged her to begin enjoying life again, to take up writing and finally life the life she really wanted to live. The daughters were pleased to hear their father speaking using the same type of vocabulary and attitude he had in life. Spirit confirmed that they were more precious to him than any diamond, any amount of money, or anything in the world. He loved them with all of his heart. He confirmed it was he who was causing certain songs to be played on the radio, lights going on and off, etc. The family took solace in knowing he was doing well and still had his prankster sense of humor.

12/23/3013 “Carol” – Palm Beach, Florida

“Carol” had tragically lost her son through an accidental overdose. Two families were racked with guilt thinking there was something they could of done. Spirit reassured them it was no one’s fault but his, and not to waste their precious lives thinking incorrectly. A great amount of healing was performed for Carol, her husband, the spirit’s wife, and siblings, and his own young son who at 8 months recognizes the energy of “Da Da” whenever he comes to visit.

10/19/2013 – “Charles” – Chicago, Illinois

“Charles” is a highly spiritual and educated person. He is extremely knowledgeable on a variety of belief systems. Highly intriguing it was clear from the start his reading would be at a very high level.

(He is comfortable with attending the Catholic church, Buddhist temples, and works quite closely with Native American spirituality)

He called me, two weeks after his mother had passed on. He wanted to verify that those places of worship and guidance he regularly attends were worthy for him to go to. In spirit, his mother pointed out very clearly those that were authentic and genuine.

He asked her if she could feel the prayers that were being sent to her by his church and other groups. Spirit confirmed in reading.

She could literally feel the combination of prayers sending her peace and love from several sources and spiritual practice centers as being worthy. Correctly described the physical ailment that his mother succumbed to that Doctors just couldn’t stem.

10/5/2013 – “Bridgette” – San Diego California

“Bridgette” was still suffering greatly from her brother’s suicide. A loving and tender man, he was besieged in life by a family that was under great emotional strain and substance abuse. Correctly diagnosed bipolar disorder as the main triggering event along with chronic depression. The brother told her that she had something she shouldn’t be keeping and implored her to get rid of it. Turns out she had been keeping a stone from the river he had been found in. He told her to go out and treat herself to something more beautiful and positive as a gift and that when she saw the “right thing” it would immediately resonate with her. It wasn’t necessary to burden herself by keeping such a symbol of her brother’s death.

On an update received in 1/2014 Bridgette shared a photo of her brother in spirit form taken while she was walking through their wooded home area.

10/1/2013 – “Steven” – Venice, Florida

“Steven” wanted to connect with his mother, father and other family members who had all passed away previously. He said he felt more or less alone except for his own wife and two daughters. He brought with him a treasured Indian arrowhead. Correctly identified the state where it came from and the story behind it.

He was looking for guidance from his family, and received precise words of wisdom from his mom, dad, grandmother, and an uncle who tragically had committed suicide on his birthday. The uncle, who had been stuck literally since passing was quite remarkable. Although his untimely death had occurred well over 10 years, he was still bound in the astral plane, besieged with repetitive guilty thoughts and a self-created negative place. He was afraid to go on, but knew he didn’t want to stay where he was. We talked at length to him, and Steven was given advice to send his uncle love and positive thoughts so that he could move on. Steven’s chosen soul circle – the core group in which he was born would continue to help him in everyday life matters and also assist the uncle to heal and be at peace so he could evolve.

9/12/2013 – “Justin” – Long Island, New York – Anna Maria Island, Florida

“Justin” is a very hard working, and incredibly bright man. Despite being very strong physically, he has a tender heart. Unfortunately he suffered greatly as a child from a dysfunctional family life which included some very, very serious issues. One of many difficulties he had to overcome was the fact that his brother for over 50 years had tormented and bullied him in just about every way possible.

I asked if he wouldn’t mind a reading, because his brother was making it very clear that he wanted to talk with Justin. He said he had never had one before, but he shrugged, and said, ” Sure why not”? So I gave him a reading on the spot. His brother let Justin know that in life, he always felt intimidated intellectually by him, and that somehow he wasn’t as “smart” as him. This combined with a severely disturbed family life created a very harsh emotional imbalance and misdirected anger. He let Justin know that he now knows his behavior was wrong, and he would take it back if he could. On the other side, he was being taken care of by numerous guides who were helping to heal him of his emotional trauma and troubles. He asked for forgiveness, and told him he was truly sorry and that he was going to be in a literal “spiritual time out” for awhile, as he healed and sorted out his various traumas. After the reading Justin felt some sense of relief, and closure on his brother’s torment. Since then Justin’s brother has not made a peep at night — and seems content that he could get his message across to his brother.


9/10/2013 – “Bridgette” – London, England – United Kingdom

“Bridgette” is a beautiful lady who despite her age of 70 reminded me of a spry 40 year old. She loves the Rolling Stones, and can rock and roll with the best of them. She has seen the Rolling Stones, quite a few times, and even saw them at Wimbley stadium in 1969. She herself wonders how Keith Richards is still such a magnificent musician and literally still standing. Her wheel chair was bedecked with hilarious bumper stickers, she was a real hoot to be with.

On the serious side, Bridgette was diagnosed two years ago with a critical illness with 6 months to live. The good news is she is so delightfully stubborn, and gifted with an incredible sense of humor that she has kept going on despite her medical diagnosis. For her 70th birthday her best friend and super helper, gave her the gift of a reading. The intent was to give Bridgette some insight as to what to expect after she leaves her body behind. The reason being that unfortunately the reality of organ failure is happening.

During her life her helper told me her spiritual beliefs were simple. She was an atheist. This is just fine with me, as a person’s spiritual belief is exactly what they need for this life and really is a completely personal choice. But in this system, she really had no built in spiritual expectations or as she put it “a golden ticket to the country club in the sky” – she needed a bit of guidance on what to expect upon her graduation from this earth.

So I let her know that she can relax, as I am affectionately known as the “Tour Guide to the Other Side“, especially for hospice patients. The reason being is that I’ve had a near death experience and can let them know there really is absolutely nothing to fear – and it’s actually a great relief to get rid of these old bag of bones when it’s time to go. That gave her a great belly laugh. So I gave her a detailed reading as to what to expect as she leaves her physical body behind. She was overjoyed to know that she had quite a gathering of friends and relatives awaiting her arrival and that they assured her she would have the best time ever!

After 70 years she only met her birth mother a couple of times. I assured her that her birth mother still loved her immensely and is waiting with great love and affection for when she passes. The healing was incredible when I was able to tell her that despite what Bridgette felt was pure rejection by her birth mother was actually a great gift of life.

Her birth mom gave her up actually with great reluctance and sorrow due to an impossible financial situation and WWII. I let her know that I did see her signing the adoption papers with tremendous sorrow and a heart wrenching cry – and there wasn’t a day that had passed when she hadn’t thought of her. I also let her know that by this great sacrifice, indeed her mother essentially saved her life. As she passed away soon after due to shrapnel from the war and the baby if close by, would most certainly of been mortally wounded if she had kept her in the same room.

The reading was amazingly powerful and healing, as this lifted over 60 years of pain and anguish for dear Bridgette. Thrilled to know how her birth mother really did love and miss her was incredibly healing. Her foster mom and birth mom assured her they would both be there for her and it would be a joyful reunion like none other. I also said her adoptive mother would be quite active and that she would have a beautiful fragrance of delightful violets about her. Which Bridgette was astounded by, since that was indeed her favorite flower.

Her helper was also concerned as they had grown very, very close throughout the years. And I reassured them that Bridgette was quite the prankster and would indeed be there just as she always has been only as a pure energy. The veil was quite thin, and they would still enjoy their movie time together and have a great blast pulling practical jokes. Energy is energy, it doesn’t die and it can be at more than one place at once.

9/9/2013 – “Maria” – Arlington, Virginia

“Maria” called very upset that her mother was critically ill in the hospital with an untreatable condition and seemed certain to pass. She wanted to connect with her father in spirit who assured her that she was not going to pass that day. He tried his best to assure her that mom would hang on until all unfinished business was taken care of. That she could have deep meaningful conversations with her that are very heartfelt and exactly the thing that one needs in order to let go with peace. I let her know she would have at least two weeks if not more and that it was always very typical for the person to have a “shining period” in which they have renewed energy and can communicate fairly well before they pass. Her father laughed and said: “Believe me honey, this train is always going back and forth and there is no schedule for goodness sake.” So Maria took great heart in this and knew she would have plenty of time to talk with her mom and say her loving goodbyes with dignity and grace.

Her father assured her that he has “set up everything” as best as he can, and prepared a place for her to feel very comfortable with. They had been married 60 years, and he had just passed away one year ago. So he was very emphatic he wouldn’t let his wife come over alone – and he would meet her with great love and compassion.

He told her to continue to contact a person by his exact name, which floored the client. She had just finished talking to him, and he recently lost his mother and could be of great relief to her in the coming days of grief and sadness.

9/9/2013 – “Uma, and Lisa” – Long Island, New York, and Sarasota, Florida

Sisters on a visit to their a family second home in Sarasota, Florida asked for a reading from their father who recently had passed. The father was very sweet but had quite the advice for his daughter. The daughter apparently was with a man who had some of the darkest energy I’ve ever witnessed. He was not trustworthy, and I saw symbolically he had her hands tied in a no-win situation. It was big trouble. He was indeed after her wealth. She confirmed this. The father called him an out and out “Schmuck” and that she should lawyer up with even 3 lawyers and take him out of the picture. The women gave no exact details, but confirmed that this was indeed the situation and that they really needed advice from their father as to how to handle it. He let them know over and over, that he would give him a good swift kick if he could, and he deserved it. They laughed with recognition and confirmed the message completely. The father urged them to take a day of pampering at the “Met” on St. Armands Key which is quite a beautiful day spa. He said go ahead and do what you girls want to, “It’s on me”. Which had them in stitches laughing because apparently it really was on him. Very funny and great gals. I enjoyed this reading very much.

9-7-2013 – “Prosenjit” – Bangalore, India

I woke up at 2:00 am feeling out of sorts, and that indeed something was wrong. I went online, and sure enough a friend of mine happened to be online. He messaged me that he was feeling very down hearted. So I used the chat mechanism on the website and proceeded to give him an automatic writing from halfway around the world courtesy of his Grandmother.

She spoke very rapidly and usually I only get telepathic thoughts and symbols, but in this case I could actually hear her language at times. I asked about it, and he said it was a language specific to their area and is quite quickly spoken. She assured him that he was being taken care of by both her and his grandfather, and they were symbolically spreading a path of flower petals to make his journey and working life easier.

The client confirmed when the reading revealed that he had a very thick headed boss, who favored the ladies. The boss was also actually incompetent, or at least not as smart as Prosenjit and actually felt threatened by his intellect and would become quite defensive, and when projects fell apart would try to escape his role as the leader. Also a pretty strong symbol came in of his boss selecting work shoes, but only opening boxes with pink high heels. I was hesitant to mention this, but Prosenjit said he could hardly believe it. He never had told anyone of this. It was his boss’s habit to frequently hire women without even interviewing them or making sure of their skills for such a high tech job with an internationally known Fortune 500 company. I let him know that the higher ups in the other countries that were managing the team were indeed taking note of this person and would soon make a move.

Several days later Prosenjit messaged excitedly that the person on the team was leaving and was quite upset that he had to give a “knowledge transfer” to his managers, in which he wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what technology or knowledge to even talk of.

3 months later the client wrote to let me know that each prediction came to pass in startling detail and that he was now enjoying a new position in the company and ready to marry his lovely bride.

8/12/2013 – “Anna” – Sarasota, Florida

“Anna” is a wonderful young client, who loved her father very much. It was the anniversary of his passing. During the reading for her father it was detected that he was quite evolved spiritually. Although a man of great humility, he had quite a positive influence and was beloved by people both on this side and the other. She confirmed that he had a great following of friends and people were drawn to him from all walks of life. He was capable of understanding levels of consciousness that most cannot even fathom, let alone articulate. His wisdom was profound, and his soul a pleasure to communicate with.


8/8/2013 – “Shannon” – Reno, Nevada

“Shannon’s” husband had taken his own life. Despite serious physical trauma, he wanted to assure her that he felt no pain at the time of passing. His soul had already left the body at the time of the incident. She was relieved to know this. He felt his physical body was no longer representative of the real “him” and told her to not to be too disturbed by the incident if humanly possible. He loved her with all of his heart, and gently asked for her forgiveness. Both parties healed during the session, and he let her know deeply that his true intent was not to hurt her but rather relieve her of the burden of his ongoing struggle with substance abuse. She stated in a follow up session that she was starting to feel at peace, and had slept through the night for the first time in at least one month. She was very grateful and was able to “breathe” again.


8/5/2013 – “Barbara” – Sarasota, Florida

“Barbara’s” mother had just passed away in June, and she was longing to hear from her. She was very, very close to her mom and loved her dearly. During the reading, just as in life, her mother was also quite loving, and so warm hearted. She immediately let her daughter know that all was going quite well and that her father had been there to meet her. In the reading it was detected that “Barbara” felt somewhat guilty by distancing herself from those members of the family who had been acting in a selfish and uncompassionate manner. The mother stated she was correct to protect herself from negative influences, and that she had the undeniable right to allow only those in her life that she wanted. If people were not a positive, and only were “on the make” it was perfectly acceptable to distance herself and to give them more than the will had stated, out of “guilt” would be incorrect.

Barbara as it turns out is quite an animal lover, and she asked her father who was also in spirit if he could see the animals who had gone previously. He exclaimed YES! It’s like a zoo up here! She laughed and said it sounded exactly like him. This made her very happy to know her little friends also had their own spiritual energy and would indeed greet her with great love upon her return “home”.

Her mother and father had a hard time of it in the early years, and always wanted their children to have the best. So as a parting gift her mother let her know that she would surprise her with some play money of some type. Her mother insisted that if she felt like playing with those “scratch off ticket things” to give it a try. Now this even made me skeptical, because usually this is a strict no-no that is never mentioned in readings. But at the end of the reading her mom insisted. Two days later Barbara called me back so excited, saying “Diane, Diane, You are never going to believe this in a million years! She stated that she had went to a local grocery store with a vending machine that sold scratch off tickets. There wasn’t anyone around at all, not even at the service desk. But yet there was a $10.00 credit on the machine. She thought to herself “Who the heck walks away from a $10.00 credit?” She thought this might be a sign from her mom, so she took a chance. Low and behold, she purchased a ticket with her free credit and won $100.00. We were both excited and thrilled that this event actually happened. I told her I was just as excited for her and that I wish it would of been for more. However, it still a great validating experience for the both of us!

8/1/2013 – “Megan” – Los Angeles, California

“Megan” is an independent film maker, and apparently is fairly well known for her work. When she called I could hear the shakiness in her voice, and that she was quite afraid. She had been psychologically traumatized and stalked by a group of 2-3 men for over six months. Frankly, I was amazed that she could stand it for so long. I asked her why she didn’t contact police or have a restraining order put in place by a judge. She said she did, but to no avail as she couldn’t positively identify who the individuals were. She finally reached the breaking point when she discovered they had connected a GPS tracking device underneath her car (discovered only by accident, when she was leaving her mother’s home, as it scraped off the car’s bottom on a speed bump.) The individuals in question were also seen waiting outside her mother’s home in a car, and worst of all had entered her own personal home as well. They moved just enough items to let her know that they had complete access. They also accessed her computer and read her emails. Of course she was quite justified in her genuine concern, and I counseled her to seek immediate protection.

The reading revealed the stalkers were actually a group of 3 people who had been paid a sum of $15,000 to make sure that Megan’s day to day life would be made miserable in return for a less than flattering film that she had made about someone. The reading revealed the reason they were so persistent, is that they had received half of the sum but would be paid in full when their “job” was complete. This was a very real threat and extremely dangerous. Alarmed I told her to contact a professional body guard agency familiar with working with celebrities, as it was obvious these individuals were serious. Also advised her to put in monitoring cameras with direct 24-hour link to a security firm at her home and her mother’s home. She was also advised to have her mother stay with her or elsewhere for the time being. She also was told to change her locks, passcodes and whatever else she could think of to feel secure.

Her other questions involved a person who was involved in a religious organization. At first she thought he was quite honorable, but he kept appearing coincidentally at her meditation retreats and seemingly was also following her. It could of been a feeling of coincidence because of the recent stalking, but I scanned the individual and let her know that he indeed had a reputation of taking advantage of his teaching role and was quite a noteworthy womanizer. She said that was absolutely true, and his record was shameful. She concurred and cancelled an upcoming retreat which she had heard he was planning on attending. She also was going to directly tell him to leave her absolutely alone, had no interest in him, and should that not deter him threaten to take it up with his superiors or the authorities.

7/24/2013 – “Sharon” – Casey Key, Sarasota – Florida

“Sharon” called for her first medium reading to help her understand and connect with her friend Sharon who had recently passed away from an accident. I met Heather at her home on Casey Key. The home was full of sadness and it was very evident that she was suffering greatly over the loss of her friend. Spirit confirmed her “incident” as she called it was probably a bit intentional. She let her friend know that she suffered terribly from depression and just simply couldn’t see the beauty in life at the end. Her friend confirmed this. Spirit said she had , a feeling she never did quite fit into this life, and the last few months were sad and overwhelming for here. Therefore Sharon fulfilled her own wish to leave this earth. Sharon was a very gentle soul during the reading and was very careful not to upset her friend. She only wanted to reassure her that in the after life, she felt an incredible sense of unconditional love and peace from a divine presence with no judgement.

Sharon was quite young and had a full of life of her with so much potential. Sharon let her dear friend know that she felt very close to her, and that she was the only person who really she felt she could tell anything without any hesitation. They were very close in their deep understanding of each other. The spirit was very reassuring to Greta. They indeed were true soul friends who deeply cared for one another and were known for their gentle teasing, hijinks and little adventures.

She offered great comfort in letting her how she was healed during her transition of her emotional and physical wounds. She was looking forward with great anticipation on a mutual project in which they would collaborate together on creating spectacularly beautiful books that would serve as her gift to her friend and others that were hurting. Her life mission was to help others overcome depression and find their divine grace once again. Her friend Greta was very happy with this idea and welcomed it wholeheartedly. Spirit also conveyed that she had already “found” an artist at Ringling School of Art who would somehow be able to create exactly the artistic vision she had, and also a symphony musician with the Sarasota Orchestra who could compose the music to beautifully written spiritually inspired lyrics. Her gift to her friend was to collaborate once again in a beautiful sharing and healing through creating these lovely little books and music. Spirit let Greta know that actually not only would it be healing and wonderful for the both of them, but for many others, and that it would help them both have a happier ending then just leaving things as they were. Spirit also kindly let her know about how to handle her personal affects such as ashes and how she would like to go up in an airplane and have her ashes spread across the ocean. She was very fond of vast open space, and large panoramic vistas. She wanted her ashes to be in that type of environment so her friend would think of her in that beautiful space free from pain and part of the full universe.

7/2/2013 – “Justin” – Sarasota, Florida

Reading revealed spirit had passed recently as a result of an accidental overdose after returning from vacation. Wife confirmed this was indeed the case. Particularly sensitive and tragic case which struck very close to the heart, in that he was just recently married and had only known his son for 6 months of his life. This beautiful young couple were suffering terribly. The incident had just happened. He assured her that his family would make sure she wouldn’t need to worry and also gave advice on some personal matters.

Particularly noteworthy is that three exact names came up within the reading and also the nature of his business. Usually names are quite difficult to discern as the energy isn’t the same as an action or emotionally charged event.

Noted that his baby son was waking up in the deep of night, giggling and waving to an area of the room where there was no physical person. Mother confirmed this was happening. Spirit related that it was indeed daddy coming to visit. His father expressed great pride in his son, noting that all parents think their children are special — but in this case he is truly is exceptional. The son will begin to show signs of great clarity and insight at a highly evolved level. On a lighter note, spirit shared he loved to tickle his son. Wife confirmed her son was extremely ticklish. He also loved to show his son bedtime stories by creating imagery in his mind of loving, and fun childhood stories.

Justin reassured his wife that he was always with her, and on the astral level still couldn’t believe that such a thing happened. He thought it was indeed unfair. He had many plans for his life and family, and was successful in business. Went deeper into the soul level and read for her the higher reason for the passing. Indeed his spirit was compelled to a deeper mission to try his best to join a group of many souls who are gathering to help safeguard the future of innocent beings who may be otherwise be harmed by those with misguided delusions of religious intolerance. He felt he could sacrifice his personal life, and beautiful wife and son in order to take on this great challenge and mission with thousands of other souls who were being similarly called. He noted that in doing so they could save literally hundreds of thousands of souls, and that it was this calling that he was drawn to.


As a follow up Justin’s mother and father also came in for a personal session with their son. Deeply hurt, and aching with pain over losing a son with such potential – he brought peace to soothe them and repeatedly let them know that it was no one’s fault but his own. He didn’t follow his doctor’s orders and therefore indeed it was his own doing. He asked them to please not waste their precious lives thinking if only…what if…is it my fault… questions, as it was meant to be and he wanted them to enjoy their lives not wasting it on pity or sadness.

6/30/2013 – “Jill” – New York, New York

Beautiful young woman tragically, and mistakenly overdosed on Xanax and alcohol. Spirit comforted Mother, Aunt, and Godmother and let them know it was indeed quite a terrible accident, and that she really hadn’t intended to take her own life. It was simply a matter of a chemical imbalance which resulted in a confused state of mind, with exacerbating symptoms of clinical depression. She was not clear or cognitively aware of the implications of what was happening and stated very gently but repeatedly it was indeed an accident. She reassured family members that under normal circumstances she would of never considered such a measure. She stated that she wished they could all heal and help one another as a group. They should grieve as much and as long as needed. But finally them must give themselves permission to live life once again. She under no circumstances would want them to continually repeat the event, nor ruin their lives by feeling guilt or remorse that was something completely out of their control. Family members and young woman’s spirit felt positive healing results that come with the wisdom of understanding and forgiveness.

6/15/2013 – “Mark” – Bradenton, Florida

“Mark” had experienced the unfortunate and traumatic experience of his father’s life being taken by another over 10 years ago. Mark came to my home at the advice of his girlfriend who could tell he needed to heal from this past experience, so that he might heal and be able to carry on with his life. The reading revealed the passing was by a large gun, and was particularly traumatic due to suicide/murder. He quietly acknowledged that this was indeed the case.

The father reassured him that it was alright, and relayed the long secret details of why it occurred. The father’s spirit expressed great pride in his son.

The reading revealed his son was quite adept at helping keep young people on the right path, and was particularly excellent at coaching. He was also very good at social work/counseling. The young man confirmed this by letting me know he was considering a degree in social work. The son expressed some remorse at using his inheritance for enjoyment, but the father reassured him that was what it was for. And jokingly replied, that he had no use for the money where he was.

Reading also revealed a physical problem with a young woman in the lower parts of the abdomen. His girlfriend confirmed this during the reading. The reading brought up that she had fibrous growths within the fallopian area. She confirmed she was diagnosed with this through sonogram.

Reading revealed she didn’t care for the Doctor that much. She confirmed. The reading brought forth it was very important for her to continue to seek medical attention for the growths. She affirmed that she would do so. As reading also suggested that she may wish another child in the future and that she should take care of her physical well-being. She shyly replied that this was indeed the case.

6/12/2013 – “Theresa” – Bradenton, Florida

Spirit provided comfort to daughter to let her know how he passed and conditions that lead up to a motorcycle accident that unfortunately took his life. He let her know, it was indeed purely an accident and was caused by imperfections in the road. He let her know that he liked to show himself to her in the form of butterflies. She was quite happy about that because she had been seeing so many lately. Also he especially thanked her for keeping a very special letter he had hand written to her when she was 18.

She was elated to find out it was indeed her father – because she asked for proof that it was him. Although the spirit was not as strong as some, he suddenly exclaimed “french fries”. This made her very happy, as when she was two years old and in the hospital, her father had brought in french fries to make her happy. He also had owned a McDonald’s previously. She expressed the desire to know how to talk with him as she has many questions that have gone unanswered. Provided counseling on how to do so.

6/13/2013 “Jeannie” – Port Charlotte, Florida

Jeannie had experienced two traumatic deaths of loved ones. Her husband and very close cousin of Boston died as a result gun fire. However despite the manner in which the two individuals passed within two months of each other – they were very much at peace and “having a great time”. Her cousin and her husband had joined together in the spirit world and were quite happy go-lucky. They were very much at peace, and let her know they would definitely help her with some major life decisions she was working on.

Her husband was full of love and was so strong that he was immediately detectable. In fact the spirit was able to project himself to the point where I could feel his “hand” warm my left arm. During the reading I let her know that my arm was really being touched. She asked is it your left arm? I said yes, and she said well he must be here now because now my left arm is warm! He reassured her that there is indeed a heaven that paralleled his Christian beliefs. He said that he was immediately whisked away and comforted by Jesus, and he told her that it was really beautiful and his transition was full of love. He also had total forgiveness for the person who took his life. He told her a key sentence that provided proof positive it was indeed her husband. She asked how much do you love me? The answer: “As big as the world”.

She was overcome with great happiness and excited because these were the exact words he used to explain his feelings towards her. Spirit confirmed he was watching over her and the baby. Baby has shown recognition of her father’s spirit several times.

5/10/2013 Scott – United States Naval Veteran – Bradenton, Florida

“Scott” had been given a reading as a birthday gift. This wonderful elderly gentleman was very much grieving the loss of his lovely wife of 50 years. His wife was friends with the woman who was instrumental in developing the hospice movement. In fact he brought in an autographed copy of her book inscribed to his wife. Her name was Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

His wife came in as a beautiful spiritual energy and reassured him that she loved him so very much, and that their love is eternal. She expressed how grateful she was for his loving care and she missed their special times together. She let him know that he should try his best to try and get out of the house and rediscover life again. He confirmed this saying that he was pretty much house bound and depressed. She told him that she was always with him and just “really really loved her husband”. Dear Scott was a tough man and his tears of sadness over the loss of his wife, were so overwhelming. But he came away with irrefutable proof that their is life after death, and his wife confirmed so many events that had occurred in their life. She also assured him that she was making a beautiful home for them so that when he came over everything would be perfect and as it should be.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross - Founder of the Hospice Movement.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D. (July 8, 1926 – August 24, 2004) was a Swiss American psychiatrist, a pioneer in near-death studies and the author of the groundbreaking book On Death and Dying (1969), where she first discussed her theory of the five stages of grief.

She is a 2007 inductee into the American National Women’s Hall of Fame. She was the recipient of twenty honorary degrees and by July 1982 had taught, in her estimation, 125,000 students in death and dying courses in colleges, seminaries, medical schools, hospitals, and social-work institutions. In 1970, she delivered the The Ingersoll Lectures on Human Immortality at Harvard University, on the theme, On Death and Dying.

5/5/2013 Elsie – Siesta Key, Sarasota Florida, Toronto Canada

“Elsie” called distraught about her husband’s true intentions. Usually I try to stay within the realm of mediumship, but she was very hurt and needed help. During the reading correctly identified the individual he was seeing, and the motivation behind the actions. Also helped to bring peace from suffering caused by, and brought perspective to the situation and advice on the best path for her. Afterwards the client called again from Toronto, Canada and confirmed he had been less than truthful. He was seeing a high power executive in a Fortune 500 company. They were going on “business trips” together, and was having a mid-life crisis including facelift, hair transplants, etc. He later admitted he was troubled by the early passing of his sister, which made him feel as though he should live for the moment. In doing so he unfortunately lost his loving wife and two children as they are no longer together. He was indeed ruthless and the reading let her know that he was hiding financial resources that could help her and her two children. She was also given the advice to have everything signed, and sealed, and witnessed – as he would do his very best to be less than amiable.

3/7/2013 Ryan of Reno Nevada

Well there really is no better testimonial than the spirit manifesting themselves while their reading is being played. Here we have energy orbs of “Ryan” a young 17 year old who recently passed from traumatic circumstances. This video was produced by his sister while her mother listened to the CD of her live reading that I had mailed to her. These orbs are coming in during this exact time. In addition they have filmed him over and over constantly moving one vertical blind in his mom’s room. He does this especially when detectives are close on the case, or friends are hurting. They also filmed another one and called it Orbs Part 2. But this is the only video that is on Youtube.com. Be patient, until you can hear my voice on the recording saying “Well it’s about time we wrapped this up, etc.” After this you will see orbs go whizzing past and the young woman that is video taping it is obviously reacting directly to the phenomenon. Ryan is a very friendly and lovely spirit, who was a compassionate and wonderful person. He still is quite a dynamo and loving dad who watches over his family with great love.

2/23/2013 Channeling of Lobsang Namgyal, Tibetan Buddhist Monk – Lhasa, Tibet (21 days in the Bardo state of spirit)

Lobsang Namgyal - Tibetan Monk
Lobsang Namgyal – Tibetan Monk

As a result of political unrest in Tibet, I channeled over 4,000 words on audio tape then transcribed the information in this very serious and timely encounter. After praying to dear Lobsang after his brave passage, he came in and exactly talked in a way specific to Tibetans with phrasing and intonation. (Naturally the world of telepathic thought is international. So no need to translate from Tibetan.) He was the 100th Tibetan monk who quite desperately and tragically take their own lives by self-immolation. This is being done in shocking frequency, as Tibet tries to let the world know about the genocide that is happening there at the hands of the PRC. This kind monk was soft spoken, extremely articulate, and channeled perfectly. He slowly spoke so I was sure to get every word.

He defined the conditions of Tibet in exact detail, and why such turmoil is causing the monks to take this drastic action. It has also been deemed highly authentic, and very probable by world renown scholar Robert Thurman. Robert Thurman is the first American ordained by H.H. the Dalai Lama, was honored by Time magazine as one of America’s 25 most influential people. He is the Je Tsongkhapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University, holding the first endowed chair in this field of study in the United States. He also is the co-founder and president of the Tibet House New York and is active against the People’s Republic of China’s control of Tibet.

Roger Woolger, British-American psychotherapist, lecturer, and author specializing in past life regression and soul trauma healing.
Roger Woolger, British-American psychotherapist, lecturer, and author specializing in past life regression and soul trauma healing.

2/18/2013 Roger Woolger Ph.D. – Jungian Psychotherapist – Sarasota, Florida and Beyond.

Usually I don’t put down real names here, but somehow I don’t think Roger would mind. (With his kind permission, I reveal a bit here. He is in spirit and such a brilliant dynamo!) I channeled him for his close friend and working partner who was missing him and wanted to have some healing closure. His work is considered to be ground-breaking and quintessential in the world of psychotherapy. He was educated at the University of Oxford and King’s College London, where he gained degrees in psychology, religion, and philosophy. He then trained as an analyst at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zürich. An amazing man he lived and worked around the world with residences in New Paltz, New York, Paris. and Salvador, Brazil. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Woolger He worked with hundreds of patients, and also produced lectures on past life regression, and healing past trauma. Much to my surprise, he was also connected to Robert Thurman. Robert Thurman was the first American ordained by the Dalai Lama, and is considered the world’s foremost expert on Tibetan Buddhism, and teaches at Columbia to this day. Tenzin Bob is a friend of whom I had the pleasure of helping to get his work published in Taiwan on “Why the Dalai Lama Matters”. (Opps I am digressing aren’t I?)

During his reading Roger was a real hoot. He proudly announced they were both “perfectly capable of picking up each other’s thoughts, but I was welcome to give it a go.” With his dry Oxford England humor he had us both laughing in stitches…but more importantly, some wonderful healing occurred between the two life long friends. One of my most favorite readings ever, I immediately wanted to know more about their work. So thanks to the internet I now am a proud owner of “Other Lives, Other Selves, a Jungian Psychotherapist Discovers Past Lives”, and “Healing your Past Lives.” If you are suffering from physical pain, or certain blockages that are explainable it can indeed be from soul trauma from previous lives. Fascinating insights!

1/15/2013 “Jill” of Long Island, New York

Mother had passed away suddenly at a young age, just after the daughter had graduated from medical school. The daughter was also a newlywed and was getting reading to start her family. Deeply saddened that her mother would not be there to share her life, the daughter was very depressed. Reading revealed that they had had previous lives together and their bond was extremely strong so much so that neither felt complete without the other. Mother revealed that she loved her daughter very deeply, and gave clues as to how the daughter could tell when mom was about. The mother consented to her daughter’s deepest wish to see if she might consider reincarnation, so that they could meet again in this lifetime.

1/28/2013: “Mary” of Sarasota, Florida

A complex reading involving 6 family members who had passed on throughout the years. Reading from father’s spirit was particularly heart warming and he was a brilliant man and judge. A brother who was an attorney, had unfortunately conspired to keep the client out of a family inheritance. Identified personality of young grandson as a particularly evolved spiritual soul who has come to this life to help others. He although still very young at 5 years of age showed signs of past life memories and gave a name of a close friend who served in WWII that were proven correct and authentic.

The reading correlated what was provided to the client by renown psychic Siliva Browne and others. Provided healing and psychological profile/rationale as to why the mother had acted insensitively towards the daughter, and had hurt her emotionally and her son as children. Identified cause of passing of husband as a result of car mishap that was emotionally triggered, and relayed spirit’s feelings as to why he felt he couldn’t continue on. Also identified a brother who had physically hurt others and suffered from alcoholism. Brought healing to client as she realized in his comments to her that he was not communicating as a fully aware individual.

1/24/2013: “Susan and Bill” of Malibu, California

A young couple came in for a live reading. Reading was for her father who had passed away. He was a particularly brilliant man who loved to tinker with items and engineering. Correctly identified his passion for inventing and making things, and that he was sorry he left “such a mess of stuff”. The daughter laughed saying it was ok, that it was taken care of. In actuality the spirit himself didn’t believe in mediums, and joked sarcastically throughout the reading – which was pretty ironic, since I was talking with him and recanting his specific thoughts. The daughter wanted to make sure he felt no pain during his time at hospice. He gave her relief in knowing he could not perceive pain, if he had any discomfort it was quickly dispelled, and he slipped in and out of this life with glimpses of the next world.

Correctly picked up on male friend’s highly evolved spiritual nature and how he would be very instrumental in upcoming times and has helped many in the past. He had an uncanny ability to sense when people needed trouble and through specific actions and words he was able to intercede upon their behalf. Identified mother suffering from Alzheimer’s, and other illness and the late husband’s concern for her health. Provided the daughter with insight as to why this particular person had developed Alzheimer’s, as a way of cleansing the memories of this life. As she had spent the majority of her life unfortunately in a very negative state of mind, and had unfortunately hurt many and wanted a fresh start in the next life.

12-31-2012: “Julie” of Boston, Massachusetts

Woman was distraught over the fact her husband took his life in front of her. He was a loving and generous, well-liked man. People enjoyed his companionship and company. His spirit revealed that once you were his friend you were always a friend. But unfortunately his charm and kindness had unintentional consequences: that of breaking up relationships. Identified correctly as a young boy he endured extended periods of time alone on a hospital ward, separated from his parents. Waiting for them to return, he never fully emotionally recovered. Thus when he grew into adulthood, he intensely loved others in order that he could feel their love in return. Reading revealed he did suffer from split-personality syndrome which was confirmed by the client. His behavior was not the result of a fully aware personality, and he wasn’t logically able to understand his own behavior at all times.

His suicide was not meant as an act against his wife, but a result of psychological disorder of which the depths of it were so strong, his could not be understood by himself. He had not evolved on as he was still healing in spirit. But was being helped by many spiritual guides who were helping him through his case.

Linda of South Africa

Hi Diane. My name is Linda. Diane, I live in Durban, South Africa and have lost so many people in my life. Nothing in life comes as a shock anymore. Do u cross over and speak to loved ones that have passed on. I am so confused, lost n hurt in my life. I hope and pray there is someway you can help me. Please let me know if you can. Kind regards, Linda Sent from my BlackBerry®

Resulting testimonial:

“My name is Linda and I live in South Africa. I’ve experienced so many losses of loved ones in my life that I didn’t know what to do. I accidently came across Diane’s website and took a chance and e-mailed her. Diane was every willing to help. Diane’s reading has given me direction in my life once again. I was at cross roads in my marriage but through Diane’s readings I have come to a decision. Words can never explain what Diane has done in my life. Through her readings I have hope for the future. Diane has restored my faith in humanity as she helped a stranger miles away and yet those next to us will ignore our cry for help. If ever you need help do not hesitate to contact Diane. She really is God sent to guide lost souls. Thank you Diane. My kids and I will never forget what you have done for us. God bless you and your loved ones. Peace be upon you. Warmest wishes and thoughts Linda (South Africa). Sent from my BlackBerryR.”

Although there are tears in my eyes, thank you so very much for allowing my mum-in-law to communicate with me. I honestly don’t know how I’ll every repay you. You have really helped me make a decision in my life. I use to feel guilty about leaving my husband because I promised his mum the day I can’t look after him, I will tell her but seems she understands already. Thank you for all your help and guidance. May God always shower His richest blessings upon you and your loved ones. I will keep in touch. Many thanks to you. ” Linda (South Africa)

6/18/2012 Tiffany – United States Father passed away in January 2012

Hello Diane, my name is Tiffany, my dad passed away of a massive unexpected heart attack january 20 2012. My mom is devastated and in dire need of spiritual guidance. Please email me back if you can help … We need to hear dad is ok and see if he needs to tell us anything ( he left a lot of business unresolved ) – Thank You – Tiffany

Diane did a reading for me and brought me very needed comfort and guidance, I know it was my dad it was like I could hear his voice the whole reading! I pray everyone who has lost a loved one get the opportunity to hear they are safe and happy, talking to diane was the best thing ive ever done Thank You healer ~<3?]\”


8/3/2012 Sally of Oklahoma

My mother “Peggy” passed away Friday of a heart attack 08/03/12. She was very much loved me and loved the people she met. Can you please help channel her and find out what she may have to say?”

“Diane: I really appreciate your condolences. It helps me to know that she is in Heaven, and is always with me, in spite my sadness, as well as my family.” Thank you so much Diane: It means the world to me to hear from mom. Yesterday was the viewing, I said my goodbyes at the viewing. Tomorrow will be the funeral. God Bless you for your service. Hospice worker and a Psychic is a wonderful gift from the Lord. I am sure mom is having the time of her life in Heaven.

(Client enjoyed reading so much that she has since had 4 subsequent readings. Those readings helped her by keeping the connection with her mother, continued the healing process and provided needed advice with a troubled sibling.)

8-22-2012 “Susan” of Pittsburgh

Brother passed away from unknown circumstances and found alone in a prayer position. Correctly identified cause of passing and responsible parties.

“You have done a wonderful job with my brother … reading, we all knew he had to died from a drug or, alcohol and he was going thru so much lately! He was married to a wonder lady from …. and due to legal issues he could not get her to live in united state, they have a wonderful daughter named …. and my brother kept travelling back and forward to … around the holidays and on his daughter bday.”

8/5/2012 “Sally” of Naples, Florida

Correctly identified guides whose names she had been thinking of for years, and couldn’t understand why they kept coming up. Correctly identified husband in spirit and opened communication channel to them so that they could heal from his erratic behavior leading up to his death.” He manifested in a beautiful yellow butterfly during the reading that fluttered about during the reading. She smiled and laughed because she said butterflies were always one of his favorites.

10/4/2012 “Brenda” of Darien, Connecticut.

A sister called distraught and confused as to the cause of death of her brother. She didn’t know how he had died. Let her know that he had passed away from a heart attack brought on by as a mistake by a multiple mixture of drugs.

10/3/2012 “Mary” of Australia and her Mother in England

Successfully brought in very shy spirit of father who passed away a number of years ago. The reading was a birthday gift for her mother. Also reassurance and verification of correct spirit through identification of terminal illness, home area during her childhood, also detected poetry in wallet, that he had selected himself out of the newspaper for his funeral after suffering from his illness, and his favorite song in which his mother was singing directly before the daughter called to England about the results of the reading.

10/17/2012 “Vicky” of Sarasota, Florida

Correctly identified cause of death of suicide victim, and relieved pain of family member who had been suffering for 6 months from unrelenting guilt and pain. Also identified potential serious cardiac problem as a result of the family member feeling such grief for such a period of time. If not identified, the family member would have definitely had a serious cardiac health issue as the result of truly a broken heart.

10/5/2012 “Kelly” of Sarasota, Florida

Correctly identified cause of death of her son due to drug overdose. Identified kidney stone problem with one scan, and muscular disorder was temporary and related to depression and anxiety over death of son. Helped reconnect mother and son so that they could openly communicate and help one another to grow and evolve from this experience. Correctly identified that the client was in need of a holistic approach to her health, one that included massage therapy for touch, meditation, and to go back to talk therapy with a trusted professional from the past.

10/15/2012 “Marisha” of New Orleans, Louisiana

Correctly identified cause of death for homicide victim. Reconnected spirit with the mother and his 10 month old child. The spirit conveyed a deep love for his deepest friend and mother of his child, and promised to stand by them as a guardian angel forever and to “do right by them.”. He also offered a way to help them financially. He kindly provided advice on how mother could connect with his family on a deeper level. Results of reading: Client reported a much-needed job promotion and the 10 month old child is now saying his first words of “da-da” out loud when no one is visually present, apparently recognizing his father in spirit. Also the child is showing unique behavioral characteristics of the father.

10/22/2012 “Sarah” of Sarasota, Florida

Helped an adult who had suffered from severe child abuse and trauma. Helped them to understand their parent’s behavior, correctly identified that the parent in question was an alcoholic who also suffered from manic depression and was not capable of understanding their actions. Helped client to overcome feelings of being stuck in deep depression and come to terms with rediscovering their life and understand that they deserved love and to pamper themselves. Spirit was able to free themselves from guilt and pass on above this level to higher dimensions. Client was unclear as to why they would have to endure such pain, past-life regression brought about rationale for the lessons of this life.

10/24/2012 Cathy, Denise and four others Group Reading Bradenton, Florida

Helped identify previous tenants were haunting apartment. The apartment was seriously disturbed with pictures falling off the walls, and upsetting visual disturbances and a room that no one dared to enter as it never felt comfortable for them. The reading revealed a couple who had passed through tramatic circumstances. Both were devout Catholics and the husband was convinced he should not go on as he thought he would be punished for what he had done. After much talking with, he finally felt reassured that he did what he thought was right and merciful, and it was ok to leave the apartment. In another unrelated incident but a young woman in the same group was distraught that she could of done something to save her mother from death. The mother reassured her that she had already been gone for an hour or two, and that CPR etc. would not help in this case. The young woman asked if the mother had anything to say to her, and she immediately said that she should do what young people do, go to Disney World and have fun. The daughter affirmed that her mother really was passionate about Disney World. The deceased also stated clearly”Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down.” Which brought about great delight as this is exactly what her mother had told her when the daughter was with child before. The young woman said does this mean what I think it means? I let her know that all I saw was a crib. She smiled in quiet confirmation.

11/10/2012 “Mark” Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mark called overcome with grief as his mother had just passed away, and seeing a white hearse that day reminded him of the painful memory. Correctly confirmed that his mother had a beautiful smile that just immediately lit up a room. He said that she was known for that, and she really did have a wonderful smile. She encouraged him to move out of a troubled neighborhood that he currently lives in. He confirmed saying that she always disliked where he lived that it wasn’t the good part of Las Vegas. During the reading she voiced that he was a very compassionate person and always went out of his way to help others feel better. She revealed the names of two individuals that would help him find his way, and would help support him financially and that he was a very spiritual person. His true calling was to be a minister. He affirmed this by saying this what he had always wanted, and the names she gave him were indeed the exact names of two people in his church who would be very much interested in helping him reach his life goals.

12/12/2012 “Becky” Tampa, Florida

Young adult had overdosed on opiates. Correctly identified the cause of death of her son and that it was definitely not intentional. Overcome with sadness and guilt because she did not return a blistering flurry of texts the night he passed away, she just wanted to know if there was anything she could of done to stop it. He told her, no not really it was just an accident he just miscalculated the lethal affects of what he was taking. It was simply an overdose. Identified the time span that their lives had been in turmoil due to drugs and she confirmed the time span was correct. The spirit was concerned that other friends of his would meet a similar demise and wanted his job on the other side to help stop more needless overdoses as it was becoming an epidemic in this country. He identified specific individuals and what they were doing, and hoped she would reach out to them specifically one who was in immediate trouble. Also the reading revealed his brother was having some thoughts of suicide and was having a difficult time grieving from the loss of his brother. Encouraged intervention.

12/20/2012 “Sally” Charlotte, North Carolina.

Close friend unfortunately committed suicide with a weapon, as a result of emotional pain and withdrawal from substance abuse. Correctly identified that he was a very spiritual and bright person. She confirmed by stating he wanted to go to medical school, and he was particularly brilliant when it came to biology and molecular structures. Also she confirmed his spirituality by stating he also dreamed of studying theology. He was very keen on religious studies and took copious notes and questioned his teachers intently on spirituality. Despite a bright mind and beautiful personality, he was simply overwraught by emotional pain inflicted on him by his father for years.

He was sorry that she had to witness the physical scene of his suicide. Advised her correctly to remove certain items from the home that were not wise to keep, as they represented negative memories. Including clothing of victim she had kept and a necklace he used when “scoring” drugs. Spirit wished her to go back to normal life, pick up the pieces and try to have some fun. His one wish was to watch it’s a Wonderful Life, the famous Christmas movie during the week of Christmas with her.

He promised he would be there with her and share the movie with her. He also presented her with a “gift” to help her overcome her grief. His cat that had disappeared completely at the time of his death for weeks, was found by an acquaintance lost in the woods. The friend called the companion, described the cat and it was indeed his. The kitty cat now lives with his companion, comforting her during the holidays and a gentle reminder of their loving relationship.

Later in the year I received a holiday card from his friend thanking me so much for the reading. She was receiving automatic writing messages from him just about everyday. And she also had a photograph she wanted to share of him walking with her on a winter’s day in 2014.

Sadly Dr. Emoto, a famous water and energy researcher passed away today in Japan around 1:30 am.

Dr. Emoto is the author of a number of bestselling books, including The Hidden Messages in Water, The Healing Power of Water, The True Power of Water and The Secret Life of Water, a three-volume photo collection of beautiful water crystals and commentary. His books have been translated into more than twenty-five languages.

Dr. Emoto was the founder of the worldwide Hado Instructor School in order to disseminate the ancient principle of hado (life-force vibration). He was the chairman of IHM Co, director of IHM General Research Institute3, and president emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation. He was a longtime advocate for water and travelled extensively around the world providing seminars in order to spread the message of peace that is indicated by his crystals.



Often I am called upon to clear the energy of a home.  This can be for many reasons, including spiritual unrest, residual energy from past residents, neighboring disturbances, etc.  Fundamentally what I do is change the vibration of the residence, to a more peaceful state and cleanse it of any unwanted energy.  This provides comfort to the residents, allows them to sleep more refreshed, and feel more balanced.  The work can be quite challenging and takes a lot of energy for me to provide this service.  But I do it as a way to help others, so I feel it is all worth while when the residents call back letting me know all is well.

I have a video recording of me clearing a home of six spirits taken with a simple iPhone recording.  Today seems like a good day to shorten the video and place it on YouTube….so stay tuned and I should have the recording up today.


teacher 3

My Beloved Teacher

Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.


Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche is one of the master teachers of the Dalai Lama.  His writings are incredibly useful and easy to understand.  They are very practical to apply to your everyday life.  I enjoy reading his words every evening.    If you ever feel uneasy, or restless about a situation, I’m sure you will find solace in his words.

Let’s share some here together…

“Everything depends on your intention. All the time, therefore, check your attitude and motivation. As Patrul Rinpoche said, everyone wants happiness, but the true way to reach perfect happiness is to bring happiness to others.”

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“The sign that you have fully assimilated your learning of the Dharma is that you become peaceful by nature. The sign that you have assimilated your meditation is that you are free of obscuring emotions. As learning leads to reflection and reflection transforms into meditation, your eagerness for the deluded activities of this life will relax, and you will yearn for the Dharma instead.”

 Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“If you find you have committed a negative action physically, verbally, or mentally, you must acknowledge it immediately, confess, and repair the downfall.  And if you see that you have done something positive, make a prayer ‘May I do even more, may I increase in virtue’.'”

“When you are watching a film, people in it appear to be really fighting battles, loving each other, and so forth, but none of these things are actually happening.  It is all just fantasy.  Try to see all your joys and sorrows as if you were watching a movie, letting go of the idea that you have to strive hard to avoid whatever is difficult or unpleasant.  This will make your happiness indestructible.”


teacher4“Mastery of the mind is achieved through constant awareness of all your thoughts and actions. Check your mind over and over again, and as soon as negative thoughts arise, remedy them with the appropriate antidotes.”


“We can never understand the nature of the mind through intense effort but only by relaxing, just as breaking a wild horse requires that one approach it gently and treat it kindly rather than running after it and trying to use force. So do not try to catch hold the nature of the nature of the mind, just leave it like it is.”
“In our everyday activities we should be able to retain the understanding we have found in meditation. Otherwise, though we may think that we have reached a high level of meditation, we will stumble over the first obstacle we encounter, and we will be unable to deal with the various circumstances that beset us in daily life. Mediation and post-meditation periods should reinforce and complement each other. If they do not, it is hard to achieve liberation.”
“A mind that has been brought under control is indeed the only true source of happiness.”
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“To know how to be satisfied with what you have is to possess true wealth.”
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The 14th Dalai Lama meets the young reincarnation of one of his main spiritual teachers,
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910-1991). Bodh Gaya, India 2000, photo by Matthieu Ricard

Life is very temporary, more so than we realize. We need to be ever mindful of our speech, actions, and thoughts as we create our own reality with our thoughts. We really do.  Perhaps you know of a “Debbie Downer” who  always seems to be in crisis mode, and may even use you for their sounding board.  Every day their problems and challenges are shared with you.  Perhaps you feel drained after talking with them?   Maybe you were in a good mood before they came over and dumped all their problems out on the table for you?

If you find a friend’s life spinning out of control, and are concerned for them, remember one thing.  We are all connected to an infinite source of energy.  You and they are unlimited in potential and are only stymied by our own thoughts, or doubts.  Gently remind them that what they focus on is what they are attracting more of in their life.   When they start their broken record, try to move them off topic, and let them know wouldn’t it be better to feel better?  Of course I’m not talking about grief that is honestly something that really needs to be talked about in order to heal.  But when a person is so focused on how someone or something has done them wrong – somehow they keep bringing in the same sorts of situations to themselves.

Some very interesting reading I’ve been doing includes: Esther and Jerry Hicks – The Law of Attraction.  Here is a passage that I highly recommend if you are feeling a bit out of balance:

“I like being here; I recognize the value and power of this time.  I feel very good to be here.  I see myself in a sort of total package, one that I know is of my own creating, and certainly a package of my choosing.  I am full of energy in this picture of myself- tireless, and really moving through life experience without resistance.  As I see myself gliding about, moving in and out of rooms, buildings, conversations, and in out of life experiences, I see myself flowing effortlessly, comfortably, and happily.

I see myself attracting only those who are in harmony with my current intent.  And I am clearer and clearer in every moment about what it is I want…

The more you come to understand the power of the law of attraction the more interest you will have in deliberately directing your thoughts-for you get what you think about, whether you want it or not.  Without exception, that which you give thought to is that which you begin to invite into your experience.  When you think a little thought of something that you want, through the  law of attraction, that thought grows larger and larger, and more and more powerful.  When you think a thought of something you do not want, the law of attraction draws unto it, and it grows larger and larger, also.  And so, the larger the thought grows, the more power it draws unto it, and then the more certain you are to receive the experience.

In this attraction-based universe there is no such thing as an exclusion.  Your attention to it includes it in your vibration and if you hold it in your attention or awareness long enough, the law of attraction will bring it into your experience, for there is no such thing as “No”.  To clarify when you look at something and shout, “No, I don’t want to experience that; go away!” then what you are actually doing is calling it into your experience.  You live in an attraction-based universe.  Your attention to it says, “Yes, come to me, this thing I do NOT want!”  Fortunately here in your physical time-space reality, things do not manifest into your experience instantaneously.  There is a wonderful buffer of time between when you begin to think about something and the time it manifests.  That buffer of time gives you the opportunity to redirect your attention more and more in the direction of the things that you actually do want to manifest in your experience.


Compassion and the Individual


“God is more than the sum of all the probable systems of reality He has created, and yet He is within each one of these, without exception.   He is therefore within each man and woman.  He is also within each spider, shadow, and frog, and this is what man does not like to admit.

God can only be experienced, and you experience Him whether or not you realize it, through your own existence.  He is not male or female, however, and I use the terms only for convenience’s sake.  In the most inescapable truth, He is not human in your terms at all, nor in your terms is He a personality.  Your ideas of personality are too limited to contain the multitudinous facets of His multidimensional existence.

…He forms your flesh in that He is responsible for the energy that gives vitality and validity to your private multidimensional self, which in turn forms your image in accordance with your own ideas.  This private multidimensional self, or the soul, has then an eternal validity to your private multidimensional self, which in turn forms your image in accordance with your own ideas.

This private multidimensional self, or the soul, has then an eternal validity.  It is upheld, supported, maintained by the energy, the inconceivable vitality, of All That Is.

It cannot be destroyed then, this inner self of yours, nor can it be diminished.  It shares in those abilities that are inherent within All That Is.  It must therefore, create as it is created, for this is the great giving that is behind all dimensions of existence, the spilling-over from the fountain of All That Is.”

Resource: Roberts, Jane. (1972) Seth Speaks: the Eternal Validity of the Soul. Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Part II

Roberts, Jane. (1972) Seth Speaks: the Eternal Validity of the Soul.  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Note:  This is a channeled message.  It is an s explanation is provided by Seth.  This highly evolved being  worked with Jane Roberts over a number of years writing many volumes of books explaining consciousness, reality, and how we form our own reality.



“Your consciousness leaves the physical organism in various ways, according to the conditions.  In some cases the body itself is still able to function to some degree without the leadership or organization that existed previously.  The simple consciousness of atoms, cells, and organs continues to exist, after the main consciousness has left, for some time.

There may or may not be disorientation on your part, according to your beliefs and development.  Now I do not necessarily mean intellectual development.  The intellect should go hand in hand with the emotions and intuition, but if it pulls against these two strongly, difficulties can arise when the newly freed consciousness seizes upon its ideas about reality after death, rather than facing the particular reality in which it finds itself.  It can deny feeling, in other words, and even attempt to argue itself out of its present independence from the body.

…an individual can be so certain that death is the end of all, that oblivion, though temporary, results.  In many cases, immediately on leaving the body there is, of course, amazement and a recognition of the situation.  The body itself may be viewed, for example, and many funerals have a guest of honor amidst the company — and no one gazes into the face of the corpse with as much curiosity and wonder.

At this point, many variations in behavior emerge, each the result of individual background, knowledge, and habit.  The surroundings in which the dead find themselves will often vary.  Vivid hallucinations may form experience quite as real as any mortal life.  Now, I have told you that thoughts and emotions form physical reality, and they form after-death experience.  This does not mean that the experiences are not valid, any more than it means that physical life is not valid.

Certain images have been used to symbolize such a transition from one existence to another, and many of these are extremely valuable in that they provide a framework with understandable references.

Diane’s Humble Opinion:

Take this for what it’s worth to you. Christianity has certain beliefs such as heaven, hell, purgatory and the like.  And other religious belief systems have their own levels of structure for reward-punishment etc. as well.  From the readings I have done, and through hundreds of channeling sessions I can let you know that the people really do experience what they believe to be true.  Whether they believe they will be guided by beloved figures of Christian saints and angelic beings, or by a host of Hindu Gods,  Buddhist Bodhisattva’s, and the like… the after life experience is based on and built upon their own conscious beliefs and is also influenced by the conditions that exist at the time of death.

 If called upon to guide  someone who has just transitioned it is my job to let them know and their loved ones know that they won’t be alone, and  there is no judgement to fear.  Sometimes unfortunately  fear can keep one earth-bound.  To stay here just mucking about is really such a boring existence indeed when you realize what else there is available for you.  But, literally the spirit may be afraid to move forward, but it is best to consciously understand that the after-life is full of love, compassion and grace.  All are loved and welcomed back home by the original source of all, the divine presence.  There is no judgement other than what we inflict upon ourselves.

Battle of Bunker HIll - 1775

Battle of Bunker HIll – 1775


I like to visit historical sites, and meet with those who have a connection to the area.   A couple of years ago I was in Boston, specifically staying about 2 blocks from Bunker Hill.

Naturally curious, I went up to the Hill trudging through several feet of snow, and felt an American soldier pleading with me. Since no one was around physically, I just simply asked him out loud,  “What is wrong, how can I help?”  He literally said, “Please pray for me Miss.”.  Which I promptly did.  He let me know that he felt guilty as he somehow had made the wrong move in the notorious battle and mistakenly had convinced himself that others passed away due to his “mistake”.  I assured him he did the best he could under the circumstances and I was quite sure that he shouldn’t take it so seriously and that there was nothing to be afraid of.  After which he thanked me with much gratitude and quite simply left the battleground.  I then trudged back home in the snow, at least happy I could help one poor stuck soul.

It’s very important to understand in order to evolve that we are all here to learn lessons,  and not get trapped by guilt, fear or old stories and dogma that have been fed to us.  These belief systems  serve their purpose marvelously for some, but you are entitled to your own conscious evolution.

By the way no religious philosophy is superior to another, nor one spiritual guide superior to another.    Also the names that we assign to the divine presence are inconsequential as it is our consciousness and belief system that guides us.

Whether you choose to look for comfort from God, Jesus, Jehovah, Buddha, Allah, Moses, the Universe, Cosmic Consciousness,  the I am, or even a vast array of other spiritual beings.  You will find what and “who” is best for you according to your evolutionary path, and your unique perspective and experiences.

I can assure you upon passing, no matter what may have transpired during your life, no one is left alone to suffer for this or that.  Teachers and guides appear when you are ready to help you evolve and understand where you might have done better or just give you the reassurance that it is time to forgive yourself and others.  Thousands of years of conscious belief have developed and fostered the endless energy source systems of divine compassion.

Therefore I hope you can see that you should not fear anything, for example, “Gosh what if I picked the wrong “God”?  Or, “Gee I really shouldn’t of done x,y,z and wow, am I going to get it.”

You are a part of the universe, and the universe is a part of you.   God is indeed simply LOVE.  You see.  The universe is created and bound together by love and numerous dimensions that are in simultaneous existence.  There is an infinite multitude of evolutionary paths that defy our present limitations of perception.  You were sent here on a predetermined mission to learn certain lessons to help you evolve as a soul.  You are not a body with a soul.   You are a soul, or energized being with a temporary body.  Upon death of the body, if you find yourself scared, hallucinating all sorts of distasteful things…. just remember the universe is infinite, and is based on LOVE.   This simple practice should help raise your conscious and whisk you promptly away from any blockages that you may be temporarily experiencing in the bardo, or in-between state.

Diane Eileen is a  Sarasota Medium who has been recognized for her insight into Life After Death.  This first hand knowledge comes from a near death experience,  numerous out of body experiences, volunteering for hospice, and working with hundreds of clients and their loved ones during the moments of transition and death.  She has been recognized by masters in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Robert Thurman of Columbia University.

Just a kindly note:

This is a continuing series of resources and references on the subject.  Take what you feel is useful, and if it is not applicable or even believable for you please never mind.  You have the perfect right to accept and believe whatever is right for you.  In fact on some points within Seth’s writing you will see me  interjecting what needs to be slightly tuned up a bit from what I and countless others have experienced.)


Roberts, Jane. (1972) Seth Speaks: the Eternal Validity of the Soul.  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Note:  This is a channeled message.  It is an s explanation is provided by Seth.  This highly evolved being  worked with Jane Roberts over a number of years writing many volumes of books explaining consciousness, reality, and how we form our own reality.



“What happens at the point of death? The question is much more easily asked than answered.  Basically there is not any particular point of death in those terms, even in the case of a sudden accident.  I will attempt to give you a practical answer to what you think of as this practical question, however.  What the question really means to most people is this:  What will happen when I am not alive in physical terms any longer?  What will I feel?  Will I still be myself?  Will the emotions that propelled me in life continue to do so?  Is there a heaven or a hell?  Will I be greeted by gods or demons, enemies, or beloved ones?”

“Most of all the question means:  When I am dead, will I still be who I am now, and will I remember those who are dear to me now?  I will answer the questions in those terms also, then; but before I do so, there are several seemingly impractical considerations concerning the nature of life and death with which we must deal.”

“What you want to know, is what happens when your consciousness is directed away from physical reality, and when momentarily it seems to have no image to wear.

“Quite practically speaking, there is no one answer, for each of you is an individual.  Generally speaking, of course there is an answer that will serve to cover the main issues of the experience, but the kinds of deaths have much to do with the experience that consciousness undergoes.  Also involved is the development of the consciousness itself, and its overall characteristic method of handling experience.”

“The ideas that you have involving the nature of reality will strongly color your experiences, for you will interpret them in the light of your beliefs, even as now you interpret daily life according to your ideas of what is possible or not possible.  Your consciousness may withdraw from your body slowly or quickly, according to many variables.”

In the many cases of senility, for example, the strongly organized portions of personality have already left the body, and are meeting the new circumstances.  The fear of death itself can cause such a psychological panic that out of a sense of self-preservation and defense you lower your consciousness so that you are in a state of coma, and you may take some time to recover.

A belief in hell fires can cause you to hallucinate Hades’ conditions. (Diane Annotation:  Sorry he brought this old tired worn out idea.  But he is saying it’s just a hallucination produced by an ingrained old story taught to us as a means of control.  Since our thoughts and feelings define our reality, if you feel guilty and therefore have accepted this thought pattern as a reality you must face it would be wise for you to evolve out of that now.)

I can assure you in hundreds of readings no one has claimed to have seen any annoying fellow with pointy ears, a  red suit,  pitch fork, and a desire for the old eternal barbecue.  Even if you do see or experience some rather wild hallucinations, just remember that they are fabricated by your own belief system.  Sooner or later you will be able to understand that it is not a true reality and with your own wisdom work your way out of it.)   A belief in heaven will result in a vision of heavenly conditions.  You always form your own reality according to your ideas and expectations.  This is the nature of consciousness and reality.  We form our conditions from our belief system.

Consciousness must use its abilities.  Seth warns us,  that a perfect after-life enjoying heaven can actually finally be a bit of a bore after awhile. Your striving consciousness will long to keep growing.  There are teachers available who will explain the conditions and circumstances.

You will find yourself in another form, an image that will appear physical to you to a large degree.  But as soon as you try to manipulate the physical world with it, the differences between it and your physical body will become pretty obvious.   (And yes it is great fun walking through walls.)

If you firmly believe that your consciousness is a product of your physical body, then you may attempt to cling to it.  There is an order of personalities, an honorary guard,  (a group of energies, souls who wish to help you in your transition. ) They  are ever ready to lend assistance and aid, however.

Now this “group”  is made up of people in your terms both living and dead.  Those who are living in your system of reality perform these activities in an “out-of-body” experience while the physical body sleeps.  They are familiar with the projection of consciousness, with the sensations involved, and they help orient those who will not be returning to the physical body.

These people are particularly helpful because they are still involved with physical reality, and have a more immediate understanding of the feelings and emotions involved at your end.  Such persons may or may not have a memory of their nightly activities. Experiences with projection of consciousness and knowledge of the mobility of consciousness, are therefore very helpful preparations for death.  You can experience the after-death environment beforehand, so to speak, and learn the conditions that will be encountered.

This is not, incidentally, necessarily any kind of somber endeavor, nor are the after-death environments somber at all.  To the contrary, they are generally far more intense and joyful than the reality you now know.

You will simply be learning to operate in a new environment in which different laws apply, and the laws are far less limiting than the physical ones with which you now operate.  In other words, you must learn to understand and use new freedoms.

Even these experiences will vary, however, and even this state is a state of becoming, for many will continue into other physical lives.  Some will exist and develop their abilities in different systems of reality altogether, and so for a time will remain in this “intermediary” state.  (This state is similar in nature to that of the Tibetan Bardo State of in-between. )

Those of you who had faith in life after death will find it much easier to accustom yourself to the new conditions. Those of you who do not have such faith may gain it in a different way, by learning to extend your perceptions to these other layers of reality if you are persistent, expectant and determined.  (You can begin increasing your wisdom and expectations now during your life, so that you are more aware upon passing.)

Now, you may or may not be greeted by friends or relatives immediately following death.  This is a personal matter, as always.   (Diane:  It  has been my experience that no one ever goes it alone.)  But overall, you may be far more interested in people that you have known in past lives than those close to you in the present one, for example.

Your true feeling toward relatives who are also dead will be known to you and to them.  There is no hypocrisy. You do not pretend to love a parent who did little to earn your respect or love.  (Diane:  Of course we are still talking about the in-between bardo state here….this is the state where we have  freshly emerged out of the body.  So we are still getting our sea-legs so to speak.   The person has not yet evolved into the higher states of consciousness.  The ego-driven thoughts fade away as we grow into a deepening level and awareness of the true reality of consciousness and the interrelationships of all things.  We were all sent here together to learn lessons from one another.  Things or people that may have hurt you in someway before will simply not be an issue at all.  As you begin to learn any experience whether considered bad or good,  is just experience to help you learn.    Intense love, forgiveness, acceptance, and great mutual compassion quickly erases any primitive anger or displeasure you may have towards others.)

But alas, telepathy according to Seth, operates without distortion in this soon after-death period, so you must somehow contend your true feelings that may still exist between yourself and all relatives and friends who await you.  (Hopefully you will try your best to generate good feelings and compassion for those around you while you are alive and therefore you won’t be bogged down at the end wrestling with those old thought patterns – as telepathy between you and your passed on loved one’s is pretty transparent.)

You may find that someone you considered merely an enemy actually deserved your love and respect, for example, and you will then treat them accordingly.  Your own motives will be crystal clear.  You will react to this clearness, however in your own way.  You will not be automatically wise if you were not so before, but neither will there be a way to hide from your own feelings, emotions, or motives.   Whether or not you accept inferior motives in yourself or learn from them is still up to you.  The opportunities for growth and development are very rich, however, and the learning methods at your disposal very effective.

You examine the fabric of the existence you have left, and you learn to understand how your experiences were the result of your own thoughts and emotions and how these affected others.  Until this examination is through, you are not yet aware of the larger portions of your own identity.  When you realize the significance and meaning of the life you have just left, then you are ready for conscious knowledge of your other existences.

You become aware, then, of an expanded awareness.  Your awareness also encompasses what you have been in other lives, and you begin to make plans for your next physical existence.  Please take extra note on this :  Whether or not you decide to reincarnate is an option that you may decide to forgo, or accept.

You can instead enter another level of reality, and then return to a physical existence if you choose.

Diane:  Now remember our friends the Buddhists consider reincarnation usually to be a rather undesirable result.  In fact they train a great deal and practice compassion for all sentient beings in order to create good karma. They also practice a neutral non-attachment so as not to be attracted again, into an endless cycle of birth and death.    In their philosophy, life in our limited physical world is actually not the ideal.  The ideal is to take higher rebirth into higher levels of consciousness, or become Bodhisattva’s in order to help others avoid suffering.  They take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma (Teachings) and the Sangha (The community of enlightened beings and people.

In their view point, temporary pleasures, are just that.  Temporary.  Although we can say it can seem pessimistic on their part, one can’t deny that eventually all that we work for, and attach ourselves to is impermanent, and yes although we may be young and healthy now, alas eventually it is inevitable that we shall grow old.)  So if one has a chance to forgo all that and evolve onto a higher dimension and awareness, I would think that would be preferable.

(To be continued)